The Bring your own Device program has become quite common among millions of Americans. It is considered the best option to save money since you can bring your device to another network instead of purchasing a new one.

    Despite the process known to be quite procedural, it is very easy with service providers like US Cellular. US cellular is a leading MVNO in the US that allows customers to bring their phones to the network.

    The US cellular bring your own phone program works with many devices that are compatible with its standard network. If your phone meets the eligibility terms, the process to switch is very simple and takes less than one business day if there are no technical issues.

    Bring your own programs are known to have many cool perks. US Cellular is known to offer some cool perks when you switch to their network. They have perks like cell phone plan discounts, discounts on accessories, and customer care priority to get you fully onboard.

    Such perks ensure you get comfortable switching to US Cellular and helps you save money on the monthly plans. The best cell phone deals with no contact are a great deal since it allows you to switch service providers without paying any termination fees, something rare to find in post-paid cell phone plans.

    With BYOP, you can also bring more than one device to your homestead and get to save money by opting for a family plan by Consumer Cellular. The family plans have discounts based on the number of sim card your purchase.

    This article will cover a procedural guideline to bring your phone to US cellular. We will also look at some compatible devices and how you can check if your phone is compatible or not. Do you wish to port your number to US Cellular? This article will also give a complete guideline on how to do so. Let’s get started!

    US Cellular bring your own phone: Complete guide

    Here is a complete guideline on how you can bring your phone to US cellular:

    Step 1: Check Phone compatibility

    Early in the article, we talked about how you can check for phone compatibility. Use the IMEI number to see if your phone is compatible. If the device is compatible, you will be redirected to create an account with US cellular.

    Step 2: Create a US Cellular Account

    This next step involves creating an account with US cellular. The account will require information like your name, email, address, and any other relevant information. This process takes around 5 minutes to complete. You Will also need to authenticate your email, so is the confirmation you are human.

    Step 3: Buy a Simcard toolkit

    The next step is being a SIM card toolkit. Once you have your US cellular account, the next step would be to purchase a sim card toolkit. Once purchased, the sim card will be sent to your mail, or you can collect it at the nearest store.

    Step 4: Choose a Cell phone plan

    You will then be required to choose a cell phone plan. The Consumer cellular brings your own phone plans that we mentioned earlier can be a great option. You can also get discounts based on the number of sim cards purchased.

    Step 5: Activate the device

    The last option is to activate your device, which can be done via the US Cellular website. Simply follow the on-screen instruction to activate the sim card, and you will be good to go.

    US Cellular compatible phones 2022

    There are several devices that are compatible with US Cellular. Luckily, since US Cellular uses GSM network technology. GSM is widely used by many phone manufacturers since it is a standard global sim network that is used by a big percentage of service providers.

    As we mentioned earlier, US Cellular uses GSM network technology. They lease network services from Verizon wireless. Verizon is one of the largest standard service providers in the US and they cover up to 99% of the US landmass.

    So, if you had a phone that was using services from Verizon or its subsidiary then it is likely to be compatible with US Cellular. However, if your phone used CDMA network technology, then it may not work with the network.

    Some of the US Cellular compatible phones may come from the following brands:

    Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, OnePlus, ZTE, and selected others. You can find a comprehensive list of compatible phones by visiting their website.

    US Cellular phone compatibility check

    You can use an IMEI checker to see if your device is compatible. This process will require you to have your email number. They may number can be obtained by looking at you’re packaging that the phone came in. You may also dial *#06# and you will get the IMEI number. Once you have the IMEI number head over to the US cellular website and key in the number.

     From there you will get a notification whether the device is compatible or not. If the device is compatible, it will be directed to the next step in which you can fully integrate the phone with US cellular.

    If your phone is not compatible, US cellular sells some amazing low-budget flagship smartphones on their website. You can purchase one of the phones since they are compatible with US cellular.

    Can I port my number to US Cellular

    Aside from bringing your own phone to US cellular, you can also put your number on the network. many people consider putting their phone number if they have been using the number for years or if it is a business number which if they change it will make them lose their customers. Here are some things to consider before putting your number:

    • The number should not have been involved in any fraudulent activities
    • You should not be in debt from your previous service provider. Clear all pending bills on cell phone plans or mobile devices for you to be allowed to switch then phone numbers.
    • The number should be US-based
    • You should not have deactivated your service with your past service provider because if you have the number might have already been deleted from the network.

    If your phone number meets the requirements mentioned above, the first thing to do is contact US cellular and inform them you plan to put your phone number. US cellular will then contact your old service provider to see if the number is portable. If the number is portable US cellular then started the voting process and it may take up to one business day to complete.

    The best US cellular bring your own phone plans

    When switching to a new network, there are some new cell phone deals for customers which you may bump into. US cellular offers some of these deals on cell phone plans and we will take a close look at them.

    a) Everyday plan

    This is the basic plan offered when you bring your device to US cellular. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. It also has one red box movie nights ticket. The plan includes 15GB hotspot access and has 25 GB priority data.

    The priority data is high-speed Internet that are which when depleted your speeds are slowed down. This plan allows roaming in Mexico in Canada. You also get HD streaming uptight Internet speeds. The everyday plan goes for $40/mo for up to 4 lines.

    b) Even better plan

    This plan is seen to offer better deals compared to the everyday plan. It costs $45/line per month. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. It also includes two Redbox movie nights and other premium Robocall solution which ensures you have seamless phone calls.

    The plan has 30GB hotspot access and you get 50 GP priority data. If you are in Mexico and Canada, get two times the roaming speed when compared to the everyday plan. Full HD streaming is also available.

    These are the best US cellular cell phone plans for Those on the bring your own device program. Remember, the more SIM card you purchase the better than price. US Cellular does not offer free cell phone plans.

    However, you may get free cell phone plans from selected free government phone providers within your state. In some situations, you may win promotions and get a free monthly plan, but it will be for a limited time. Feel free to subscribe to the US Cellular newsletter to stay updated in case there are any promotions or discounts.

    Bottom line

    The US Cellular bring your own phone program gives millions of Americans a chance to experience the perks that come under US cellular. This article has given a complete guideline on how you can bring your device. We have outlined some procedural steps to ensure the process is fast and precise.

    We also touched on how you can port your old phone number from your previous service provider. US Cellular is known to offer some of the most affordable plans when ranked among other MVNOs. What we like about them is the network they used which is reliable and nationwide. To get started, visit their website today!