Boost Mobile is one of the US mobile network providers known to offer the best mobile phone deals and plans at affordable prices. From free cell phones to unlimited talk and texts, the company also offers the best Boost Mobile tablet deals for lovers of big-screen digital devices. Boost Mobile offers tablet deals primarily to customers who use cell phone data only. A tablet plan is what is commonly known as a data-only plan.

    Data-only plans offer wireless internet connection through a cell phone network to any other capable digital device, including tablets and wireless hotspots. Different tablet plans offer is at specific prices. Boost Mobile does not offer tablet plans on its own but uses both T-Mobile and Sprint corporation towers to provide its network services; therefore, Boost Mobile customers can enjoy the tablet plans offered by either T-Mobile or Sprint companies.

    Since tablet plans only offer smartphone data for internet use, Boost Mobile customers will only subscribe to the plans that offer unlimited data and smartphone hotspots at affordable prices—details of some of these plans are in the article. Generally, the article covers all other deals provided by Boost Mobile for both new and existing customers.

    Boost Mobile Tablet Deals And Plans

    Many network providers in the US offer different tablet plans and deals. Some of these companies include Republic Wireless, Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and many more. Boost Mobile is one of these companies that offer great deals of cheap cell phone deals and plans, cell phone plans with free phones, family plans, monthly unlimited with growing data plans, $60 unlimited 4G LTE plan, and many more.

    Besides the cell phone plans, Boost Mobile network provider also offers tablet plans for its customer. Boost Mobile offers these tablet plans, commonly known as data-only plans, through T-Mobile and Sprint. The companies offer both prepaid and postpaid tablet plans, which include;

    Post-Paid Plans

    a) $75/mo Plan

    • Offered T-Mobile
    • Comes with unlimited data

    b) $35/mo Plan

    • Offered by Sprint corporation
    • Comes with unlimited data
    • 10GB smartphone hotspot 

    Boost Mobile Prepaid Tablet Deals

    These plans are offered mainly by T-Mobile network providers. They include:

    • $10 plan that offers 2GB of cell phone data
    • $25 plan that comes with 6GB of cell phone data
    • $40 plan that offers 10GB of data

    The cell phone plan that comes with a free phone means that the plan offers a considerable discount. Thus, the customer can save a lot of cash when purchasing the phone. Boost Mobile offer five tablet plans. They include:

    1) $15/mo Basic Plan

    • 2GB of smartphone data
    • Unlimited text and talk
    • Hotspot capability
    • Available for new customers only who bring their cell phones

    2) $25/mo Plan

    • 5GB of data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • Hotspot capability
    • For new customers only

    3) $35/mo Plan

    • 10GB of cell phone data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • Hotspot capability

    4) $50/mo Plan

    • 35GB of cell phone data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 12GB of mobile hotspot
    • Add a line $30/mo

    5) $60/mo Plan

    • 35GB of cell phone data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • 30GB mobile hotspot
    • Add a line $40 per month

    Boost Mobile Deals For New Customers

    Over a hundred service providers in the US offer almost the same services. Therefore, each company offers the best amazing smartphone deals and plans to attract more new customers in the competitive market. Mobile phone users will always opt to join the network providers that offer the best deals. Boost Mobile is one of the companies offering the best new customer mobile phone deals and plans to win the market.

    There are many Boost Mobile new customer deals offered by the company, from free cell phones, affordable phone plans, free unlimited streaming on specific platforms to massive discounts and many more. Specifically, the deals listed below are the best deals that new customers enjoy when they switch to Boost Mobile network operator;

    1. The new customer will save up to 15% of cash when purchasing android phones under $250.
    2. The new customer can purchase Apple iPhone SE at $99.99 when switching to the Boost Mobile network, saving a good deal of cash of up to $199.01.
    3. When the customer subscribes to the 5GB plan, they will save up to 40% since the Plan provides unlimited minutes and text for the next three months from the day of purchase.
    4. Using the Boost Mobile bring your own phone plan option, the new customer gets $10 off every month for the Plan they are using.
    5. New boost mobile customers can enjoy one year of mobile phone service for only $100 with unlimited talk and text plus 1GB cell phone data per month. 

    There are other many benefits that the new boost customers customer enjoys. This includes;

    1. Smartphone plans and deals come with unlimited minute, text, and cell phone data.
    2. Cell phone plans that come with cell phone hotspot data deals.
    3. The company provides nationwide network coverage.
    4. The company provides no-contract cell phone deals to both new and existing customers.
    5. Wide selection of different brands of cell phones and plans at affordable prices using the boost mobile plans with free phones. This means that the cell phone will be bought at huge discounts and not accessible. For example, the customer saves a whopping $300 when purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S21.
    6. There is also unlimited music streaming that does not require cell phone data.

    Boost Mobile Network Technology

    Boost Mobile is a Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers cell phone plans and internet services in the US. The company is a virtual operator, meaning that it has no physical branch; hence it depends on other network providers to offer its services. Therefore, it offers very cheap deals to its customers. Boost Mobile used the Sprint CDMA network at its formation, but with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, the company now relies on the T-Mobile GSM network.

    Mobile phones compatible with either Sprint or T-Mobile network providers are also compatible with Boost Mobile. The Global System of Mobiles (GSM) is a standard developed to give out the rules and regulations to be followed by second-generation cell phones. At the same time, Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a second and third generation of a network that allows numerous signals to occupy a single transmission channel, optimizing the use of available bandwidth.

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile is one of the mobile virtual network operators in the US, providing some of the best cell phone deals and plans for its customers, from free cell phones, unlimited talk, text, and data, Boost mobile tablet deals at affordable prices, and many more.

    Any cell phone user can join this network provider, provided that their existing cell phone is unlocked or compatible with the network or even buy a new boost mobile phone.