Easy Wireless is one on the list of renowned Lifeline wireless providers. This carrier focuses on giving free plans to all qualified Lifeline-eligible customers. Besides, it provides customers with bringing their existing phone option, receives slightly extra monthly data, and Easy Wireless replacement phone service to the extent of giving a free cell phone. Notably, Easy Wireless Lifeline assistance is applicable in Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

    However, Easy Wireless is a cell phone provider offering prepaid wireless service and free government smartphones, throughout the US, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you get an Easy Wireless phone, it comes with a 48-hour warranty from the Company. If you encounter an equipment malfunction, you can call using 611 or 1-877-476-3451 for directions to a replacement device to the nearest store or arrange for a mailed replacement mobile phone to your address.

    Moreover, after 48 hours, Easy Wireless provides a $20 discount on replacement phones. Cell phone prices differ with models starting at $20 and higher. If you are eligible for Lifeline assistance, you can go to the Easy Wireless website and submit your phone number to start the enrollment process. You have to answer the questions provided to you and get all documents necessary to prove identification and financial eligibility. Lastly, you need to sign and submit your application.

    Easy Wireless Replacement Phone Policy

    If you experience a device malfunction, you must call Easy Wireless at 877-476-3451 or walk to the nearest store for assistance. The customer service representative will try to troubleshoot the problem and provide a replacement device if the issue is out of hand. However, Easy Wireless provides “in-store” or “through-mail” replacements if the cell phone requires a replacement. The replacement applies if the damage wasn’t due to a customer’s phone misuse.

    For the free government cell phones for low income, Easy Wireless phone replacement only applies if the phone issues weren’t a result of customers’ misuse and were within the warranty period. If this is not the case, you must purchase the replacement phones.

    Apart from warranties, all wireless devices bought directly from Easy Wireless may get returned for a total refund within 48 hours of receipt. You must return the complete device as received at the time of activation. You can call Easy Wireless at 1-877-476-3451 for more information.

    Things To Do If Easy Wireless Phone Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged

    1) If Your Easy Wireless Phone Get Damaged

    If your cell phone get damaged, there is not much you can do. However, if the damage is blocking your device from functioning correctly, you require replacing it. In that case, you will need to pay for the replacement phone.

    Alternatively, you may try to get the phone repaired if the damage is not severe. Besides, repairs are cheaper than the replacement phone cost, and it may make sense to go for that option.

    2) If Your Easy Wireless Phone Get Lost

    If your device get lost, first try locating your movements and whereabouts. If your mobile data or your phone’s GPS gets turned on, you can use various online options to locate your device. You can use Google and type in ‘Find my Android phone.’ You’ll get offered a set of easy instructions. Thus, follow the instructions, and you will locate your device.

    Additionally, you can use another phone to call your number. If the phone is near, you may hear it ringing or vibrating. In some cases, somebody else may be near your lost phone, and most likely, a stranger will answer your call and then keep your phone safe until you collect it.

    However, suppose an Easy Wireless customer completely loses their device even after trying these tricks. In that case, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred until notifying Easy Wireless of the lost device.

    Upon getting the notice of the lost or stolen phone, Easy Wireless automatically suspends service on the device immediately. Suppose you do not activate a new Easy Wireless cell phone or notify Easy Wireless about the found device within 30 days. In that case, the account will get deactivated, and you will lose your Easy Wireless phone number.

    Difference Between Easy Wireless Phone Replacement, Exchange, and Upgrade

    Replacement, exchange, and upgrade are two confusing terms that many companies do not utilize in the right ways. However, replacement device refers to cell phones that are provided as replacement devices either free of charge or at a low cost in the event of lost, damaged, or stolen devices.

    On the other hand, exchange of phones occurs when a cell phone is under warranty, and it receives exchanged for another device. Besides, when exchanging devices, no cost is usually added. The upgrade is a term that refers to upgrading your current phone to the latest, newer phone model that is of high quality than your previous gadget.

    Easy Wireless Replacement Phone Plan Cost

    Easy Wireless services are Free to the most qualified customers. Interestingly, there are no activation fees, bills, or long-term contracts. The pricing applies for domestic calls and messaging or data. And all domestic text prices are inclusive when sending and receiving messages. The benefits include:

    • Arkansas and Missouri Lifeline customers get a FREE phone in addition to unlimited texts 350 minutes, and 4.5GB of data, free per month.
    • Kentucky Lifeline customers get a FREE cell phone in addition to unlimited text, 1,000 minutes of talk, and 25MB of data free every month.
    • Oklahoma Tribal Lifeline customers get a FREE phone in addition to unlimited text, unlimited talk, and 4.5GB of data free every month.
    • Oklahoma Lifeline customers get a FREE phone in addition to unlimited text, 1,000 minutes of talk, and 25MB of data free every month.

    i) Easy Wireless Tribal Plans for Oklahoma Only

    • Unlimited minutes, text, and 2GB Data – Free
    • Unlimited minutes, text, and 1st 2GB High Speed  for $1.00
    • Unlimited minutes, text, and 1st 5GB High Speed  for  $15.00

    ii) Plans for Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma

    • 750 minutes, unlimited minutes, text, and 25MB Data –  Free
    • 750 minutes, unlimited minutes, text, and 250MB Data for  $1.00
    • Unlimited minutes, unlimited minutes, text, and 1GB of Data for  $15.00
    • Unlimited minutes, text, and 2GB Data for  $25.00
    • Unlimited minutes, text, and Data 1st 2GB High Speed for $26.00
    • Unlimited minutes, text, and Data 5GB High Speed for $40

    Wrap Up

    Suppose you encounter a device malfunction or experience other reasons you want a replacement phone, such as a lost or stolen cell phone. In that case, you must call Easy Wireless customer service at 877-476-3451. Alternatively, you can proceed to an Easy Wireless store to request a replacement.

    Notably, if you are an Easy Wireless customer and your handset gets stolen, you are responsible for all charges incurred until Easy Wireless gets notified of the lost or stolen device. Thus, ensure you report this occurrence immediately.