What Are the Best Sprint Deals for Existing Customers

Sprint is among the best network service providers for mobile phones. The company uses CDMA technology just like Verizon to power its network. Another phone technology is the GSM that companies such as AT&T and T Mobile use. Although Sprint merged with T-Mobile to become one company, Sprint’s former network still operates as a separate entity. That is why today, I want to take you through the Sprint deals for existing customers.

Companies usually come up with promotional features to keep their existing customers as well as attract more to their business. Sprint’s deals include low-priced phones compared to the market price for upgrades, cheap data, voice calls, and SMS packages. Even though most deals are for existing customers, you can find new offers for customers joining the service. We shall see them later on in this article.

Sprint started its operations on December 21, 1899, whereby it traded on the NYSE. However, in 1993, the company introduced cellular phone communication services. It started by acquiring Chicago-based Centel, which is now the 10th largest phone communication company in the US, with coverage in 22 states of the US. It is important to note that, in January 2022, the Sprint network will completely shut down to affect the recent merging with T-Mobile.

What services does the Sprint network offer?

Sprint offers various services for its customers. They include the following.

i) Calling services

Most mobile phone users purchase phones for calling purposes. Sprint’s calling services include;

  • Call forwarding
  • Sprint 411
  • Sprint Direct Connect Plus
  • Wi-fi Calling
  • VoLTE
  • Restrict Caller ID

Call forwarding helps you to divert incoming calls to a different number. You can activate unconditional call forwarding to forward all calls or conditional call forwarding and choose to forward your calls when you do not answer when your line is busy or unreachable. Sprint also allows you to activate Consecutive call forwarding for corporate-liable customers. The service allows you to forward calls through several numbers until it is answered.

Sprint 411 allows you to get directory services with automatic call completion. You can request phone numbers using the services at a fee charged per month. The Sprint Direct Connect Plus Support allows people in the same working environment to keep connected in real-time despite location. WiFi calling allows you to call and receive calls when connected to a WiFi network. The service is for Android and iOS devices.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) allows you to make quality phone calls using your Sprint line. You can purchase a package or pay to speak. The service allows you to make a call as you surf the internet without any interruption. Lastly, the call restriction ID services allow you to hide your identity when you call other people. They cannot see your number nor your name.

ii) Text messaging services

You can send and receive messages over your Sprint network. Sprint has two categories of massage services which include;

  • Premium Text Messaging
  • Visual Voicemail to text

Premium Text Messaging allows you to purchase additional messaging services such as a ringtone delivered to someone’s phone via a text message.  Visual voice call services allow your voice call messages to be transcribed into texts.

iii) Device protection services

Sprint Complete services allow you to stay protected with phone replacement, repair, and support. The service gives you peace of mind in case your phone develops some issues. The service also covers lost phones, online password management tools, automatic backups, and access to a live technician.

iv) Entertainment services

Everyone requires entertainment for their well-being. Sprint entertainment Services include TVision, TIDAL, and Sprint Music Plus. TVision is a TV streaming service similar to YouTube that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV programs. TIDAL allows you to stream music and podcasts as well as videos to your phone. Sprint Music Plus is Sprint’s music store that allows you to stream music on your phone.

v) Safety and security services

The safety services include;

  • Lookout
  • Safe & Found
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts

The Lookout service provides identity protection, mobile security, and theft prevention just in a single app. The service ensures that your phone data is secure all the time. The Safe & Found service allows you to get your child’s location, manage and control the apps your child is accessing. Lastly, the Wireless Emergency Alerts provides you with free safety and emergency messages to keep you updated.

vii) Voicemail services

Sprint’s Voicemail services include Voicemail and Visual Voicemail services. You can receive messages in the form of voices from people who contact you when you are offline. Voicemail services require passcodes to prevent unauthorized access.

sprint deals for existing customers

What are the best Sprint deals for existing customers?

If you have been using Sprint network services all long, then you need to notice that there are various deals that you can benefit from. You will notice that some of the deals are more affiliated to T-Mobile because Sprint merged with T-Mobile. Therefore, they are the current T-Mobile deals for Sprint customers. Some of the available deals include the following.

1) Apple iPhone 12 Mini T-Mobile

The phone is new and costs $729. It is unlocked to use with other networks such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You can get the phone for $250 Off. The phone runs on iOS 14 and has an internal storage memory of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

2) Apple iPhone 12 T-Mobile

The phone has 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. It runs on iOS 14 and has a dual back camera of 12MP. The front camera is also 12MP.  The phone costs $829, and you can save $250 in plan credits. Furthermore, it is a new phone that will not give you issues at all.

3) Apple iPhone 12 Pro T-Mobile

This is a great phone that runs on iOS 14. The back camera resolution is 12MP, while the front camera is still 12MP. It has 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. You can purchase the device at $999 and save $250 in plan credits. The phone is new and runs on the T-Mobile network.

