Over the recent years, customer cell phone deals have become very common to millions of Americans. The customer’s cell phone deals allow people to get discounts on phone accessories, cell phone plans, and many more. Finding the right cell phone deal can be a time-consuming task if you don’t know the right service provider to go to.

    There are mainly two types of deals; new customer cell phone deals end existing customer cell phone deals. The new customer cell phone deals are pretty standard and come in a wide variety to accommodate a new customer joining the network or a new customer switching from another network.

    You may be wondering, who has the best cell phone deals with no contract in the US now? Many service providers in the US offer different types of deals based on either the season, type of new customer, or many other viable options.

    Currently, most service providers have deals to accommodate new customers only and very few deals to offer to exist customers, which makes it a good time for new customers to jump into cell phone deals.

    Before considering any cell phone deal, you must ensure that the service provider has stable network coverage in your area, as that is a determinant factor for joining the network. This article talks stalk about the best cell phone deals from different service providers across the US. We will also cover how to choose the best deal, how to bring your phone to a new network when you switch and wants to know about customer cell phone deals, and much more. Let’s roll!

    What to know about customer cell phone deals

    Before you opt for any cell phone deals, here are some things to consider.

    a) Network coverage

    The service provider needs to offer nationwide coverage. This will ensure that you get reliable network signals and a full or near-full network status bar wherever you go. This will ensure that you get the full benefits of the best cell phone deals you opt for. It will also prevent issues like dropped calls or slow internet.

    b) Customer service

    The customer service should be reliable and have various channels of communication. The response time should be fast or range between hours and one business day at the maximum. Most service providers have an online chat, voice chat, or through their several social channels.

    c) Discounts

    It would help if you considered a service provider with the best discounts when compared to the rest. The service provider discount should also be valid for a while if it is for cell phone plans. A company that rewards loyalty points for the services you opt for is also an excellent place to consider.

    d) Shops near you

    The service provider should have shops near you. These shops are great avenues to purchase cell phone deals without worrying about shipping costs or delays related to shipping since you are getting the goods on the same day of purchase.

    e) Community support

    Community support is essential since it will give you a glimpse of how the service provider is based on the customer reviews. Also, the community chat would be a great platform to connect with existing customers and learn ways to fully benefit from the consumer deals and how to raise awareness on any issues to the service provider quickly.

    Can I bring my phone to the service provider for a cell phone deal?

    Yes! You can get new deals from selected service providers whether you bring your phone or not. Some service providers have a simple step in bringing your device and getting deals on cell phone plants and accessories related to the devices you bring to their network. Here are some steps to take when bringing your phone to get a new cell phone deal.

    Step 1: Check phone compatibility

    Most service providers use an IMEI checker to see if your phone is compatible with their network. The IMEI is a unique phone identifier that provides info about the network type, the model of the phone, and other phone-related information. On any service provider’s website, they have an IMEI check which will require you to key in your IMEI number, after which you will get information on whether the device is compatible or not.

    If the device is compatible, it will be taken to a page to create an account with the service provider. If the device is not compatible, here is where you’ll get their new customer cell phone deals in which you can purchase a new phone that is compatible with the network

    Step 2: Choose a cell phone plan

    Later in the article, we will talk about some of the best cell phone plans offered by various service providers. There you can choose an affordable or convenient plan that works for you and your family. If you are looking for an affordable plan, consider opting for a mobile virtual network operator like MetroPCS.

    Step 3: Buy a SIM card toolkit

    After choosing a cell phone plan, the step will be buying a SIM card toolkit. The toolkit can be purchased from the service provider’s website, or you can consider visiting a retail store to get it. Buying it online may take time since it involves a shipping process that can take between 2-5 business days.

    Step 4: Activation

    Once you have received the SIM card, feel free to activate it by logging into your service provider account. The activation process can take a few minutes, after which you’ll be ready to use the phone.

    Step 5: Cell phone deal

    After you have joined the network, you may now select some deals which you may opt for.

    The 9 best new customer cell phone deals

    1) T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is one of the largest service providers in the US based on its network coverage, number of customers, and many other perks. It has several deals that include:

    • iPhone 12 on us- New customers can get the iPhone 12 for free if they opt for the Magenta Max Plan and trade in an eligible device.
    • Zero cost to switch-If you switch from another network, T-Mobile has zero switching fees if you buy a selected plan. If the phone is locked, T-Mobile will give a $650 virtual prepaid card to pay off any debts.
    • The third line for free– This offer is valid for a limited time if you join the network with two lines via monthly billing credits.
    • $1000 off Samsung Galaxy ZFOLD3 5G- This offer gives you a free 5G tablet which will be locked to the T-Mobile network. The deal is valid if you bring an eligible device and activate a line on an eligible plan.
    • 50% off OnePlus 9 5G This deal is valid when you add a line on T-Mobile and is offered through 24 monthly bill credits.
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4– Get one free When you activate a qualifying line and preorder this device, T-Mobile will offer another one for free through 24 monthly bill credits.

