There are over twenty mobile phones service providers in the United States of America. Some of these phone carriers, well known as cell phone service providers, include; Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, US Mobile, Xfinity, Sprint corporation, and many more.

    With many companies in the market providing almost similar services, individual phone carriers are on the run to dominate the market by providing the best unique services to satisfy their customer’s needs hence creating stiff competition. Today we’ll use the IMEI checker available on the Boost Mobile website and discuss about Boost Mobile payment plan.

    This completion favors customers since they are getting the best services at affordable prices. Boost Mobile is one of the companies that have come up with several plans to attract more customers. One of these smartphone plans is the Boost Mobile payment plan that enables the customers to pay for what they are using only, meaning that the service provides no hidden charges. More on this plan and other plans are discussed in the article.

    Before exploring our amazing topic, the boost mobile payment plan, we first need to understand who the Boost Mobile phone service provider is, the cell phone services they provide, the smartphone deals and plans they offer to both new and existing customers, and the type of phones that are compatible with its services.

    Boost Mobile Payment Plan

    A cell phone payment plan is a payment arrangement where a customer who wants to purchase a new phone can pay for the phone in installments every month. Boost Mobile also offers a plan known as Boost Up. This plan is only for existing customers who have made 12-consecutive on-time payments. The customer enjoys an 18-month contract installing.

    Boost Mobile also offers a plan known as SmartPay for both existing and new customers. SmartPay is a lease-to-own agreement that allows Boost Mobile customers to pay for the phone for 15 months. SmartPay informs them via email or text if a customer misses a payment, and late payment access is made according to the contract’s terms and conditions. The phones are owned by Boost Mobile or brilliant pay until the last payment is over.

    There are many Boost Mobile payment plans available for Boost new customers. These deals include:

    1. A basic plan provides 2GB of data, unlimited text, and talks for $15 per month only. This is a deal that exists when you bring your phone. It also provides a mobile hotspot.
    2. Another plan provides unlimited talk time, text, 5GB of cell phone data, and smartphone hotspot data for only $25. This is a Boost Mobile new customer deal that is unavailable for existing customers.     
    3. Another plan offers up to 10GB of data at $35. This also comes with unlimited talk and text and a cell phone hotspot.
    4. For unlimited deals, the customer can opt for
    5. The $50 per month payment plan provides;
      1. Unlimited talk and text
      2. 35GB of cell phone data.
      3. 12GB of cell phone hotspot
      4. $30 per month when you add a line
    6. The $60 per month payment plan provides;
      1. Unlimited talk time and text
      2. 35GB of cell phone data
      3. 30GB of data hotspot
      4. $40 per month when you add a line

    Boost Mobile New Customers Deals

    Other than the Boost Up and SmartPay, Boost Mobile also offers other favorable plans to ensure the needs of all their customers are well catered for. The cheapest boost mobile plan is the $50 plan which offers amazing unlimited deals and comes with a high-speed LTE 35GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts. The cell phone plans with free phones are also some of the boost mobile plans offered to attract more customers and make good profits.

    The plans that provide free phones are discussed below:

    • The customer can enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing android cell phones below $250.
    • The new customer saves up to $199.01 when they purchase a new iPhone SE, offered for only $19.99.
    • For new customers who do not wish to purchase new phones, boost mobile offers the boost mobile bring your own phone plan option, enabling them to receive $10 off every month.
    • The customer saves up to 40% when using the 15GB cell phone data plan. This considerable saving comes with unlimited talk, texts, and mobile data for three months from the day of subscription.

    Benefits of Switching to Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile is one of the mobile phone service operators in the US that provides the best mobile phone deals and plans for its customers at very affordable prices. It has lots of deals that favor all customers from Boost Mobile plans with free phones, the Affordable Connectivity Program, and unlimited talk, texts, and cell phone data.

    The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program that allows low-income Boost Mobile customers to enjoy cell phone services at meager rates. However, for the customers to enjoy these benefits, they should satisfy the following conditions:

    • The customers’ household income should be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.
    • The customer qualifies for the Lifeline program.
    • The customer participates in one or two federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, children’s Health Insurance Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income Program, Temporary Assistance for needy families, head start and others.

    Some of the fantastic benefits that new customers enjoy by switching to boost mobile include;

    • Availability of many brands of smartphones at significant discounts, therefore, be purchased at very low prices using the Boost mobile free phones when you switch plans.                                                                                                                        
    • The customer only pays half of the cell phone bill. This deal is available to new customers who have purchased the Boost 5GB data plan and have paid in advance. The data plan usually costs $300, but the new customer who wishes to pay in advance will only pay $150.
    • Availability of unlimited high-quality music streaming does not require any cell phone data.
    • The customer enjoys no-contract deals at very low prices. One of these no-contract deal is the 5GB boost mobile data plan.
    • They provide nationwide network coverage.
    • Cell phone plans that come with smartphone hotspot data deals.

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile is a cell phone service provider that provides most of the best unique cell phone payment plans and phone deals for both new and existing customers at affordable prices. Customers are getting even more; cheaper cell phones deal with increasing competition. The boost mobile provides a basic plan of only $15, providing unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data. This is just one of the deals that have been given priority in the article.