SafeLink Wireless is an American-based wireless company that provides free government cell phone and phones services. Since TracFone owns it, the provider offers wireless service through the TracFone network. Over two million customers in more than thirty states get offered free services from the company. The article will review SafeLink hotspot plans for its customers.

    SafeLink hotspot plans are one of their products to the consumers since the plans save on the budget and offer several benefits. You know it is vital, especially when you want to distribute the internet across several gadgets from your cell phone. Getting a free hotspot is not easy nowadays, but with SafeLink hotspot plans, things get better for you.

    In some scenarios, hotspot plans contain tiny data units, making it hard to share the internet with friends and family. With SafeLink, you will discover that their hotspot plans have enough data units for you. Unfortunately, some providers charge the data units for hotspots, but with SafeLink, you will enjoy accessible data units under the lifeline program.

    The article will cover who qualifies for SafeLink hotspot plans, free phone plans and more related to SafeLink. It will answer any other relevant questions you may have about SafeLink Wireless. Let me roll on to inform you.

    Details About Hotspot

    A hotspot refers to a physical place or location where you can wirelessly connect your mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets to the internet. A hotspot can be in a public location or a private one, with some being free while others require payments. With SafeLink, you will create a mobile hotspot, sometimes referred to as a portable hotspot meeting your internet needs.

    You can create a portable hotspot through the tethering process by using a smartphone’s data connection to connect your devices like smart TVs and laptops to the internet. Due to overage fees in using phone data, an unlimited data plan from SafeLink will save your budget. The steps involved in connecting to mobile hotspots are as below:

    1. First, click the wireless icon on your device to discover available Wi-Fi hotspots.
    2. Choose the hotspot you would like to use by clicking connect.
    3. Enter security key for private hotspot network.
    4. Enjoy browsing, working, and playing online.

    You should consider a Safelink phone upgrade if you are using an outdated smartphone to enjoy better hotspot services from the company.

    You can qualify for SafeLink Wireless hotspot and other free cell phone services from SafeLink if you are eligible for Lifeline government program benefits. You are eligible for the lifeline government program if you receive the following benefits.

    1. Medicaid
    2. Food Stamps
    3. National School Free Lunch program
    4. Supplementary Security Income
    5. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program
    6. Federal Public Housing Assistance
    7. Public Housing Assistance
    8. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    9. Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program

    If your income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can also enroll. You can get more information from the Lifeline Government program benefit website.

    SafeLink does not offer phone plans with unlimited hotspots but offers SafeLink Wireless unlimited plan, which combines the free Lifeline service and EBB program for low-income individuals. The SafeLink Wireless unlimited plan offers the following:

    1. Free 10GB to 15GB mobile hotspot data per month. The offer varies from one state to another and is not available for AT&T compatible SIMs.
    2. Free android government smartphones.
    3. Free unlimited data, minutes, and texts.
    4. Unlimited international calling 30-day plan to dial up to 15 international phone numbers.
    5. 480p video streaming quality.

    SafeLink offers good coverage on 4G LTE-capable networks. Note that to get the 4G LTE speeds, you must have a 4G LTE smartphone and a 4G LTE SIM card. The typical SafeLink Wireless free phone plan offers the following to eligible customers.

    1. Up to 4.5GB free high-speed data per month.
    2. Free 350 minutes per month.
    3. Free unlimited texts.

    The unused data and minutes will not count over to the next month.

    All Lifeline consumers are eligible to get the temporary EBB program benefits; all they need is to opt-in. Non-lifeline customers need to confirm their eligibility by applying to the EBB program at htpp:// Once through with the application, they can opt-in to the SafeLink free unlimited plan on their website. You can enjoy the following popular calling features with SafeLink.

    1. 911 services free access
    2. Caller ID
    3. Voicemail
    4. Three-way calling
    5. 411 Directory Assistance free access

    SafeLink has download speeds of 10-25 Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5 Mbps if you subscribe to one of their internet plans. Always choose the internet plan speed based on the task you want to do with the internet. Web surfing and social media require a minimum speed of 1Mbps, and for heavy online streaming, a speed of 20Mbps is enough.

    If you run a YouTube channel, choose a considerable upload speed as the work requires heavy uploading. You can contact SafeLink to customize your speed according to your needs. SafeLink offers up to 100 Mbps download speed on its packages.

    SafeLink sells various hotspot devices that you can use to connect your devices at home, office, or any other place. Some best unlimited hotspot plan devices include:

    1. ZTE MF279 Unlocked
    2. ZTE No-Contract Hotspot Wi-Fi 30X
    3. Bewinner Portable 4G hotspot
    4. ZTE Velocity Hotspot Unlocked
    5. Wi-Fi pod mobile hotspot

    You can cancel any subscription with a month-written notice. The requests get sent via mail to Another option is that you can also fill the request form from SafeLink internet cancel. Terms and conditions may apply.

    Final Verdict

    At this point, you have learned that SafeLink does not have any unlimited hotspot plans. But with SafeLink Wireless unlimited plan, which combines both lifeline and EBB programs, you can get free 10GB to 15GB mobile hotspot data per month.

    The offer varies from one state to another and is not available for AT&T SIMs. SafeLink offers free government phone services to low-income households. To benefit from the provider services, you need to meet the eligibility criteria for both Lifeline and EBB programs.