Tello operates as a mobile virtual network operator that uses T-Mobile to offer wireless services. However,  if you have one of Tello’s compatible phones, you can bring your own cell phone to this carrier. Ensure your device is unlocked. You can check this with your existing provider since Tello cannot determine the locked status or unlock any locked mobile devices. Besides, all the phones purchased directly from Tello compatible phones with the carrier’s services. 

    After confirming with your current provider that the device is unlocked, get the Tello GSM SIM from your existing cell phone and insert it into your new compatible smartphone. First, you must ensure that you received and successfully activated your new Tello GSM SIM through your online account. If otherwise, proceed to and follow the provided instructions to activate the service. After successfully activating your Tello GSM service, you can initiate the number transfer process if you wish.

    In this case, you can send your number transfer request directly at The number transfer form will only appear after successful SIM activation. On this page, submit the cell phone number you want to transfer and tap”Check .”You will be redirected to complete the port-in information and follow the prompts if the number can get ported. Ultimately, you can select a high-quality compatible device at

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    Phones type that Is Compatible With Tello Mobile

    1. Google Pixel 6

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Google Pixel 6 – 5G Android Phone - Unlocked... Google Pixel 6 – 5G Android Phone - Unlocked... 2,601 Reviews $599.00 $225.90

    The Google Pixel 6 is a Tello-compatible 5G phone that comes unlocked and gives you the flexibility to switch carriers. This smartphone has everything you need for your busy life, including a 4614mAh battery capacity with fast charging support. It ensures that everything runs without interference, whether a game or multitasking. Besides, a crystal-clear 6.4″ AMOLED display with a high refresh rate makes responsive gaming and scrolling.

     Besides, privacy and protection are for your Pixel smartphone, accompanied by the Titan M2 security chip, with 5 years of updates. The 50MP wide and 12 MP ultrawide rear cameras capture 150% more light for pictures with richer colors and more details. An 8 MP front camera takes perfect images and video up to 4K. Luckily, Live Translate allows you to translate live video captions, messages, private chats, and signs in up to 55 languages.

    The smartphone features 128GB-8GB RAM storage, allowing you to store all your favorite apps, videos, and other multimedia files. The Google Tensor security keeps your phone speedy, your games are rich, and your personal information secure. Besides, the device has IP68 dust/water protection, it can withstand water and dust, so you can utilize it wherever you want.


    • Affordable
    • Sharp, vivid and smooth display
    • Excellent camera for quality videos and photos
    • Fast and lag-free performance
    • Supports faster-charging speeds
    • Smooth operating system


    • No face unlock or microSD slot.
    • Buy on Amazon

    2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB, Space Gray -... Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB, Space Gray -... 11,942 Reviews $799.99 $499.95

    Apple iPhone is a renewed Tello compatible device with a stainless steel frame, front Gorilla Glass with an oleophobic coating, and back Gorilla Glass with a frosted finish. Besides, the device is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance. The display features a 6.5″ OLED screen with 1242 x 2688 px resolution. This device includes a 3,969 mAh battery and 18W fast charging, with Qi wireless charging support.

    The performance of this device is immensely contributed by the Apple A13 Bionic chip and an operating system version iOS13. The memory includes 4GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. For video shooting and photo capturing, you can use the triple 12MP  Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto camera system to give bright and beautiful results. The front camera captures terrific shots with a dual-camera 12MP selfie cam. You can capture 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps.


    • Fastest performance chip 
    • Most extended battery life, fast charging
    • Stereo speakers 
    • iOS offers a smooth user experience
    • Excellent selfie photo and video quality


    • Not new
    • Buy on Amazon

    3. Apple iPhone SE

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Apple iPhone SE, 256GB, Black - Fully Unlocked... Apple iPhone SE, 256GB, Black - Fully Unlocked... 8,109 Reviews $349.00

    iPhone SE features a wide viewing angle, 4.7-inch LCD, and Touch ID, plus it has an IP67 rating for water-resistant. However, this smartphone feature a solid build quality backed up by an aluminum frame, Gorilla Glass front with an oleophobic coating, and Gorilla Glass finish. It features a single 12MP rear camera with features like True tone LED flash, Phase detection autofocus, Smart HDR, portraits, and even 4K at 60. 

    Additionally, there are powerful stereo speakers that produce excellent sound quality. Besides, the overall performance is enhanced by the Apple A13 Bionic chipset and Apple iOS 13 operating system. The battery packs 1,821mAh capacity, 18W fast charging, and wireless charging capability. The phones come with  128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM.


