How Do I Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

Metro by T-Mobile, previously known as MetroPCS, is a prepaid wireless provider owned by T-Mobile as the primary carrier. If you want to move your service to a new phone and want answers on how do I switch my metro phone to another phone, this platform serves you right. However, you need to put a MetroPCS SIM card in the new phone and follow the MetroPCS activation process.

One of the significant advantages of this carrier is the T-Mobile merger. Metro customers get to experience the incredible 5G connectivity and access to the entire nationwide network. If you don’t live in areas that connect to 5G coverage, you are likely to get a 4G connection. Interestingly, the network spreads throughout the United States and into many areas of southern Canada.

Moreover, Metro by T-mobile has a diverse selection of flagship and midrange phones to choose from. You can get both iPhones and Android smartphones in their stores. Interestingly, if your cell phone gets lost, broken, or misplaced, you can request a metro pcs phone replacement. If you want to switch carriers, your phone would probably not operate with your new carrier as Metro’s phones come locked to their network.

Metro At a Glance

Metro by T-Mobile essentially operates on T-Mobile’s network. Metro customers enjoy coverage on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, and also they can benefit from free access to T-Mobile’s 5G coverage. Its covers 30.28% of the country, making the T-Mobile 5G network blows the competition over all the other giant carriers, AT&T and Verizon.

Additionally, Metro offers customers perks such as free Amazon Prime and supports numerous top mobile devices. When it comes to the plans, you go prepaid. This term means that you pay for the plans upfront at the beginning of the month with no credit check.

Why would I Switch Metro Phones?

how do i switch my metro phone to another phone

Switching the details assigned to a SIM card between devices is a service that enables customers to upgrade or replace a stolen or lost device. If you want to change your SIM card from one mobile device to another, you can do that freely and choose the best device that suits your needs.

Suppose you want to protect your account while switching. It would help to have a solid and complex PIN that is frequently changed. If you suspect that someone has made changes to your account, you should call the Metro support team immediately by dialing 611 from a Metro by T-Mobile phone or calling 1-888-8 (863-8768) from any device.

Metro Switch Phones Process

First, the start of the switching process requires you to have MetroPCS service on one phone that you move to another phone. Confirm that the cell phone is compatible with MetroPCS by checking online. Alternatively, you can purchase a phone from MetroPCS online or cheap Metro pcs phones at the Walmart store.

However, when you are changing phones, you need to have the sim card activated on the new device. If you transfer data from your old phone to the new device or need to back it up, you must follow each phone’s manufacturer’s instructions to transfer data or back it up to a cloud-based system or computer. You can contact Metro customer support or the phone manufacturers when you need help with this step.

Lastly, ensure your SIM card from the old phone is in the same format as the new phone. If your old SIM card has a format that doesn’t fit your new phone, you need to contact MetroPCS for a new SIM card. After the proper SIM card gets inserted into the new phone, you need to navigate to the MetroPCS activation site and go to “Change/Upgrade Phone.”

Metro Phone Activation

The activation process requires you to have your phone and SIM card before you begin the process. If you don’t possess a Metro SIM card, you can purchase one from this carrier.

If you’ve recently bought a SIM and do not have a Metro account, you need to activate your new account through the online activation tool. If you have an account with Metro, you can activate your new phone by dialing (1-888-863-8768) or visiting the nearest store.

Pre-Activation Requirements

i) Phone IMEI

You need to have your phone’s IMEI and SIM card numbers at hand to complete the activation.

ii) Plan Selection

The online activation tool provides several plans to choose from. You’ll be required to choose and pay for your first month during the activation process.

iii) Email Address

The online activation tool directs you to put a valid email address in the activation process. This email address must be special to the new account and cannot get shared with another Metro account.

Does Metro Allow Bring My Own Phone?

If you bring your cell phone from another carrier, you can have a new local number or keep your number from your current carrier. If you bring your number, ensure that you have your current carrier’s account number and pin.

On the other hand, you can put a MetroPCS SIM card if you have a phone compatible with MetroPCS and activate it online. Besides, ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible by confirming from your current carrier. You can also check compatibility by finding your IMEI number or serial number and inputting it into the Metro database.

The IMEI Number Can Get Traced In Three Ways:

  • Dialing *#06# on your cell phone.
  • If your cell phone has a removable battery, the number gets printed on the label under your battery.
  • Peruse through your phone’s settings about the phone menu.

Immediately you find your device’s IMEI number, key it into Metro by T-Mobile’s database, and you will know if your phone is compatible or if you need to buy a new one. Once your phone is unlocked and you’ve ascertained that it’s compatible, you need to purchase a Metro SIM card.

You can make the shift once you have your SIM card. You need to activate your Sim and choose the plan that’s right for you.

How Do I Upgrade My Metro Phones?

If you purchased a new device in-store or online and want to upscale to a device with more advanced features, you can have a metro pcs phone upgrade. You need to act fast within 180 days of your last new device purchase, and you need to pay for the upgrade at the total retail price. Follow these steps;

  • Open and log in to your account by putting your phone number as login ID and then the password.
  • Tap on “upgrade device.”
  • Then, select your favorite device, add it to your cart.
  • Next is to select a plan according to your needs. MetroPCS has a 2-year plan or no annual contract. After selecting, click “Add to cart.”
  • Before logging out, you will get requested to add a protection plan, add that, and tap “Continue to next step.”
  • Review any other thing you might like and click “Continue to next step.”
  • Review your order and choices you have made and click “Submit.”
  • Lastly, you have to sign out and select delivery options, then click “Submit.”

What Phones Does Metro Have?

Metro avails a wide range of cell phones that suits every customer’s needs. Some of the most popular brands and models the carrier provides include Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, and LG Stylo. This carrier also stocks phones from manufacturers such as Alcatel, Coolpad, ZTE, and Motorola.

Most importantly, when shopping for Metro phones, check on Metro pcs phone deals for existing customers to get your phone at a heavily discounted price. Nowadays, Metro consistently gives some of the most lucrative phone deals on the market, and they start with the brand’s prepaid service model. Additionally, it has various prepaid plans, from unlimited access to monthly data limits to family plans, plus flexible payment options.

How Do I Get A Good Cell Phone Deal With Metro?

Metro usually has limited-time deals such as getting free phones if you enroll for a new plan or switch more than one phone line on a new plan. You need to ask for any rolling or hidden offers to avoid paying more for a sweet deal. Notably, the availability of some deals may change depending on the plan you select and are mostly get offered to new customers.

However, you can only catch up with some of the best Metro phone deals in person by going to a store. You can compare deals on plans and phone models online, as this step will save you a lot of time and hassle. As a result, you will know the model you are interested in when you’re ready for your purchase.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in interchanging your Metro cell phones, you need to move your service from your previous cell phone to your new phone. Moreover, your new device needs to be unlocked and compatible with Metro.

Also, for the non- Metro customers who want to bring their device and activate a Metro service, this transition is highly welcome under the Bring Your Own Phone program.