Activating a new SIM card for most service providers in the US is quite a simple process. In the past, users had to visit a physical store to activate the SIM card, but you can now do it at the comfort of your home. Most service providers digital their products such that there is no need to visit a store, and all payments and purchases can be made online. Verizon Wireless is one of them, and they have a simple process of activating a new SIM card, and it all starts by creating an account on their website. You may be wondering how long it takes for an active new SIM card Verizon, and we will give you all the insights.

    Verizon is a leading standard service pr provider that has been in existence for more than a decade. The service provider offers some affordable cell phone plans. If you get the Verizon deals for existing customers, you may get discounts on the plans, phones, and many other accessories. If you follow the proper procedures, activating a new SIM card on Verizon is seamless, and integrity is highly recommended for success. The process does not entail too many KYC policies, and the essential requirement is for you to create an account with the network.

    Here we aim to cover steps to activate a new SIM card on Verizon. We will also look at bringing your device and getting a new SIM card on their network. If you’re not sure about the network coverage, our read will provide insights on the areas that receive the best signals, and we will conclude with a process on how to switch to Verizon and get a new SIM card.

    How to apply for a active new sim card Verizon?

    Getting the new SIM card on Verizon involves several procedures. Here will highlight all the steps to follow.

    Step 1: Choose a cell phone plan

    Verizon offers many cellphone plans which you can purchase on their website. Low-budget plans start at $25/mo, and other plans increase to $75/mo. Choose one that works for you and which you can be able to pay in the long run.

    Also, having a cell phone plan is essential for you to receive a SIM card. The SIM card will only be activated if you have an active cell phone plan.

    Step 2: bring your device/buy a new phone

    You can opt for Verizon bring your phone, or get a new device from Verizon Wireless online or retail store and try to Verizon activate new phone. Opting for BYOP is subjected to phone compatibility checks on Verizon website. If the phone is not compatible, you are recommended to get a new phone from Amazon or their online store.

    Step 3: collect the SIM card

    Once the process is complete with taking phone compatibility and getting a cell phone plan, you may collect the SIM card, but any store or they may ship it to your home. It is recommended to collect it since it takes a short time compared to shipping.

    Step 4: activation

    The last stage involves the activation of the SIM card. All you need to do is place the SIM card on the device. The next step is to power up the phone. Who will then go to your Verizon Wireless account and activate the cell phone plan with Verizon sim card activation number, after which the sim card will be activated simultaneously.

    Can I bring my phone and get a new SIM card on Verizon?

    Users who bring their phones may get a new SIM card on Verizon. The process requires you to follow a similar procedure to apply for a new SIM card. However, their most significant focus will be on checking phone compatibility.

    If your device is compatible with the network, you can get a new SIM card. Checking phone compatibility will require using your IMEI number, which will be used to check whether the device is compatible or not. This process takes a few minutes.

    To get your IMEI number, dial *#06#, and you will see it through a screen prompt. You may also check it out on your phone packaging.

    Does Verizon offer nationwide coverage?

    Verizon offers nationwide coverage, making it easier for users to acquire a new SIM card and activate it. It covers 99% of the US landmarks, which is entirely sustainable for millions of people. As of now, Verizon offers its services to more than 100 million people around the US.

    However, you can never be sure about the network coverage, especially for sparsely populated rural areas. Therefore, it is recommended to check on their coverage map and zoom into your location to see continuous natural coverage. If not, consider getting a Verizon cell phone signal booster or another service provider that offers network coverage.

    What is the best Verizon phone plan for a new SIM Card?

    Verizon Wireless has mini cell phone plans ranging from low budget to flagship plans. Here we will discuss the best budget plan and a high tier plan which you can consider.

    i) 5 GB plan

    The first plan is the 5 GB plan that offers 5 GB of data, and it costs $25/mo. The plan entails 5G network coverage which makes the internet speeds more reliable. You also get loyalty discounts whereby a $5/mo discount applies for three months of service. The plan also offers an autopay discount after one month of using their service. You also get a Mobile Hotspot equivalent to the data allocated.

    The plan also entails unlimited talk and text around the US. Unlimited texting applies to 200 selected countries too.

    ii) $60/mo plan

    This plan comes with unlimited everything. It is a prepaid plan giving users the flexibility to switch service providers effortlessly. The plan includes 5G nationwide coverage, and this comes with fast Internet speed connections. You also get an unlimited 5G ultra-wideband mobile hotspot that allows you to share the Internet across several devices at fast speeds.

    Are you looking to move into Mexico and Canada for a trip? This plan offers to talk, text, and data to and from Mexico and Canada. You also get an autopay discount of $5 per month after the first month for this plan. The Internet speeds allow you to stream videos in HD quality, and you also get unlimited music streaming.

    How to switch to Verizon and get a new Sim Card?

    Switching to Verizon and getting a new SIM card involves a well-structured procedure found on their website. Before you switch to Verizon and get a new SIM card, there are some things to consider like:

    • You should not be in any debt with your previous service provider. The service provided me refused to allow you to put your phone number if there is any debt. Verizon, on their end, may require you to providemonthly billing statements toshow that you are not indebted to your previous service provider.
    • The phone number should not be used in any fraudulent activities. This may subject you to legal scrutiny, and you may end up on the wrong side of the law.
    • You should not have deactivated your service with your previous service provider. Deactivating your service implies that your account was deleted, and there’s no way to recover the phone number.

    If you meet the requirements mentioned above, the next step will be to contact Verizon Wireless, and they will begin the porting process. This process takes a maximum of one business day or five business days if there seems to be an issue.

    Can I get a free Sim Card on Verizon?

    Verizon EBB program is considered a great option if you wish to get a free SIM card. This program is like the free government cell phone service in which users who qualify get a free phone and free cell phone plan.

    Applying for the Verizon EB program requires you to meet some eligibility requirements, which range from qualifying through income, participation in federal assistance programs like Medicaid if you have received a federal grant within the past one year, and other few. You will be required to have certifications or documentation to prove eligibility. Once you see that you qualify, the next step will be to start the application process.

    The application is made via the EBB website, and if approved, you will receive a Verizon Wireless voucher which can be redeemed for a new SIM card and cell phone plan on the network as well as get to know Verizon prepaid sim card activation. You may also get a Verizon free phone upgrade under this program.

    How to activate Verizon sim card iPhone

    If you have an iPhone on a Verizon plan, there are a few things you need to do before you activate your new phone.Your iPhone will show a message that it needs to be updated to use your current phone number.When your iPhone shows this message, you will have 2 ways:

    1. Update and Forget This iPhone: This will delete all your data like contacts, SMS, and photos. After updating your iPhone, it will show as an unactivated phone. You can then activate it and start using it right away.
    2.  Turn off this iPhone and Ignore This iPhone. This will keep your data on your iPhone and show as unactivated. You can then activate it and start using it right away.

    Bottom line

    Activating a new SIM card on Verizonseemed takes a short time since everything is done online. If you have a cell phone plan and a Verizon Wireless compatible phone, you can activate the sim card by logging into your Verizon Wireless account. Remember, for the SIM card to be active, you should have an active cell phone plan. The Verizon Wireless cell phone deals and plans offer complete cell phone plans with varying prices.