MetroPCS (also known as Metro by T-Mobile or simply Metro) is an American prepaid cellular service provider from T-Mobile US. Its headquarters are in Richardson, Texas, United States. Before merging with T-Mobile in 2013, the carrier was the fifth-largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States of America using Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). It shifted to T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE network upon merging. There are various plans you can purchase when you join. We shall look at the MetroPCS home internet plans later on. 

    It is important to note that MetroPCS is not used that much, and the carrier is usually referred to as Metro by T-Mobile. The service mainly competes with AT&T’s Cricket Wireless, Dish’s Boost Mobile, and Verizon’s Visible wireless service provider brands. Since its foundation in 1994, 28 years ago (as General Wireless, Inc.), the company has made tremendous advancements as far as growth is concerned. 

    The company’s coverage is reliable, bearing in mind that it merged with T-Mobile, one of the strongest networks in the US. Following the introduction of the 5G network technology. When you switch to the network, you can choose any of the 5 G-enabled devices online and order them for your use. We have various devices that support 5G, such as the Moto g stylus 5G, Nokia X100, and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. 

    MetroPCS home internet plans – A Great Deals For You

    MetroPCS home internet is among the internet plans you can depend on for your internet services. There are various plans that you can enjoy with the service provider. They include the following. 

    i) $60 Unlimited Plan

    The plan allows users up to four lines at $150/mo and $40 Upfront. Each line among the four costs $37.50 per month. The plan has unlimited 4G LTE data, SMS, and voice calls. The calling minutes are only for connections involving two people. Interestingly, you can add minutes for calls such as conferences and radio broadcasts. You can purchase 300 minutes for just $3/month or 1000 minutes for only $10/month. The plan includes;

    • Unlimited streaming of Prime Music with ad-free listening
    • 10% off for particular items at Whole Foods Market
    • Unlimited photo storage for Amazon Photos account 
    • 2-hour free shipping or one day in select cities
    • Access to movies and TV programs 
    • Prime Video 
    • Discounts on various items

    You can also get additional features such as; 

    • Directory Assistance
    • Scam Shield™ App
    • Call Waiting
    • 3-Way Calling, and
    • Voicemail and Visual Voicemail
    • Wi-Fi Calling
    • Caller ID

    ii) $50 Unlimited Plan

    The plan costs around $140/month plus $40 upfront. The cost goes down to $35 per line per month and includes 4G LTE data, unlimited minutes, and SMS. You can add up to around four lines for $30 a month per line. Also, you can enjoy high-quality video streams with up to 480p resolution. You also get the following. 

    • Get unlimited talk, data, and text to and from Canada plus 5GB of high-speed data at $5
    • Unlimited talk, data, and text to and from Mexico plus 5GB high-speed data at 5$
    • Unlimited SMS to select countries and calls to over 140 countries at $10
    • Global Voice+; offers you double the minutes of the $10 Global Voice add-on for just $20. That is one of the best MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers. 

    Other features include the following. 

    • Caller ID, free Web Guard, and Scam Block
    • $2/month for your Scam Shield™ Premium
    • $1/month for Call Detail for reviewing outbound call history
    • $3/month for McAfee® Security
    • $3/month for Storage and Security Bundle
    • $5/month for Premium Handset Protection® Program
    • $5/month for Security Bundle

    You will also enjoy additional features such as  

    • Voicemail and Visual Voicemail
    • Wi-Fi Calling
    • Call Waiting
    • Directory Assistance
    • Scam Shield™ App
    • Caller ID, and
    • 3-Way Calling

    iii) $40 Unlimited Plan

    You can get the plan at only $130/month with just $40 Upfront. The price includes taxes and fees. The $40 Unlimited Plan has no hidden charges like the other plans. What you see is what you pay. You can get 10GB of 4G LTE data allowance, voice call minutes, and SMS. You can add 300 minutes for $3/month or 1000 minutes for $10/month for chat lines, conference calls, and radio broadcasts as the plan minutes are for only two people. 

    There are add-ons that you can benefit from on this plan which include;  

    • Unlimited text, data, and talk to and from Canada plus 5GB high-speed data for $5.
    • Unlimited text, data, and talk to and from Mexico plus 5GB high-speed data for 5$
    • Global calls to over 140 countries plus unlimited SMS to select countries for $10.
    • Global Voice+; doubles the voice call minutes of the $10 Global Voice add-on for $20.

    The plan allows you to enjoy features such as;

    • Voicemail and Visual Voicemail
    • Scam Shield™ App
    • Caller ID, and
    • Wi-Fi Calling
    • Call WaitingDirectory Assistance
    • 3-Way Calling

    Bottom line

    MetroPCS is a telecommunication company in the US that operates under T-Mobile and offers various services such as internet connection, SMS, and voice calls. You also enjoy security features depending on the plan you choose. You can come with your cell phone when switching to the service or buy one of the compatible devices, and you are good to go. MetroPCS allows you to trade in old devices for new ones.