Total Wireless operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) under the Tracfone brand that works using the Verizon network. According to the Total Wireless statistics provided on sites, this carrier offers approximately 5MBPS average data speed. However, Total Wireless provides exceptionally affordable service with total wireless mobile hotspots and savings; you can have four lines for $25 per line with 100GB of hotspot data. Besides, Total Wireless provides excellent value and excellent coverage.

    Most importantly, Total Wireless offers various cell phone plans that change the price. In other cases, internet data offer a more costly plan, and the equal amount of data consumed on the unlimited mobile hotspots plans also depends on the number of lines. Additionally, Hotspot plans on Total Wireless were introduced in late 2019 and apply to limited plans. This article will let you know about the plans to use the hotspot on Total Wireless mobile phone and connect data with other devices.

    On the other hand, data sharing or tethering, or hotspot, is an essential feature on mobile phones that gives WiFi router functionality to smartphones. However, mobile hotspot plans now comprise a data-sharing option. You can share your smartphone Internet with your friends and family in this case. You can decide how to tether your Total wireless hotspots plan through the following three ways:

    • Connect by Wifi or WiFi hotspot
    • Connect through Bluetooth or Bluetooth hotspot
    • And connect using a USB Cable or USB hotspot

    How Do You Tether Total Wireless mobile hotspots Plans on iPhone?

    • You can follow the below process to enable WiFi tethering on iPhone devices using Total Wireless SIM.
    • Click on your iPhone Settings >then Cellular.
    • Followed by Personal Hotspot or Settings >then tap Personal Hotspot.

    How Do You Connect Hotspot on Android Phones?

    • To tether hotspot using your Android cell phone, follow the below steps:
    • Go to Settings and then choose ‘Network & Internet.
    • Open ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ or Portable Hotspot, depending on different mobile phones.

    Total Wireless Available Plans

    i) 30 Day Plans

    • 1GB inclusive of a mobile hotspot for $24 per month
    • 10GB (Promo on a 5GB plan, mobile hotspot included for $34 per month
    • Mega Plan – 25GB ‘Unlimited’ with 10GB of mobile hotspot for $48 per month

    ii) 90 Day Plans

    • 15GB with no mobile hotspot use for $90 for 90 days

    iii) Family Plans- every line on a family plan receives 10GB of the mobile hotspot:

    • 30GB (2 lines for $57 per month)
    • 60GB (3 lines for $81 per month)
    • 100GB (4 lines for $95 per month)

    How Do You Use a Mobile Hotspot?

    These days, internet users stopped depending on public WI-FI to connect laptops or tablets to the internet. For this reason, Total Wireless came up with easy ways to utilize mobile hotspots in their plans, including the Total wireless ebb free plans program. You can tether by below guidelines:

    • Ensure the Total Wireless hotspot feature in your mobile device gets activated. However, you can activate your mobile hotspot using phone or SIM verification.
    • From your cell phone settings, launch your app tray and switch on your mobile hotspot feature.
    • In the notification icon of your device you are tethering, confirm if there is a feature that shows the availability of your mobile device hotspot.
    • Input your passcode and connect to the hotspot. Notably, the password is essential only if your hotspot is secured. It is advisable to secure your hotspot to block fraud activities.

    Benefits of Using a Hotspot

    A mobile hotspot is crucial when you have many active internet users in your family. Besides, it enables more than one user to tether to the internet using the  WIFI hotspot.

    Additionally, the hotspot is also convenient to use if you are a data-hungry internet user who constantly travels now and then. If you are traveling in places with no WIFI, mobile hotspots allow internet connection simpler for you.

    Perhaps, you can connect to more than 10 different devices simultaneously and receive high-speed data transmission and internet connectivity. As a result, you can bring off the costs towards your monthly bills. It is also efficient because payments are consumer-friendly and paid monthly with no contracts.

    What Are the Total Wireless Mobile Hotspot Plans?

    Total Wireless provides several mobile data plans that enable you to build up a phone WIFI and tether other mobile devices using your phone’s internet. Currently, some of these plans include:

    1) 35 $ Per Month Single Line Plan

    This plan is the affordable plan you can get on Total Wireless. For 35$ per month, this cheapest plan offers unlimited text services to customers. If you purchase this plan, you can also enjoy unlimited calls with no restrictions on the number of minutes to use.

