Sprint was an American telecommunications company before it merged with T-Mobile US in 2020. It was the fourth-largest carrier in the United States during its operation time, whereby it was serving 54.3 million customers according to 2019 statistics. Since its networks are not yet completely off, it still offers messaging, wireless voice, and broadband services through various subsidiaries under the Boost Mobile and Open Mobile brands. Later on, I will show you the Sprint new customer deals you can benefit from when you join the network.

    Deals for new customers are meant to entice new users into the network. There is a lot of competition in today’s business world, and companies have to develop ways to lure more people on their side. That is what Sprint has offered to anyone who joins for the first time. Sprint deals for new customers include discounted phones and cheap plans.

    You might be wondering how Sprint is offering services, and yet it merged with T-Mobile. Despite the merging, Sprint still offers services independently to its customers. T-Mobile indicated that it would take approximately three years to entirely integrate Sprint’s services into the system. Therefore, it is business as usual for Sprint. Sprint customers will continue using a separate Sprint network while existing T-Mobile subscribers will continue with T-Mobile.

    Get Started With Sprint

    You can sign up online for a Sprint network account on the account sign-up page. You can register as a device used instead of registering as an account owner. When registering as a device user, you will need to have your device receive a text message. The following is the process for creating a new Sprint account. Have a look.

    • Go to sprint.com.
    • Click Sign in.
    • Next, click Create my profile.
    • Enter your mobile phone number.
    • After that, Verify your identity by completing any of the following three options:
      • Account Owners, Enter Sprint PIN – Enter your billing ZIP code and PIN to create your profile.
      • Account Owners, Answer a security question OR send me a retrieval code.
      • Device users, Someone else pays the bill, so no need to see the billing info.
    • Once Sprint verifies your device, you will be able to see your device information, plan information, minutes consumed, and data usage.
    • Next, think of a username, password, and then enter your email address. Lastly, select Finish.

    Once you have finished the process, Sprint will use your email address to notify you of any changes made to your profile or retrieve your password if you forget it.  You can then click “Sign in to My Sprint” and directly access your profile or retrieve the email sent to you to sign in. You can then see your custom offers and choose that which pleases you.

    sprint new customer deals

    Procedure To Activate Your Sprint Device

    Once you have created your Sprint account, the next thing is activating your device. Sprint allows you to come with your own phone or buy one from their stores.

    • Go to Sprint activate.
    • Select the “Get Started button.”
    • Sign in using your username and password.
    • Follow the instructions on your screen.

    When you click on “Get Started,” you will need to enter your device IMEI number to proceed. You can get your IMEI number in the following manner.

    • Select “Menu” from the home screen
    • Hit on “Settings”
    • Select “About Phone”
    • Hit on “Status”
    • Scroll down to IMEI

    You can also dial *#06# and get the number quickly. Another way you can access your IMEI number is by removing your battery from your phone and locating your IMEI number from the sticker on your battery. However, for the non-removable battery phones, you will need to use the steps above.

    You can also use the above process to switch your device to a new one. New and advanced phones are some Sprint deals for existing customers that you can get after becoming a Sprint customer.

    When performing the service, you must make sure that your battery has a full charge. It would help if you also kept the phone box near you so that in case you need any information, you can retrieve it from there. When making changes to your account, make sure that you are the one doing it and not someone else on your behalf. Someone can request permission from you to make changes to your account.

    When activating the service, you need a SIM card from Sprint. You can purchase a Sprint SIM card online from Sprint’s store or call Telesales at 1-866-275-1411. Your phone will also update the relevant Sprint settings, including data connectivity. Therefore, you do not need to do anything to have Sprint’s services in place.

    Best Sprint New Customer Deals In 2023

    You can benefit from various deals as a new Sprint customer. They include the following:

    1) Discounted Phones

    You can buy any of the following phones and get significant discounts to help you save big when joining Sprint.

    i) Apple iPhone 11 Pro

    The phone goes for $1,000. However, when you buy from Sprint, you pay $0. You will be able to save a whole $1,000. It requires a trade-in.

    ii) Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max         

    The retail price for the phone is $1,100. You pay $100 and save a whole $1,100. The phone also requires a trade-in.

    iii) Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G   

    Since the device’s device’s retail price is $700, and you pay $0, you save $700. Therefore, the device will be yours free of charge. It does not require a trade-in.

    iv) Motorola Razr 5G          

    This is a fantastic deal whereby you can buy the phone at $700, and you will be able to save $700 since the retail price is $1,400. The device requires a trade-in.

    v) Samsung Galaxy A71 5G          

    When you get the device at $300, you will save $300 since the device’s retail price is $600. There is no trade-in required.

    vi) LG Velvet 5G      

    Sprint has another deal from Sprint that allows you to get LG Velvet 5G for only $294. In the process, you save $294 since the buying price of the device is $588. The phone does not require any trade-in.

    vii) Samsung Galaxy A51 5G         

    Sprint gives you the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G phone for only $252. You will be able to save $252 since the device’s retail price is $504.

    2) Sprint Free Phones

    Also, Sprint has other phones that you can get for free so long as you open a new unlimited line and stay committed for at least 24 months. The phones include the following.

    • REVVL 4+ ($192)
    • Samsung Galaxy A11 ($180)
    • LG K51™ ($186)
    • Motorola Moto e ($150)
    • LG Aristo® 5 ($150)
    • REVVL 4 ($120)

    3) Buy one get one free deal

    There is also another exciting deal whereby Sprint allows you to buy one to get one free. You just need to buy one phone at the total price, and then you receive another phone without paying anything. You can enjoy the “buy one get one free” when buying any of the following phones.

    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
    • Samsung Z Flip 5G
    • Samsung Z Fold2 5G

    There are also trade-in deals whereby you can send your old device to T-Mobile and get a new one. Trade-ins are the most common T- Mobile deals for sprint customers. The device you are trading in should be functioning correctly. If you are wondering what a trade-in is, you need to understand that buying a new item at a reduced price when you present an old one to the seller.

    Wrap Up

    Sprint was an American telecommunications company before it merged with T-Mobile US in 2020. However, it has not entirely merged as T-Mobile says it will take about three years to complete the process. Sprint is still offering services to its customers, and you can still benefit from various offers from the company. You can come with your device or buy a new one from Sprint.