AT&T is among the largest cellular service providers in the US with more than 77 million postpaid and 18 million prepaid customers. This is according to 2019 statistics. While the company offers numerous plans to customers of all ages, I will specifically look at the AT&T wireless plans for seniors. Seniors refer to elderly people of 55 years and above. Different countries may have different ages for their seniors.

    We all know that most seniors are helpless, and there is a need to take good care of them. They need to keep in touch with the other family members wherever they are in case they need help. Even their phones are simple and easy to use with the plans. Such phones should make it easy to access contacts as well as the messaging app.

    You will realize that most plans for seniors do not include large amounts of data since most of these people do not require internet connections for anything. All they need is voice call minutes and text messages. Again, the plans are cheap compared to the regular plans. AT&T understands that these people do not have much energy to work, and thus they have to charge low prices for them.

    The Best AT&T wireless plans for seniors

    There are various plans that seniors can get at AT&T. They include the following.

    i) AT&T UNLIMITED 55+: Two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 month/line.

    This is a special deal for Floridians 55 and over. If you live in Florida, you buy the plan in a store with autopay or paperless bill pay.

    ii) AT&T UNLIMITED 55+: One line for $60 or two lines for $80

    The plan comes with various benefits, which include;

    • Unlimited talking, text & data in the U.S, Mexico & Canada.
    • Standard Mobile Security: spam and fraud call blocking.
    • Free texting to more than 120 countries
    • 5G access

    Data speeds may temporarily slow when the systems are busy. You need a 5G-enabled device, a Mobile Security App, and Call Protect, which you can download on the relevant sites. Again, the plan is for people who are 55 years and above. You must also possess a Florida billing address.

    To get the plan, you must visit the nearest AT&T store to prove your age and address since this plan is not available online. You must also have one or two accounts on your AT&T account. Unfortunately, the plan does not come with hotspot data.

    iii) QUALIFIED FLORIDA AARP MEMBERS: Switch and get $100 in credits per line

    When you buy a new phone on an eligible installment plan with a qualifying AT&T wireless plan, you can get the plan. The plan gives you;

    • Up to $45 savings when you activate and upgrade fees.
    • 15% off eligible accessories.

    iv) Talk Minutes – AT&T Plans for seniors

    This is a two years contract AT&T senior plan that is available for 65-year-old people and older people.

    • The plan offers 200 anytime talking minutes for only $29.9 per month.
    • There are no long-distance fees, and you get free visual voicemail.

    v) AT&T Senior Nation 200 Messages Plan

    The plan gives you unlimited text messages for $20 per month. You can also pay 20 cents per standard message or 30 cents per multimedia message. Furthermore, you can get an international texting plan to more than 200 nations of the world for $10 per month.

    vi) AT&T Senior Nation 200 Data Plan

    The AT&T senior nation 200 data plan starts with as little as $25 for 2 GB every month, whereby the data overage charges amount to $10 per GB.

    If you are a heavy internet consumer, you may consider going for the 4.5 GB plan, which goes for only $45 per month. The AT&T Wireless plan for seniors requires you to pay a $36 one-time activation fee.

    Some lucrative AT&T cell phone plans

    at&t wireless plans for seniors

    AT&T is a big company and doesn’t serve the seniors only. There are other cell phone plans that other users can purchase to call, send messages, and browse the internet. The plans give you unlimited calls, messages, and data. They include the following.

    1) AT&T Unlimited Plans for 1 Line

    The unlimited plans include the following.

    a) Unlimited Starter for only $75 per month

    You can do video streams at 480p. Moreover, you can access 5G in covered areas when you use a 5G capable device.

    b) Unlimited Extra: For only $85 per month

    The plan gives you 15GB of Mobile Hotspot data with high connection speeds. You can also stream videos online with 480p quality. Furthermore, you can use the data with a 5G enabled device within the 5G covered areas.

    c) Unlimited elite: For $95 per month.