    2) AT&T

    AT&T deals include a discount on cell phones and other accessories. Here are some excellent deals on the network:

    • 20% off speck cases- You can get a 20% discount on phone cases.
    • $25/mo off unlimited plus- This one offers a $25/mo discount on an unlimited plus plan that offers Unlimited data, 5G access, and a 10 GB Hotspot.
    • $330 off Apple watch- When you buy two Apple Watches, you will get this discount. The offer is valid at the online store only.
    • $700 off iPhone 12 Pro Max- This option gives you a discount on this top-tier device. It only applies to people who do eligible trade-ins and pay 11.11/mo on several monthly Billing credits.
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G– You can get the Z Flip3 for free if you trade in an eligible device. You may also get it if you purchase an eligible smartphone on a qualifying installment.

    3) Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless is one of the largest service providers that come with several phone deals and other perks. Here are some of the deals

    • Get up to $800 on 5G phones- You can get up to $800 to help cover switching costs from another service provider. This will apply if you do a trade-in and buy selected unlimited plans.
    • Get up to $1000 off the new Samsung Galaxy Z series– If you preorder this device, you can get up to $1000 off. It will also apply if you select unlimited Plans.
    • Samsung S20 FE 5G UW– If you switch and add a new line, you may get this phone for free with no trade-in requirements.
    • $700 off selected Samsung 5G smartphones- This applies when you switch and trade in an eligible device. You also will also be required to be on an unlimited plan.

    These are the deals available on Verizon. You can visit Verizon deals to learn more.

    4) Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile is an MVNO that has several deals in place for their new customers. The Boost Mobile deals are all on cell phone phones sold at their online store. Here is what you get:

    • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G– This deal gives a $300 discount on this phone
    • iPhone 8 renewed– This deal offers $100 off on the phone
    • Samsung Galaxy A12– The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a stunning low-budget phone, and you get up to $80 off the device
    • Apple SE– iPhone SE comes with up to $150 off
    • Motorola G Stylus– This stunning phone offers up to $30 off. 

    5) Cricket wireless

    Cricket wireless has three types of deals on offer: Android, iPhone, and 5G deals. They do not have any deals for new customers based on cell phone plans, but you may expect them at different seasons.

    Samsung Galaxy A02s- This phone goes for $0 only if you bring your number and activate a $50/mo plan. Other phones that call to this category include Cricket Ovation 2, Cricket Influence, Cricket Icon 2, and Motorola Moto G Power.

    6) Visible Mobile

    Visible Mobile is an MVNO that offers network coverage through Verizon. They have a variety of deals, including:

    • Calm- Visible Mobile offers a year-long subscription to Calm for free
    • Google Pixel Buds- If you are looking to purchase ear Buds, then I would recommend buying a phone on Visible, and you will earn this earbud for free.
    • $200 Virtual Gift Card- With Visible Mobile, you can get a $200 virtual gift card which you can use to purchase a phone or other accessories.
    • Amazon Firestick- The Amazon Firestick goes for an affordable price on Visible Mobile’s website. Feel free to check them out!

    These are the current phone deals available at Visible Mobile. You can learn more about the deals and stay updated by visiting Visible deals.

    7) MetroPCS

    MetroPCS phone deals for new customers offer a chance to get several perks at an affordable price. Despite them not offering free phones when you switch, they offer some of the best perks you can enjoy.

    When you switch to Metro, you get to pay up to 50% less of the standard monthly plans from other networks. When you switch, MetroPCS may offer you a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. This applies when you trade in an eligible device. The phone will run on T-Mobile’s 5G network at no extra cost. 

    8) Mint Mobile

    Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator known for affordable cell phone plans and reliable customer services. They have several deals on offer which you can use like:

    Free 6 months of services– This applies when you buy a phone and an eligible plan on their network. You can choose to buy a mid-range phone or a high-budget smartphone, but you will still get six months off the pricing.

    This is the only deal available on the company’s website. You can stay updated with the deals by visiting the service provider’s website,

    9) Consumer Cellular

    Consumer cellular is one of the largest service providers for seniors. They are known to offer the best deals on phones and selected plans. Currently on offer is their AARP discount, in which if you are an AARP member, you can get a discount on cell phone plans and devices occasionally. You may also get other perks from AARP at an affordable price.

    Bottom line

    From cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything to free phones when you switch, the customer cell phone deals offer a convenient avenue to get the best perks when it comes to deals. The service providers mentioned in this article offer nationwide coverage, and you are assured of the deals being valid and accessible to new customers.

    If you have any queries about the deals, feel free to visit the service provider to get started with the services today. You may also check out their community page for support.