Boost Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US that offers the best cell phone services at affordable prices. The company has a nationwide network coverage, provides unlimited text, data, and minutes, provides free phones, among other services. Customers who wish to subscribe to the network must have compatible phones, buy a boost mobile SIM card, and activate the smartphone. The Activate Boost mobile phone is a concise and straightforward procedure.

    The activation process of mobile phones and SIM cards is straightforward, as discussed in the article below. To activate your boost mobile phone, you must have good access to an internet connection for the online activation. Customers who wish to seek assistance for the activation can visit their stores or contact customer care support.

    Before discussing the procedure for activating boost mobile cell phones and SIM cards, we need first to understand more about the boost mobile network provider and smartphone deals and plans that they offer for both new and existing customers; from unlimited text, talk, and data, free cell phones plans to huge discounts on devices.

    Who Is Boost Mobile network provider

    Boost Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providing a cell phone and home internet services in the US. Since it is a virtual network provider, it has no physical branches. Therefore, it depends on other large network providers to offer its network services. Boost Mobile used the Sprint corporation CDMA network to offer its services at its formation.

    Later on, there was a merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, and now Boost Mobile uses the T-Mobile GSM network. So, what do we mean by GSM and CDMA networks? Code-Division Multiple Access is a second and third generation of a network that allows a single transmission channel to be occupied by many signals, optimizing available bandwidth. Global System of Mobiles (GSM) is a standard developed to give out the protocols used by second-generation smartphones.

    Which Mobile Phones Plans and Deals Make Boost Mobile Offer

    One of the best deals customers prefer when joining boost mobile is the no-contract deal. This deal is practiced by the use of prepaid and monthly plans. It has replaced the mandatory two-year Plan that did not allow customers to switch other carriers freely. To attract even more customers, boost Mobile offers cell phone plans with free phones. For a customer to get these free phones, they have to subscribe to one of the following plans;

    i) $15/mo Plan

    • 2GB of cell phone data, 
    • Unlimited text and talk time
    • Hotspot capability 
    • Available to new customers who bring their smartphones. 

    ii) $25/mo Plan

    • 5GB of data
    • Unlimited talk time and text
    • Hotspot capabilities 
    • Available to new customers only, but they can choose to bring their own phone or purchase a new one. 

    iii)  $35/mo Plan

    • 10GB of cell phone with unlimited talk time and text

    iv) $50/mo Plan 

    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 35 GB of cell phone data
    • 12GB hotspot data
    • Add a line $30/mo

    v) $60/mo Plan

    • 35 GB of cell phone data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 30GB of hotspot data
    • Add a line of $40 per month

    What Deals Do Boost Mobile Offer When You Switch to Their Network

    Customers from other network providers may wish to switch to Boost mobile Network due to the excellent and cheap services. Switching to boost mobile is very simple since it offers no-contract plans. A new customer is required to have an unlocked and compatible cell phone, purchase a Boost Mobile Sim card and pick a plan typically paid in advance since boost mobile offers prepaid plans. 

    Boost Mobile has many offers for new customers, such as Boost Mobile free phones when you switch. These cell phones do not mean that they are offered for free but mean that the customers may purchase them at a considerable discount. These free phones include; Samsung Galaxy A20, LG K51, Alcatel One Touch Elevate, Motorola Moto E, and LG Tribute. 

    Generally, some of the best deals that new customers enjoy when they switch to boost mobile network operator include; 

    • Savings of up to 15% of cash when they purchase android phones under $250.
    • The new customer can purchase iPhone SE at $99.99, saving a good deal of cash of up to $199.01.
    • When the new customer subscribes to the 5GB plan, they will save up to 40%. The Plan offers unlimited talk and text for three months from the day of purchase.
    • When the new customer uses the boost mobile bring your own phone plan option, they get up to $10 off every month for any cell phone plan.
    • New customers can enjoy one year of cell phone service for only $100 with unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of cell phone data per month. 

    There is also a wide selection of numerous brands of cell phones at relatively affordable prices using the boost mobile plans with free phones. This means that the cell phone, from android to iPhone, will be bought at a significant discount. Some of these deals with free phones include;

    • Samsung Galaxy A71: Buy this smartphone at $249.99 and save up to $180
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Buy this smartphone at $599.99 and save up to $400
    • Apple iPhone SE: The retail price of this phone is $400, but boost mobile customers can purchase it at $199.99, therefore, saving up to $200. 
    • Samsung Galaxy S21: The marked price of this phone is $800, but boost mobile customers can purchase it at $499.99, therefore, saving up to $300. 
    • Apple iPhone XS: Buy this iPhone at $799.99 and save up to $100

    Can I Bring My Phone to Boost Mobile?

    The company offers various boost mobile new customer deals, from free phones when you switch, free internet services to affordable smartphone deals and plans. For new customers who do not wish to buy a new phone, boost Mobile allows them to bring their phones provided that they are unlocked and compatible. A locked phone means that the phone is tied to work only with a specific network provider.

     Therefore, you need to contact your previous network provider for assistance to unlock the phone. The phone must be compatible, meaning that it must accept a boost mobile network SIM card and be able to be activated on the network. Any customer whose phone uses the GSM and CDMA network technology can use the boost mobile bring your own phone plan. The procedure of checking if your smartphone is compatible with Boost Mobile is as follows;

    • Visit Boost wireless network website. 
    • Click the “Enter Your Device ID” button. 
    • Enter your cell phone IMEI number.
    • Click the “Continue” button.
    • If the IMEI checker displays a 15-digit number, the phone is compatible.

    The phone’s IMEI number can be obtained from the back of the mobile phone’s battery or in the cell phone settings. Also, the simplest way to get your phone’s IMEI number is by dialing *#06#. Many smartphones and digital devices are compatible with the Boost Mobile, from android operated to iOS operated. Some of the smartphones compatible with Boost Mobile are; Samsung Galaxy A21, Apple iPhone SE, Motorola Moto G fast, and many more.

    How Can I Activate Boost Mobile Phone and SIM Card?

    Boost mobile has several options that can be used to activate cell phones for customers who purchase new phones or those who use the bring your own phone plan. A customer can choose to contact boost mobile customer care at 1-866-402-7366, visit their store, or do the online activation. It is important to check if your cell phone is compatible with boost mobile before activating it. To activate your cell phone, follow the procedure below;

    • Visit boost mobile activation website.
    • Click ” New Customer ” from the make selection option, then “Activate New Device.”
    • Select “New Number” if you want to input a new number or “Port an Existing number” for your old number.
    • Enter the smartphone “Serial Number” or “ESN.”
    • Follow the instructions and go to “create your own account with Boost.”
    • When done, purchase a SIM Card and activate it.

    To boost mobile sim card activation, you are required to have your SIM card serial number (this is written at the back of the SIM pack) and one valid form of ID such as driver’s license, medical card, learners permit, passport or visa. With the two requirements at hand, follow the procedure below to activate your sim card;

    • Visit Boost mobile activation site
    • Enter the 13-digit SIM card serial number in the “SIM ID” box.
    • Enter the 15- digit IMEI number in the “IMEI ID” box.
    • Then click “Start activation process.”
    • Enter your activation PIN (written on the plastic of the SIM card holder).
    • Select the first three digits of a cell phone number from the provided list.
    • Click “Submit Request.”

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile is a virtual network provider that works under T-Mobile to provide its services; therefore, it is one of the network providers with cheap and flexible cell phone plans and deals. Switching to this network is straightforward. A new customer only needs an unlocked and compatible phone, purchase a boost mobile SIM card, activate the phone and SIM, then choose a good plan and enjoy the services.