What Network Does Mint Mobile Use

MVNOs have become quite popular as they as seen to be the best alternatives to the standard service provider in terms of pricing for cell phone plans. Mint Mobile is one of these outstanding service providers and it recently became a talking spot after Ryan Reynolds, the famous actor became a co-owner. The service provider is known to offer affordable plans without any contracts something most people like nowadays. However, despite MVNOs being popular, they do not use their own network technology but rather lease network services from standard service providers like T-Mobile. Does this bring us to the big Q on what network does Mint Mobile uses?

There are several network technologies when it comes to cellular networks. The most common ones are CDMA and GSM network technology. CDMA has become redundant, and it has been phased out in the US by all standard service providers. GSM on the other hand is popular among many people and even phone manufacturers design devices to accommodate GSM. This has made it stand out as a reliable network technology that has also given birth to 5G. Luckily, Mint Mobile uses GSM under a standard service provider, and this has made it easier for millions of customers to join the network and bring their own devices.

This article aims to give more insights into the network technology that Mint Mobile uses. We will also touch on some of the best deals on Mint Mobile based on cell phone plans and cellular devices. Do you wish to bring your own phone to Mint Mobile? A clear guideline on how to do so will be provided later too. Let’s roll!

Which network does Mint Mobile use?

Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile to offer network coverage. This makes them stand out amongst other MVNOs who lease networks from service providers who cannot meet what T-Mobile has to offer.

T-Mobile is ranked first among the standard service providers in the US. The service provider has been in existence for more than 2 decades and they strive to offer reliable network coverage. The network coverage offered by Mint under T-Mobile covers up to 99% of the US landmass.

However, there may be one minor issue. During network congestion, network priority goes to T-Mobile post-paid customer users hence you may experience dropped calls or slow internet connection.

If you wish to join T-Mobile, there are a few steps to take to ensure that Mint covers your area.

  • Check the Map on Mint mobile to see if your location is present
  • Zoom in to your location to see if the zip code of your area is available
  • If it is available, then your area is fully covered. If not, the best option is to consider a new service provider

Issues like terrain, weather, and building architecture may influence coverage within your house. If you experience poor cellular coverage within your house but the place is covered, consider getting a cell phone signal booster as it may help improve cellular coverage.

Which phones are compatible with Mint Mobile?

What Network Does Mint Mobile Use

For a phone to be compatible with Mint Mobile, it must work with GSM network technologies. The only way to know this is by using a phone compatibility checker. This checker uses the IMEI number to see if the device is compatible or not.

If you wish to bring your phone to Mint Mobile, here are some conditions that you should evaluate:

  • The device should be unlocked- It should not be tied to any other service provider.  You may request your service provider to unlock the device for you
  • The phone should never have been reported stolen or lost
  • It should be compatible with the network technology being used.

To check on phone compatibility, you will use an IMEI checker by clicking here. If the phone is compatible, you will then move to the next step of purchasing a cell phone plan.

There are some phones in the market that may be automatically compatible, and they come from brands like Samsung, Nokia, Moto, One plus, Apple, Xiaomi, and other few. The phones can be purchased on Mint Mobile’s online store where you may get discounts and other benefits like fast shipping.

What are the best phone plans on Mint Mobile?

If you find that the network technology that mint uses works for you, here are some Mobile plans and their perks that you may use when joining the network.

i. 4GB/MO plan

This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of data. The service is perfect for people who are not heavy on data usage and use it for browsing social media, sending emails, and streaming music. The plan can work between 4G/5G depending on which one is strongest now. It costs $15/mo.

ii. 10 GB/mo plan

If you love streaming videos or use the internet in a slightly heavy manner, then this is the plan for you. It comes with unlimited talk, text, and 10 GB of data. It costs $20/mo inclusive of taxes and fees.

iii. 15 GB/Mo plan

This is a perfect plan for people who love using the internet for hours daily. You can stream videos at standard quality, browse social media, video calls, and much more. The plan offers nationwide coverage and can accommodate between 4G/5G network coverage. It costs $25/mo.

iv.  35 GB/mo

With this plan, you get 35 GB per month which is enough for video streaming, streaming music, online gaming, and much more internet-based perks. The service also offers unlimited talk and text. It costs $30/mo and there are no contracts.

The pricing for all these plans varies with time and other factors under the company. So, ensure to subscribe to their newsletter or visit their website frequently to stay updated on the pricing. There is also pricing for up to 6 months which may come with a bigger discount.

How to bring your own phone to Mint Mobile?

Now that we have covered the type of network used, how to check compatibility, and the plans available, the next thing would be to bring your own phone if you are impressed with the network services offered by Mint. Here are simple steps to take to BYOP:

Step 1: Check phone compatibility

Earlier on we mentioned how you can check phone compatibility. Use the process to see if the device is compatible. The process can take a few minutes and if the phone is compatible, you will be required to create a Mint Mobile account

Step 2: Choose a cell phone plan

Once you have the Mint Mobile account, the next step is to buy a cell phone plan. This article has listed some of the best cell phone plans which you can consider. The plans start from around $15/mo to $30/mo.

Step 3: Buy a sim card toolkit

After getting a cell phone plan, you will need a sim card toolkit to use the cellular services offered by Mint. This can be purchased at a physical store near you or ordered it online and it will be shipped to your mail within a few business days.

Step 4: Activation

The next step will be to activate the sim card. You can activate the device by going to your online account and clicking the activation to start the process. There may be an activation fee on Mint especially for users who bring their own devices.  From there, you are ready to use your device.

Does Mint Mobile have reliable customer service?

Mint Mobile has one of the best customer care services. They also use several mediums of communication which makes it easier to interact with the customer services. The customer care agents have good communication skills and respond within a short time to any queries. You may reach them via mail, social media, chatbots on the websites, or visiting a physical store if you need an issue resolved quickly or have been requested to visit a store.

Mint Mobile also has a vibrant online community. You can sign up for their community forum and people will help you with any issues you have. The response time on the community page is also short. Also, if you are an active participant in helping people, you may get a reward or discounts on cell phone plans and devices.

Bottom line

Mint Mobile has one of the best Cellular coverages in the US. The service provider boasts of offering 99% network coverage with reduced dropped calls and a faster internet connection. The service provider has a wide range of phone compatibilit5y and sells phones on its platform at an affordable plan. Mint Mobile cell phone plans have perks like loyalty discounts and much more. Using Mint Mobile can help you save money in the long term.