4) Samsung Galaxy A10e Refurbished

The phone is refurbished but tested and proven to be working well. It has an internal storage memory of 32GB and runs on Android 9.0 (Pie). The phone’s cameras are 8MP for the back camera, and 5MP, for the front camera. It supports eSIM so that you do not require tangible SIM cards.  The phone now costs $81, down from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $179.

5) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Refurbished

The AT&T network powers the phone. It is refurbished and running pretty well. It has an internal storage memory of 32GB. The back camera has 12MP while the front has 5MP. It runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). The device costs $94, down from the MSRP of $780. You will therefore save significant amounts of money.

6) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Refurbished

The device goes for $190, down from the MSRP of $930. Despite being refurbished, it is an awesome phone that can assist you in your various operations. Its storage memory is 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. It runs on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). The back camera resolution is 12MP, while the front one is 8MP.

7) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Refurbished

Even though the device is refurbished, it can help you achieve your dreams in mobile technology. It is unlocked and can function with all compatible networks in the US. Its internal storage memory is 128GB and operates on Android 8.0 (Oreo). The back camera is 12MP, while the selfie is 8MP. You can get the device at $138, down from the MSRP of $839.

8) Apple iPhone SE Unlocked

The device is one of the best deals that give you the phone at $99 Down from the MSRP of $399. The phone is refurbished but working well. It has 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage memories. Furthermore, it is unlocked to work with all compatible networks. The phone enables you to get $300 off with a 15GB data plan.

9) Galaxy S20+ 5G deal

 You can lease the Galaxy S20+ 5G for 18 months at a discounted rate. The device leasing stands at $20 per month after a discount of $30. Therefore, the deal helps you to save big.

10) Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Deal

For eighteen months, Sprint allows you to lease the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with great discounts. Currently, you can lease the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for $25 per month after a discount of $33.34.

11) Galaxy S10+ Deal

If you lease the Galaxy S10+ for 18 months, you get significant discounts on the rates. You now pay $0 per month when you lease the device after a discount of $35.42, making it completely free.

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Cheap Sprint cell phone plans

Another great deal for existing customers is the Cheap Sprint cell phone plans you can purchase if you are already an existing Sprint user. Some of the Sprint cell phone plans include the following.

i) Unlimited basic

The plan can assist you in saving money when you do not need heavy features. You can get discounts depending on the number of lines. When you AutoPay, you get a $5% discount. The plan has;

  • Unlimited data, talk, and texting in the US
  • 5GB of data, text, and unlimited Talk within Canada and Mexico
  • Has Hulu subscription
  • It gives you a 10GB hotspot data
  • Allows global roaming for up to 200 world countries

ii) Unlimited Plus

The plan comes with many perks that help you save a lot of money that you could have wasted on other expensive plans. The discounts come according to the number of lines that you have. The plan has the following features.

  • 50GB of hotspot data
  • Unlimited data, talk, and texting
  • High-Definition video streaming.
  • Tidal subscription
  • 10GB of 4G plus unlimited talk and texting in Mexico and Canada

Each line costs $70 per month. If you get a second line, you get a discount of $10 for each line. You can get up to five lines.

iii) Unlimited premium

The plan gives you the following.

  • HD streaming up to 1080p
  • Unlimited Talk and text
  • 100GB of hotspot data
  • Unlimited data and text at high speeds
  • Amazon, tidal plus Hulu subscriptions

When you get one line, you part with $85 per month. If you get a second line, you pay $65 per line. Moreover, if you get more than three lines, you will only spend $45 per line every month.

iv) Unlimited 55+ plan

If you are a senior, then the Unlimited 55+ plan suits you. The plan allows you to pay $70 per month for two lines to get;

  • Unlimited data, talk, and texting
  • Tidal music streaming
  • SD streaming
  • Mobile hotspot

Sprint Mobile MVNO

You can opt for the Sprint Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that usually have cheap plans. Sprint MVNOs have various benefits, which include;

  • Cheaper rates of 50% or lower
  • 4G LTE networks just like the Sprint network itself
  • Customized plans to help you pay for only what you need.
  • The plans have no contracts, credit checks, or commitments.
  • Have 24/7 customer support.
  • They are easy to sign up for. You can order a brand-new SIM card online and swap them out.
  • Allows you to bring your own phone and preserve your phone number.

The following are some of the Sprints MVNOs that you can opt for the Sprint network.

1. Tello

Tello is highly flexible to help you build your own plans. Interestingly, the Tello plans include tethering as well as calls to China, Canada, and Mexico. You can have custom plans with up to 10GB of data ideal for any type of user.

2. Twigby

Twigby is pleasant for basic users who require zero to a small amount of data. These people include senior citizens who may not be interested at all in online activities. Again, Twigby allows custom plans for basic phones and smartphones. You can get 50% off the first two months.

Bottom line

Sprint is a United States communication company that offers services such as calling, texting, internet connection, device protection, safety, security services, voicemail services, and entertainment services. There are lots of deals for Sprint’s existing customers, which range from mobile devices and mobile phone plans. Sprint merged with T-Mobile and is expected to shut down its network completely in January 2020.