What is The Best Consumer Cellular Plans for Seniors

The Consumer cellular is one of the largest service providers in the US that is designated to offer its services to seniors. Since its existence, millions of seniors have benefited from their affordable cell phone plans, reliable network coverage where a standard service provider, and many other features. Consumer cellular prided itself in creating well-articulated cell phone plans that are affordable and may work with either a smartphone or a keypad device.

With consumer cellular, you can also purchase mobile phones by their website and the phones are quite affordable and of high quality. At this point, you may be wondering what the best consumer cellular plans for seniors are if you range within that category and we will give you all the insights you need. Since consumer cellular was founded back in 1995 we have seen a tremendous change when it comes to the many features it offers. As of 2021 they now offer 5G network coverage for a standard service provider at no extra cost and this is regarded as a big achievement for them.

They also offer a wide range of compatible phones plus support users to bring their own devices if they are compatible with the network. This has made them gunner new customers and creates better products for them. despite them not having stores all around the country their online store is very reliable and has awful fast shipping for any phone or accessories you want to purchase under consumer cellular for deals for existing find customers.

From this article, we learn about the best cellular plans for seniors and how you can bring your own device if you think it’s compatible with the network. We Will also look at which network does consumer cellular use, and this will help to see if it covers your area. From there will also look at how to choose the best plan for seniors and any other relevant information.

Which network does Consumer cellular use?

Consumer cellular relies on AT&T to offer network coverage to their customers. AT&T is one of the largest service providers in the US and covers almost 99% of the US landmass.

With AT&T it will be rare to experience dropped calls or slow Internet. However, during network congestion, your Internet speeds may be slowed down because network priority is given to AT&T users who have a postpaid plan. luckily this does not happen rarely if you live in a place with a sparse population and even if it happened it will only take a short time then things will be back to normal.

Does consumer cellular offer free phones and plans?

Consumer Cellular does not offer free cell phones and plans like the free government cell phone providers. However, you may get a free keypad phone under certain conditions like if you purchase a certain offer or complete a certain task.

Luckily, their cell phones start from as low as $30 which makes it easier for people of low income or no income to get the device. Their plans are affordable too depending on the type of option you choose. Later in the article, we will look at some of the best consumer cellular plans for seniors.

If you wish to get a free phone, consider going to a free cell phone service provider and they will help you with the process of getting one. All you will need is proof of income or proof that you have participated in Federal assistance programs

How to bring your own device to consumer cellular

If you do not wish to buy a new phone, Consumer Cellular allows new customers to bring their own devices if it is compatible with the network. Here is a simple process to bring your own phone to consider Cellular:

Step 1: Check if the phone is unlocked

The phone needs to be unlocked for it to work with another4 service providers. Ensure to have the device unlocked if it is locked by contacting your service provider and see the unlocking terms. You may also get unlocking codes online if you don’t wish to go through a lengthy process.

Step 2: Check if the device is compatible

You may check if it is consumer cellular compatible by using an IMEI checker either via AT&T’s or Consumer Cellular’s website. The process will require you to dial *#06# to get the number. Key it in on the IMEI checker box and in a few seconds, you will get information as to whether the phone is compatible or not

Step 3: Purchase a sim card toolkit

This is required to use the network services on Consumer cellular. Once purchased, it can be mailed to your location, or you can collect it at the nearest consumer cellular physical store.

Step 4:  Buy a cell phone plan

Later in the article, we will do a dive into the best cell phone plans available. Before phone activation, you will be required to have a cell phone plan to use the network and get access to the internet and talk time.

Step 5: Activation

Next, you will need to activate the device and get started with the cell phone plans. The good thing is activation is free. All you need is to insert the sim card on the phone and log in to your account to activate the phone.

How to choose the best consumer cellular plan for seniors?

consumer cellular plans for seniors

There are a few things to consider before choosing a consumer cellular plan for seniors and they include the following:

a) Budget

The consumer cellular cell phone plan should be within your budget. You should buy a cell phone plan based on your income and think about the long-term sustenance of paying for the cell phone plan. Luckily the consumer cellular plans listed below are prepaid hence you can cancel anytime if it interrupts your budget.

b) Internet usage

If you are a heavy Internet user, then consider a plan with a high amount of data allotted to it. This is to avoid any extra code on the Internet which may be high in the long run when compared to simply getting a onetime plan

c) Talk and text

Get a plan with a significant amount of talk and text units. This will ensure you don’t run out of talk time or texts when using the services in the long run.

Which areas does consumer cellular cover?

Consumer cellular covers 99% of the US and it relies on AT&T as you mentioned earlier. However, in some rural areas, you may experience downtime and slow Internet speed scenes network towers are not strategically positioned in such places.

This is where you may consider getting a consumer cellular cell phone signal booster to help improve the network in your home. you can also contact consumer cellular to report network outages and they will get you on the best option to do to get better network coverage.

What is the best consumer cellular plans for seniors?

Here are the best consumer cellular plans for seniors:

1) Talk Only

These are plans that offer talk time only. They are perfect for users who rarely send texts and use phone calls as their main way of communication. The plans include:

  • $15/mo per line- This plan gives users 250 minutes of talk time
  • $17.50/mo per line- You get unlimited monthly minutes

This plan only applies to Calls within the US.

2) Unlimited talk and text

The plans have unlimited talk and text but vary in the amount of data offered:

  • $20/mo per line- You get unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB shared data across 2 lines
  • $22.50/mo per line- It offers unlimited talk and text plus 3 GB shared data
  • $27.50/mo per line- It comes with 10 GB of shared data and includes unlimited talk and text
  • $32.50/mo per line- The plan comes with 15 GB of shared data and unlimited talk and text.
  • $37.50/mo per line- It comes with unlimited everything which is shared across the 2 lines. You may however experience slow internet speeds during network congestion

These are the best senior plans on offer from Consumer cellular. If you are registered with the AARP, you stand to receive a 5% discount on the cell phone plans and other accessories at Consumer cellular online store.

Bottom line

This article has covered some of the best consumer cellular cell phone plans which you can buy. Ensure that the plan you want to purchase is within your budget and will be able to sustain paying for it in the long run.

If you already have a smartphone that you wish to keep consumer cellular supports bring your own device program and all you need to do is check if it’s compatible. If you don’t have a compatible phone, you can purchase an Android or iPhone from consumer Cellular’s website.