    The plan gives you 30GB of Mobile Hotspot data with high-speed connectivity. You can also stream videos at HD quality as well as access to 5G services in covered areas. To use 5G services, you need a 5G capable device. You will also have subscribed to HBO Max.

    d) AT&T Prepaid Plans

    They include the following.

    1. Unlimited Talk and Text: For $30 per month. The plan costs $25 when the auto-pay discount is applied.
    2. Unlimited Talk, text, and 1GB of data for $35 per month. The plan also costs $30 when the auto-pay discount is applied.
    3. Unlimited Talk, Text, plus 8GB of high-speed data for only $50 per month. You can also pay $40 when the auto-pay discount is applied.
    4. Unlimited Talk, text, and data high-speed data for $65 per month or $50 when you use the auto-pay discount.
    5. Unlimited Talk, text, and data for $85 per month. You can pay $70 when the auto-pay discount is applied.

    2) AT&T Pay as You Go Plans

    The pay-as-go plans include the following.

    i. Pay as You Go Daily plan

    You can get unlimited minutes and texts at $2 per day. If you do not use your phone on a particular day, you will not charge. The data charge is 1 cent per 5 kb. You can get 100MB that you can use the whole day for $1.

    ii. Pay as You Go Per-minute plan

    The plan rates are $0.25 per minute. You also pay $0.20 per text message. The data rate is 1 cent per 5KB.

    AT&T phones for seniors – Great Overall

    The plans go well with phones that suit seniors. There are various AT&T prepaid phones that are good for seniors. They include the following.


    The device is one of the simplest phones which you can have at AT&T.  It has the following features.

    1. 2.2-inch display screens.
    2. Text messages to speech capability.
    3. Basic built-in camera.
    4. Bluetooth capable.
    5. External display to view notifications
    6. Enhanced Senior audio mode.

    2. ZTE Z222 flip phone

    The phone has the following features.

    1. Bluetooth enabled.
    2. 2.2-inch display screen.
    3. Basic built-in camera.
    4. Supports Standard SIM Card slot
    5. External display to view notifications

    3. APPLE iPhone XS

    The phone is another excellent device that seniors can use for their day-to-day communication needs. It has the following amazing features.

    1. 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED display
    2. Water and dust resistant
    3. Dual-camera system
    4. 7MP TrueDepth front camera

    4) Apple iPhone XR

    The device is one of the best AT&T phone deals for existing customers. It is an amazing phone since it has a large display that makes it easy for seniors to see the displayed items. The retail price is $499.99, but you can purchase it in installments by paying $13.89/month. The features of the phone are as follows.

    1. 64/128GB internal storage.
    2. 6.1-inch Liquid Retina Display
    3. Splash, water, and dust-resistant
    4. 12MP rear camera, 7MP front
    5. 7MP TrueDepth front camera system

    5) LG G8 ThinQ

    The phone is elegant and has a large screen that makes it easy to see things on display. It has the following key features.

    1. Touchless commands
    2. Crisp, detailed, vivid photos
    3. Security is in your hands
    4. The speaker is the screen

    How do I get the AT&T phones

    You can buy any of the devices online and get them within one day. You can also get an expert to set up your device. When you buy online, you can get any phone at a collection store. If the device does not, please you, you can return it for free.

    Is AT&T offering the Emergency Broadband Benefit

    AT&T is one of the companies offering the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB). The AT&T Emergency Broadband Benefit program is a government initiative to help people who have Covid’19 financial challenges to get cheap communication plans?

    When on the plan, your calling rate can go as low as $50 per month or up to $75 per month off your bill if you live on qualifying Tribal lands. You have to be approved by the federal government’s National Verifier to get the benefit.

    AT&T allows you to choose between home internet service and Prepaid phone service.

    Bottom line

    AT&T is among the largest communication companies in the US. There are various cell phone plans for seniors to help them in their daily communication needs. Nowadays, AT&T is on a 5G network and covers most parts of the country.

    You should use AT&T network services with compatible devices. Apart from the senior cell phone plans, AT&T has devices for seniors. The company is also participating in the Emergency Broadband Benefit.