Assurance wireless is a leading free government phone provider in the US. The company is known to offer free government phones in plans to qualifying customers. Currently, hundreds of thousands of customers use their network at no extra cost end it has a well-digitalized platform to ensure that you get reliable services if you wish to become a customer or if you are an existing customer. The Assurance wireless hotspot plan is one of their greatest products to the customers since it has quite a several benefits aside from just the hotspot plan.

    We all know that let’s put is vital especially if you want to distribute the Internet across several devices from your phone. In some scenarios, assurance wireless may even give an unlimited hotspot plan, but this may vary with time. Getting a free hotspot plan is not easy. In some cases, you may be required to fill a complex application form or visit several offices to be approved and get the hotspot plan.

    In some cases, these hotspot plans contain very small amounts of data units hence it’s hard to share the Internet with your friends and family. Luckily some service providers are changing this narrative by offering reliable mobile hotspot plans that can last you a whole month without purchasing extra data.

    One of the service providers is assurance wireless. If you acquire an assurance wireless compatible phone, you are assured of getting a fast and reliable hotspot plan from them. This article will cover who qualifies for an assurance wireless hotspot plan. Will also look at whether you can bring your device to assurance wireless.

    Another thing that we will cover is the benefits of assurance wireless hotspot plan end give an in-depth review of what the assurance wireless hotspot plan entails. We will also look at the network coverage of assurance wireless to see if you can get the service within your area. Let’s get started.

    Qualification for Assurance Wireless Hotspot Plan

    Qualification for Assurance wireless hotspot plan is based on two conditions:

    A) Participation in Federal Assistance Program

    Federal assistance programs are aimed to help people of low income with benefits. Some of these programs include Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Veterans Pension in Survivors Benefit.

    If you have participated in such programs, will be required to have a certificate to show that you qualify.

    B) Qualification Through Income

    Your income should be below 135% of the federal poverty level. The figures may vary with each state but ensure to consult with your previous service provider to see If your income may qualify you for such benefits.

    You may also be required to provide you pay sleep if you are on an income or provide a tax document to show that you have no income at all. This is considered as one of the easiest options to use when applying for the Assurance Wireless free government phone.

    Benefits of Assurance Wireless Hotspot Plan

    Here are some benefits of the Assurance Wireless hotspot plan:

    • The hotspot plan uses 4G network which is considered fast and secure
    • Assurance wireless has dedicated customer service to help with any service related to the hotspot plan
    • It can work with any devices
    • Add on best on the assurance wireless hotspot plan is very affordable
    • Assurance wireless offers community forum in which you can make inquiries and get response faster.

    Assurance Wireless Hotspot Plan Details

    The best Assurance wireless hotspot plan comes with 10GB of hotspot data. The hotspot data will use a 4G network, which is fast, reliable, and secure. Once the data is depleted, the Internet speeds will be slowed down to use a 3G network. This may be slow, but it is effective.

    You can also purchase additional hotspot data if you want high-speed data. The hotspot data may cost around $5 for 5GB of data.

    Other Plans Of Assurance Wireless

    Assurance wireless also offers several phone plans That come with the mobile hotspot plans. Here is the plan available to all qualifying customers:

    • Unlimited talk and text
    • The amount of data may vary with the state you’re in. However, the minimum better allocation may be around 3GB. In some States, you may get up to unlimited data.
    • Voicemail is also available

    To get started with the plans feel free to register on their website and you will be given all the insights needed to get started.

    Assurance Wireless Network Coverage

    Assurance wireless covers more than 40 states around the US. Another benefit of their coverage is that they use the T-Mobile network to offer network services. This ensures that you get nationwide coverage and benefits in Mexico and Canada. The 40 states are where they have their office is located and you can visit them for any inquiries.

    Bottom Line

    At this point, you have all the insights needed to get started with the assurance wireless phone plans. This article has covered a lot relating to the assurance wireless hotspot plans. To get started with the process feel free to visit Assurance Wireless and you will be guided on how to bring your own device to the network.