    • Lightweight
    • Durable build quality with IP67 water resistance
    • Excellent performance chipset
    • Loud stereo speakers.
    • Excellent daylight and good low-light photos


    • Average battery capacity
    • Buy on Amazon

    4. Samsung Galaxy S22

    Preview Product Rating Price
    SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked... SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked... 593 Reviews $799.99 $647.54

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with a classy, eye-catching glass-metal-glass design, and it is lightweight and durable to help endure scratches and dings. The smooth 6.1-inch 120Hz AMOLED display offers impressive brightness, superb color accuracy, and an exceptional HDR video experience. You can experience a seamless performance with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset combined with 8GB RAM. Plus a 3700mAh battery capacity that power every scroll, tap, click, and stream all day long with a 25W charging speed boost. 

    Again, the smartphone features a triple-sensor configuration and a front camera of 10 MP. The rear camera includes a 50 MP primary wide camera with adaptive color contrast, telephoto 10 MP, and ultra wide-angle 12 MP. You can take high-quality videos with stunning 8K recording, the best recording resolution available on a smartphone. The device allows you to live sharing w/ google duo. In this case, you can watch viral YouTube videos and content with your friends from anywhere. The storage detail includes 128/256GB internal memory options.


    • Long-lasting battery
    • High-quality camera resolution
    • Powerful processing speed
    • Responsive fingerprint sensor
    • Large RAM


    • No microSD slot

    5. Google Pixel 6a

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked... Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked... 752 Reviews $449.00 $348.06

    Google Pixel 6a it’s a super fast and secure smartphone powered by Google Tensor, the first chip made by Google just for Pixel. Besides, this smartphone is Tello compatible and unlocked Android 5G phone that gives you the flexibility to switch carriers and pick your own data plan. However, it features a 6.1″ FHD+ display up to 60Hz for a smooth interface. This Pixel features a 4410 fast-charging all-day battery that adapts to you and saves power for the apps you use often. This device has IP67 protection; thus, it can withstand splashes and dust.

    Additionally, the camera takes excellent photos with the dual 12-megapixel camera, and tools such as motion mode, magic eraser, and portrait mode make the photography more enjoyable. Besides, the 8 MP front camera delivers excellent selfies and makes video calls simple. With Google Tensor, your smartphone loads apps fast, pages and images faster, and everything runs smoothly. The storage capacity includes 6 GB RAM backed up with 128 GB internal storage.


    • Excellent cameras
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Vibrant OLED display
    • Great-looking design
    • Powerful processor and performance


    • No MicroSD card slot/headphone

    How To Check Compatibility with Tello

    You can quickly check compatibility if you have your device at hand. You can access the IMEI and use the online device checker at your own phone. If you can find your device IMEI, you must search the device’s tech specs and countercheck them against the 2 compatibility requirements explained here. Look for this information in the purchased device’s manual or an online search.

    i) VoLTE

    The device must support VoLTE. Older phone models miss this feature more often than newer versions.

    ii) Bands

    The device must handle (at a minimum) the following set of LTE bands:

    • Band 2 (1900 MHz)
    • Band 4 (2100 MHz)
    • Band 12 (700 MHz)

    However, for excellent service on the Tello GSM network, your cell phone should have at least 1 of the below bands/frequencies plus the above 3:

    • Band 5 (850 MHz)
    • Band 66 (1700 Mhz)
    • Band 71 (600 MHz).

    2) Unlocked

    Regardless your device is compatible or not, it must also get unlocked. However, unlocked and compatible details are entirely different. The company’s device checker can only determine compatibility, and you must ensure that the phone is unlocked.

    You can reach out to your existing carrier to confirm the locked status of your device. If you are obtaining a new phone, confirm with the seller. Locked cell phones will not operate on Tello, and they do not lock or unlock any phones.

    Tello Mobile cell phone Plans

    Cell phone service is not complete without the mention of plan packages that include cell phone plans with free phones. Therefore, Tello Mobile is known for providing a large variety of flexible plans, which enable users to select the plan that matches their needs. Besides, Tello customers can choose from one of Tello’s ready-made plans or customize their own plans.

    Ready-Made Plans Include:

    i) Economy Plan

    Economy Plan features unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and 1 GB of data. The price goes from $7.5 per month for the first six months, and later to $10 per month.

    ii) Value Plan

    Value Plan features unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and 2 GB of data. The price goes from $10.5 per month for the first six months and later to $14 per month.

    iii) Smart Plan

    Smart Plan features unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and 4 GB of data. The price goes from $14.3 per month for the first six months and later to $19 per month.

    iv) Data Plan

    The Data Plan features unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and unlimited data. The price goes for $29.3 per month for the first six months and later $39 per month.

    Build Your Own Plan Include

    The option to customize your own plan enables customers to select between data amount and the number of minutes plus texts.

