The Comcast Internet Deals for Existing Customers In 2022

Comcast is the biggest cable provider in the United States of America. This telecommunication company started in 2001, and up to date offers service in 40 states. Besides, Comcast offers cable and fiber internet access, and you can also find amazing Comcast Internet Deals for Existing Customers. However, Comcast offers service in 10,485 zip codes nationwide and provides internet, Cable TV, and phone service to new and ongoing customers.

Moreover, Xfinity provides services with Digital Voice Phone, High-Speed Internet, and Digital cable service to millions of customers in the United States of America. Plus, users choose Xfinity since it offers quality service at a very affordable price. Occasionally, Xfinity offers attractive and unique Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers every month or annually. The Xfinity promotions and discounts include special bundles, introductory prices, and free installation.

Most importantly, there are lots of bundling deals for new and existing customers. If you are a new customer on the lookout for cable TV or home phone service in addition to the internet, you can take benefit of several bundling options. If you are a current customer, you can call Comcast customer service and inquire about available deals. New customers are also eligible for internet deals, and they can reach out on 800-934-6489 for more information.

How Do You Lower Your Comcast Bill?

Generally, Comcast’s pricing is low compared to other internet service providers. However, you have to be vigilant about the fees to receive the low pricing.

i) Purchase your own router

Comcast is one of the rare companies that enable you to buy your own router. On the downside, there is a cost of own maintenance if something goes wrong with your connection. The good side is that you get the freedom not to pay a monthly fee, but by paying a $14 per month fee, you can get the advantage of servicing should a problem occur with the device or your connection.

ii) Avoid add-on services

If you find services that are inclusive to your internet services, such as security systems including ADT, Google Nest, or SimpliSafe, you may not require the additional Comcast Home Security service. It’s advisable to avoid more add-on to your plan and save your money instead.

Overview of Comcast Internet Deals

comcast internet deals for existing customers

If you are after the best cell phones deals that offer you a little bit of everything, Comcast is one of the suitable choices. Comcast has a combination of internet speeds, streaming app access, and cable television that is so uncommon, not forgetting about the home phone and home security services. Comcast offers its customers the following;

i. Mobile Services

This is an important feature that many people do not know about. You can include this service in your internet plan for only $40 per month.

ii. Multiple Services

In most cases, many internet providers you with two or three internet speeds to choose from. However, Comcast has six levels of speed.

iii. Free Cable TV

You can get free subscriptions included with your internet service like the Peacock TV. Comcast’s fast internet plans are ideal for streaming TV, almost eliminating the need to have standard cable TV.

iv) Home Security

There are rare scenarios where internet companies offer video monitoring of your home. If any, you may get a type of firewall on your computer system from hackers, but Comcast takes your safety a bit higher with 24/7 video recording.

v) Multiple-Line Discounts

If you subscribe to multiple services with Comcast, such as TV, home phone, or home security, you will get a discount on your internet service. The more lines you add, the greater the discount of up to $60 for all four product lines.

What is the Best Comcast Internet Deals for Existing Customers?

1) Comcast Internet Packages Deal

Comcast offers various internet packages for avid gamers, live streams fans, or users who want essential internet. The prices of the packages differ depending on where you live. However, Comcast’s website identifies the customer’s location and provides deals and packages based on the customer’s area.

Fortunately, there are numerous packages for different customers, depending on their different needs. For instance, there are special packages, in which up to 12 or more people can have access to the internet with more devices connected to the internet, with high-speed internet. Comcast has provided many affordable home internet plans for existing customers all over the country. However, the high-speed internet of Comcast is also known as Xfinity high-speed internet.

Additionally, the speed and plans of the internet differ from place to place. Some of the deals, such as 300 Mbps for $59.99 and 60 Mbps for $39.99. In select states or places, customers can get great deals on gigabit internet.

