Misfortunes happen, and one of the worst occurs when you lose your phone under unclear circumstances. It can be because of your pain in addition to a lack of peace of mind. However, if you are a Boost Mobile customer and realize that you’ve lost your phone, this guide will take you through the boost mobile replacement phone. If your phone gets lost, the first thing you should do is trace back your movement before you start the replacement.

    Moreover, if you find your phone, you need to change your details, including the PIN, and if you don’t get it and plan to get a replacement, you should order a new SIM card from Boost. Boost will forward you a blank SIM card within 2 to 5 days, and the lost SIM card can get deactivated so a third party does not misuse it.

    Boost Mobile is among the prepaid wireless carriers serving a large pool of customers in the US. Besides, Boost packs deals including Boost Mobile iPhone deals and a variety of phones, some operating on their network while others are customized to function on their CDMA network. Luckily, all phones are contract-free; thus, when you’ve wanted to replace your Boost cell phone with another model, the process is straightforward.

    Process To Report A Lost Or Stolen Phone To Get Boost Mobile Replacement Phone

    You should inform Boost Customer support at 1-833-502-6678 Free immediately after you realize your phone got stolen or lost. Boost promises to protect your active account balance when you call in and get you back to operation again.

    After you report to Boost Customer Care about your phone being lost or stolen, you are issued 60 days to replace your phone. If you fail, your account will automatically cancel, and you will lose any balance you had left in your account. You need to:

    • Visit the My Boost website and sign in to your account.
    • Find the “I want to” and click on the “Get Device Support” icon.
    • Ensure you read the on-screen instructions very carefully, and then, if you agree with what is on the page, tap on “Suspend my Account.”
    • If you decide to continue with your current phone number, you will have 60 days after reporting your phone as lost or stolen to receive a new phone and reactivate it.

    On the other hand, if you have insurance that covers a lost or stolen phone, you will have to file a claim or visit a Boost customer support center near you. Besides, even though you possess insurance, you will require paying a deductible ranging from $20 to $175 based on your phone’s model.

    Additionally, if you have already received a new Boost Mobile replacement phone and need to acquire a SIM card, contact Boost customer support at 1-833-502-6678 for assistance, or you can also walk to a local Boost store in your area. You can also read on free cell phone service for life unlimited everything in this link.

    Safety Tips On Lost Mobile Device

    • Report the loss occurrence of your cell phone carrier immediately: The wireless carrier will suspend or disconnect service to your missing phone to avoid unauthorized cellular usage.
    • Remotely lock and wipe your phone: Nowadays, most smartphones have a built-in “kill switch” that lets you deactivate your device and block thieves from resetting it remotely.
    • Change your passwords: Cell phone companies usually avail cloud services, enabling your phone to access your data in the cloud. To block the thief from doing so, you’ll require changing your cloud password immediately.

    Things To Do If You Forget Boost PIN

    There are various ways to retrieve your account PIN, and the fastest and easiest method is to launch the My Boost App from your handset. However, if you don’t own the My Boost App on your device, you can easily download it from Google Play or App Store.

    • Open the My Boost app on your cell phone.
    • If you get automatically logged in, you will require to log out to access the Forgot PIN link.
    • Once logged out, you will go back to the log-in page. Click the Forgot PIN link.
    • Input your Boost Phone Number.
    • You will get a text message with your PIN on your handset.

    Alternatively, you can also get your account PIN sent to your Boost Mobile phone using a text message on the automated phone system.

    • Dial 611 from your Boost Mobile phone.
    • Confirm that you’re calling concerning your Boost phone number, and you’ll then hear the automated system’s Main Menu.
    • Select “To locate a store, or Anything Else, press 5” from the Main Menu.
    • At the following menu, select” Forgot your PIN and require to have it sent to you, press 5″.
    • The automated phone system will forward your PIN to your device through a text message.
    • You will hear a confirmation message that says, “You will get a free text message shortly with the account PIN that we have on file for you.”
    • Lastly, hang up.

    Activation Of Your Boost Mobile Online

    Immediately select a suitable cell phone plan including Boost mobile hotspot plans, and others that match your needs, and order Boost’s SIM card kit. You can walk into the nearest store or order online. With the package at hand, the following are the simple steps to have the Boost Mobile activation process.

    • Launch the Boost’s activation page.
    • Go to the section for new customers who want to use their device with Boost’s SIM card.
    • Select whether you want to port your current number or have a new one.
    • If you are porting your existing number, wait for the prompt to put in your phone number and ZIP code.
    • Wait for the next page, where you will input the MEID, ESN, or IMEI.
    • Afterward, key in the SIM card number from your Boost SIM kit.

    Furthermore, if you are bringing your current phone number to Boost Mobile, you will be giving some details from your current carrier, which include:

    • Your account PIN
    • Need your first and last names
    • Your address
    • The last four digits of the SSN

    If you require a new phone number, you can skip the previous step, create your new Boost Mobile account, and accept their terms and conditions. You can also select your plan together with other add-ons you wish to purchase. If you got a promo code, you could feed it on the site. See more on Boost Mobile plans with free phones from this site.

    However, you need to review your selection for accuracy before submitting it and wait for a few minutes as Boost creates your new account. You can utilize the activation request number to monitor the status if you don’t want to wait. Besides, Boost Mobile has an offline SIM activation for those who don’t access the online process. You can dial 611 and follow the voice prompts or talk with a representative.

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile allows you to replace your lost phone; thus, the thought of losing your cell phone shouldn’t make you panic anymore. You can inform the customer care team immediately and initiate a replacement process. This process takes a few days, and you can immediately get a new boost mobile replacement phone after the verification process.