Cricket Wireless is a cellular service provider from the United States. The company is owned by AT&T, another telecommunication company and among the big four carriers in the US. It provides wireless communication services to millions of subscribers in the US. Cricket Wireless was founded in 1999 by Leap Wireless International.

    Later, AT&T acquired leap Wireless International in 2014. There are various ways you can get a phone from the company. You will know about the Cricket Wireless phone payment plan shortly.

    It is not always easy for most people to get a phone by paying cash. Therefore, getting a plan that gives you a manageable payment schedule is one of the best things you can do.

    Phones, especially smartphones, have become the primary communication devices everyone should have for a smooth life. Someone without a phone appears awkward, and life can be challenging since they cannot keep connected with friends and family members.

    Despite Cricket Wireless being a property of AT&T, the company uses a CDMA network contrary to the AT&T network type; the GSM network. However, reliable information shows that AT&T will soon close down the Cricket Wireless network and migrate all the customers to its primary GSM network technology.

    Users will continue enjoying the Cricket Wireless plans, among other crucial services. The commonest way to acquire a phone from Cricket Wireless is via the progressive leasing Cricket plan. You will know more about it later on.

    Best ways to join Cricket Wireless

    Joining the platform is not that difficult as you can join online using your smartphone, computer, or even your tablet. You can keep the current mobile phone number (or get another one from the company). Again, Cricket Wireless allows you to bring your phone as long as it is compatible with the Cricket wireless network. Once you come to the platform, you can continue to enjoy your current cellular service until you’re ready to use Cricket Wireless services.

    When signing for the service online, you will stay connected to your current service provider until the transfer is complete. The following are the major steps you can follow to join the network. Have a look.

    • Select a new device or bring your compatible phone.
    • Pick a plan and include features to suit your needs.
    • Select to transfer your mobile phone number or get a new one.

    If there are any issues during the transfer, the carrier will call your service provider and solve the issue. Also, remember we have the Cricket free phones when you switch as long as you meet specific terms and conditions. New customers can order up to five lines per transaction.

    Generally, to start using the carrier’s service, you need to order your phone or line, track your order, then activate the service once everything is in your hand. You also need to download the myCricket App to manage your account and purchase plans. The application is available in the Google Play and App store.

    To activate your phone, you have to go to Cricket Wireless activate and enter your order and phone number to start enjoying the network’s services.

    The Cricket Wireless phone payment plan

    cricket wireless phone payment plan

    Cricket Wireless has a plan that allows you to get a phone without paying for everything at once. You can benefit from the Lease-To-Own Phone Payment Plan, which Progressive Leasing provides. You can use the plan to pay for a phone and maybe own it if you find that it suits your needs.

    The leasing plan requires you to follow simple application steps to see if you will succeed. They include the following.

    1) Apply

    The first step is to apply for an instant decision on Progressive Leasing’s Website. There is no credit needed whatsoever to decide. All you need is your basic financial information, including any valid form of an ID, your Social Security Number, credit or debit card, and your bank information. You must be 18 years or older to make your application. Again, Progressive Leasing gets information from credit bureaus. Therefore, not all applicants are approved and not one of the cell phone financing for bad credit.

    For your information, it is challenging to get a cell phone financing company without checking your credit scores. That is how they know your payment capability.

    2) Complete your order

    The next thing is to complete your order. Just choose “Use my Progressive Phone Payment Plan” when checking out. You can also bring the lease ID to the nearest Cricket Wireless location to get assistance from the Sales Associate. A standard agreement offers you 12 months to ownership. The leasing is only available on select items and at participating locations. It is not available in various states like MN, NJ, WI, VT, WY.

    The Proper ways to get a free smartphone at Cricket Wireless

    Free smartphones are some of the cricket phone deals for existing customers. Almost all carriers in the US offer free phones when you switch to their network. Cricket Wireless is not left behind as when you switch to the service and get two lines of unlimited data for only $80/month, you get two free smartphones, such as the Alcatel VERSO (regularly $29.99). You also get unlimited data speed limited up to a max of 3 Mbps. That is enough speed to get you moving.

    Such a high data connectivity speed is suitable for video streaming at SD quality. However, after 22GB/line/month, you may experience slower speeds than other Cricket users when there is network congestion. You can also switch to LG Fortune for free when you switch to Cricket. It is a free cell phone with no deposit or activation fee. Another way you can take advantage of the free phone offer is by getting four unlimited data lines for $100 and getting a free smartphone for each line.

    Again, you can also get a free government phone if you apply and qualify for the Lifeline program. It is an aid program from the government that seeks to help the less privileged individuals who cannot afford basic communication necessities. Apart from the phone, qualifying individuals enjoy subsidized plans.

    Does Cricket Wireless support the Emergency Broadband Benefit

    You could choose Cricket wireless EBB if you qualified for the government aid for people affected by the COVID’19 pandemic. However, the program is no longer accepting new applicants since it has ended. Those who qualified for the EBB service got up to a $30 benefit on eligible broadband service. Those households who live on Tribal Lands will get up to $75 benefits.

    The EBB program was temporary, meaning that it was to end after the COVID’19 disease came to an end. Another program has replaced it with the name Affordable Connectivity Program. The program helps people from poor households to get cheap internet connections to work and stay connected to others. The poverty guideline for the program has been raised from 135% to 200%. One of the major qualifiers of the Affordable Connectivity Program is to be on the Lifeline program.

    Is Cricket Wireless reliable

    The services of the company are reliable because of the strong network connections. Remember, the company belongs to AT&T, one of the most robust networks in the US. Therefore, they have made the services excellent. Again, as I mentioned earlier, plans are underway to bring the Cricket Wireless services to AT&T’s GSM network technology.

    You also find using the company’s services is easy using an app. Here, you see your data usage and find it easy to buy the necessary plans. There are also various Cricket phone deals for existing customers that you can rely on. For example, you can get iPhone XR for $350 off and iPhone SE for $200 off.

    Do Cricket phones come with a warranty

    New Cricket phones plus other devices come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that takes effect from the date of purchase. It is essential to review the warranty information given by the manufacturer of your phone to complete the necessary information. Remember that the warranty ultimately begins working after the 7-day return period. The return period allows you to send back a defective device for a refund or get a new one.

    You need to understand that warranty for the ZTE Velox, iPhones, and the Moto G are fulfilled through the original manufacturer. If you want to claim, you need to visit Cricket Wireless and see the prompts on the site.

    Alternatively, you can contact the returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for help. They can help you sort out any device troubleshooting issues right on the phone. Remember that customer care is a free cell phone service without paying anything.

    If things do not work out, you need to return the device. Remember that the warranty only covers manufacturing faults. Issues like cracked screens, damage by fire or water, and other kinds of mechanical damages are not included in a warranty.

    Bottom line

    Cricket Wireless is a wireless service provider from the United States of America, owned by AT&T, another telecommunication company and among the big four carriers in the US. You can get various communication services from the company when you join the service. There are free phones when you join the service and follow specific criteria. You can also get a phone using the lease agreement as long as your credit permits.