    • You can choose either one of the following options for the data package, including no data, 6GB, 4GB, 2GB, 1GB, 500MB, or unlimited data.
    • For the minutes and texts, you can select from the following options: no minutes, 100 minutes plus free text, 300 minutes + free text, 500 minutes + free text, or unlimited minutes and free texts.
    • However, the cheapest two options include no data, 100 minutes plus free text, or no minute plus 500 MB of data. The two options each cost $3.8 per month for the first six months and $5 per month later.

    On the other hand, the most costly data, minutes, and texts combination features unlimited data, unlimited minutes, plus free texts. This plan is similar to the ready-made Data Plan, and the price is $29.3 per month for the first six months and later on $39 per month.

    Tello Mobile Bring Your Own Phone

    Whether your device is compatible with Tello or not, the phone needs to be unlocked for you to bring it over to Tello Mobile. You can use the device checker to check for compatibility only, and you must ensure that your phone is unlocked. However, bringing your own phone to Tello is a simple process that can earn you free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. You have to observe the easy steps below:

    1st Step 1: You must check your phone’s compatibility at Tello bring your own phone by submitting your phone’s IMEI or ESN number.

    2nd Step 2: After you have provided your IMEI or ESN number, follow the prompts.

    3rd Step 3: Buy a Tello SIM kit.

    4th Step 4: Immediately, you get your Tello SIM kit, switch off your phone, and carefully input the SIM card.

    5th Step 5: Activate your Tello service.

    Steps to Activate Tello Mobile Service

    Tello activation steps depend on whether you opt to bring your own phone (BYOP) and only buy a Tello GSM SIM kit or if you have purchased a new Tello phone.

    For BYOP customers, follow these steps:

    • Purchase the Tello GSM SIM kit on Tello’s website or Amazon.
    • When the package comes, visit Tello’s website, sign in to your account, and proceed to ‘Activate SIM’ (
    • Put the required data and follow the prompts.
    • Once the activation process is complete (it can take up to 20 minutes), wait for five more minutes, and then input your Tello GSM SIM card into your switched-off phone then, turn on the phone.
    • Follow any given on-screen prompts and the phone should automatically work with Tello.

    On the other hand, if the phone does not activate automatically, you can wait 30 minutes, reboot your phone and try again. You can also activate your phone manually through the steps listed in the FAQ section at Tello.

    After activating your Tello service, you can port in your existing phone number and enjoy a free phone without paying anything by filling a port-in through the following steps.

    Method To Bring Your Current Phone Number To Tello

    Transferring your number to Tello is cost-free, fast, and easy, but it must get carried out via your online account only for security reasons.

    • Firstly, you must ensure that you have received and successfully activated your new Tello GSM SIM in your online account.
    • If you have not activated it already, follow the above steps to activate the service.
    • Immediately you have activated the Tello GSM service, follow the steps below to start the number transfer process.
    • You can submit your number transfer request directly from the Tello account port in.
    • (The port in the form only becomes available and visible after a complete SIM activation.)
    •  Enter the phone number you want to transfer and tap “Check”- If the number is eligible for porting, you will get prompted to fill in the port-in details and follow the prompts.

    Notably, if you have not done so already, you will have to contact your current provider to get the following information directly from them:

    • Account number from existing provider
    • PIN from existing provider
    • Your address as listed on the phone bill
    • First name and last name as listed on the phone bill
    • If the number to port is a landline, the last four digits of your Social Security Number

    However, depending on your current provider, it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 working days for regular mobile numbers and up to 5 working days for landline and VOIP numbers for the port in the process.

    If you provide invalid information and you do not correct it within 3 business days, Tello may cancel the port request. Immediately after the port in request gets submitted, any notification concerning the port in status will get forwarded to the email address you registered with Tello.

    For a New Tello Phone Purchase, Follow These Steps:

    When your cell phone package arrives, unpack the phone, charge it thoroughly, and don’t switch it on.

    • Navigate into your online Tello account and proceed to
    • Submit the required data and follow the prompts. The 14 or 15-digit activation code asked for is printed on the box of the phone.
    • Immediately the activation process completes, which can take up to 20 minutes), wait for five more minutes, and then switch your fully charged phone on.
    • Follow any given on-screen prompts, and the phone should automatically work Tello.

    Bottom Line

    Typically, all mobile phones bought from Tello are compatible with their services. You can purchase any of the above high-quality devices and use Tello services. However, any GSM mobile cell phone contract-free is compatible with Tello mobile. And unlocked  Android or iPhone devices may also work with Tello. Through BYOP, you can bring a compatible and unlocked cell phone to this network.