    However, this cell phone plan also offers 6 GB monthly data at a speed of 4 G LTE, and the plan supports up to 6 GB of mobile hotspot for one line.

    2) 50 $ Per Month Mega Single Line Plan

    The above plan is excellent with mega services that offer value for your money. For 50$ per month on one line, this plan lets you download, surf, upload, and stream with no data restrictions up to 4 GLTE speed.

    Moreover, you can send text messages and make calls to your loved ones without limitations. The plan also offers a mobile hotspot of 10GB for every consumer.

    3) 60 $ Per Month Two Lines Plan

    You can explore a lot for just 60$ per month using this plan. The plan offers unlimited call minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited monthly data at a speed of up to 4G LTE.

    Additionally, it gives 30 GB extra of shared data, and you can receive 10 GB of mobile hotspots per line for two up to two consumers.

    4) 85$ Per Month 3 Lines Plan

    This family plan is suitable for multiple users as it supports up to three lines or mobile devices. For 85$ per month, all three consumers can call and send text messages without limitations. The plan also offers unlimited 4G LTE speed data and 10 GB of mobile hotspots for every user.

    5) 100 $ Per Month 4 lines Plan

    The above cell phone plan offers unlimited text, unlimited data, and unlimited call minutes to a family of four consumers. The plan also gives 10 GB of mobile hotspot per user.

    Hotspot Activation Process

    Generally, you can buy all the plans mentioned above from Total Wireless’s official website, Total Wireless physical stores, or Wal-Mart. Activating from Total Wireless is a straightforward process. You have to;

    a) Choose your Cell Phone

    This step requires selecting your favorite mobile phone from the Total wireless website. Choosing one of the latest phones from total wireless phone deals is advisable to avoid frustrations. You can also bring your existing device to use with Total wireless services.

    b) Choose your plan

    From the same website, you can choose the most preferred plan. It is necessary to consider price, hotspot availability, coverage, and the number of devices/users in your family when choosing.

    c) Activate

    After picking your convenient plan, you can activate your cell phone in the comfort of your home. You can also purchase these plans from Walmart using the following process;

    • Navigate to Wal-Mart’s official site, choose your plan, and add to cart.
    • Place your purchase and wait for a confirmation message from Wal-Mart.
    • Receive another mail from with an electronic PIN to utilize after getting your plans.

    What Cell Phones Work on Total Wireless?

    Most cell phones that are unlocked in nature will operate on Total Wireless. To bring your own phone to work with Total Wireless, you must have a Verizon-compatible device or a CDMA cell phone. If you want to know whether total wireless GSM or CDMA, you can open the link and confirm your current phone whether it’s compatible or not.

    On this company website, you can browse Total Wireless phones and find the latest devices from Apple and Samsung. Any unlocked cell phone which isn’t tied to any carrier, contract, or financing agreement can work on total Wireless. You can consider calling your current carrier to check if your phone is unlocked, and if not, what are the procedure to follow to have it unlocked.

    It’s advisable to buy an unlocked phone that is compatible with Total Wireless and join the carrier through 3 easy ways:

    1. Bring your own phone

    • 1st Step: Confirm your phone’s compatibility through texting “BYOP” to 611611.
    • 2nd Step: Buy a Total Wireless SIM kit and select a plan.
    • 3rd Step: Input your SIM card and activate your cell phone at Total wireless activation selectdevice or contact Total Wireless customer support at 1-866-663-3633 for assistance.

    2. Use an Unlocked Phone

    • 1st Step: Buy a Total Wireless SIM kit and choose a plan.
    • 2nd Step: Input your SIM card and activate your cell phone at Total Wireless or contact 1-866-663-3633 for help.

    3. Purchase a Total Wireless Phone

    • 1st Step: Confirm your cell phone’s compatibility by texting “COVERAGE” to 611611.
    • 2nd Step: Buy a Total Wireless phone and select a plan.
    • 3rd Step: Activate your phone at Total Wireless or contact 1-866-663-3633 for guidelines.

    Bottom line

    Total Wireless is an excellent mobile wireless company that gives its customers affordable and reliable data plans, mobile hotspots, and cheap cell phones. The company provides different service plans that feature the hotspot as mentioned above plans differ in monthly prices.

    Previously, these cell phone plans did not support mobile hotspots hence affecting bulky internet users that connect other mobile devices to the internet using mobile. Fortunately, Total Wireless has introduced mobile hotspot plans that offer up to 10 GB.