 Below Are Some of Comcast’s Available Internet Deals;

Plan Download Speed Upload Speed Introductory price
Performance Starter Up to 15 Mbps Up to 2 Mbps $29.99 per month
Performance Plus 75 Mbps 5 Mbps $29.99
Performance Pro 175 Mbps 5 Mbps $34.99
Blast! Pro 275 Mbps 10 Mbps $49.99

2) Comcast Cable Packages

Comcast is one of the largest cable service providers in the US. Besides, it provides services the same as internet services and gives you a package that includes digital music, movie channels, local channels, and many more. Comcast TV services also offer DVR equipment options and enable access to Xfinity on Demand with most packages of Xfinity TV

Comcast phone services can get combined with TV plans and internet services. Thus, getting the three services together enable you to acquire all the services with a single provider. On the other hand, some customers can’t afford to purchase incredible plans.

 For this reason, Comcast phone services also offer customers to enjoy the services at an affordable cost. Ultimately, you will be paying a single bill instead of multiple bills for different services.

The Deals on Comcast Cable Includes;

Package Channel No Popular Channels Introductory Price
Digital Economy 100+ channels CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and more $39.99 per month
Digital Starter (with contract) 140+ channels ESPN, TBS, HGTV, TNT and USA $49.99 per month
Digital Starter (with contract) 140+ channels ESPN, TBS, TNT, HGTV, and USA $59.99 per month
Digital Preferred (with contract) 220+ channels Disney XD, MLB Network, NFL Network, Starz Encore, and TCM $59.99 per month
Digital Preferred (with contract) 220+ channels NFL Network, MLB Network, Disney XD, Starz Encore, and TCM $69.99 per month
Digital Premier (with contract) 260+ channels SHOWTIME, Cinemax, HBO, and STARZ $104.99 per month
Digital Premier (with contract) 260+ channels Cinemax, SHOWTIME, HBO, and STARZ $114.99 per month

3) Comcast Bundle Internet Deals for Existing Customers

Comcast has several ways of bundling their plans with home phone, cable TV, and two levels of home security. However, the plans differ significantly based on your location. Notably, the best bundle deals are available in X1 Premier Pro+ packages if you’re a pro-HBO Max or Netflix watcher. Find also the best cell phone deals no contract, and compare from different service providers.

Moreover, if you have budget constraints, the X1 Saver Pro+ and Start Pro+ plans to deliver quality speed for at least five people, in addition to a wide variety of channels that can accommodate any viewer for less than $100 per month. If you’re looking to indulge in an ultra-fast internet plan in combination with channel-loaded TV service, some top-notch Xfinity bundles come with  SHOWTIME, HBO Max, or Netflix cost-free.

If you’re searching for a triple play deal comprising a home phone or home security service, you might pay about $20 more than the prices listed below. Most importantly, Comcast’s home security bundles are only available with plans that have up to 600-plus Mbps.

The Following Represents Comcast’s Bundle Deals;

Plan Deal Monthly Price
Choice TV Select Double Play Up to 100-400 Mbps. 10+ channels. Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available) $44.99
X1 Saver Pro+ Double Play Up to 200 Mbps. 140-200+ channels. Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available) $79.99
X1 Starter Pro+ Double Play Up to 400-600 Mbps. 140-200+ channels. Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available) $90-$94.99
X1 Preferred Pro+ Double Play Up to 600-1200 Mbps. 220+ channels. SHOWTIME or Netflix available for free. Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available) $104.99
X1 Premier Pro+ Up to 1,200 Mbps. 220+ channels. SHOWTIME and Hitz included for free. Netflix or HBO Max subscription included for free. Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available) $129.99

Bottom line

The convenient way to get an attractive deal from Comcast is to bundle all three services: Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice. This option will offer multiple discounts and give you the best monthly prices. No matter what you choose, you will get branded service at affordable prices in the deals offered by Comcast.

Whether you are a new customer or among the existing millions of loyal customers that have made Comcast the largest cable provider in the US, there is a wide selection of deals available to you. However, the deals include one, two, or three services provided by this carrier.