MetroPCS, previously known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers prepaid cellphone service to its customers. However, the carrier operates using the T-Mobile network. If you want to transfer your service and MetroPCS number to a new phone, you need to know how to switch my metro phone to another phone. If you are dissatisfied with your existing phone, you can switch MetroPCS phone to another phone.

    Most importantly, you must insert a MetroPCS SIM card into the new cell phone and undergo the MetroPCS activation process. Besides, you can do the activation process online or in a MetroPCS store. Additionally, if you want to switch from one MetroPCS cell phone to another, the first step is to go to the MetroPCS online site and purchase a new phone to which you wish to switch MetroPCS services.

    Additionally, if it’s compatible and unlocked, you can switch to MetroPCS using a cell phone you previously used with another carrier. In this case, you need to check online or via phone to know whether your phone is compatible with MetroPCS. If you’re a new customer switching with your cell phone and SIM card, proceed to the MetroPCS website and tap on “Activate One Phone” or “Activate Multiple Phones,” depending on the number of phones you have.

    About Switch MetroPCS Phones

    If you already subscribed to MetroPCS service and want to switch it to another phone, ensure the other phone is compatible with MetroPCS. Alternatively, you can buy a new phone from MetroPCS or one of their stores. If you plan to transfer data from the old cell phone to the new one or want to back it up, you can follow the instructions from each phone manufacturer to transfer data or back it up to a cloud-based system or computer.

    Moreover, you can contact MetroPCS or the mobile phone manufacturers if you want help with this step. Afterward, you can move the SIM card from your old cell phone to a new phone. If your old SIM card format is incompatible with your new cell phone, you can contact MetroPCS and get a new SIM card. Immediately you have the proper SIM card loaded into the new phone, proceed to the MetroPCS activation site, and tap “Change/Upgrade Phone.”

    Notably, you need to have your account information ready and follow the instructions to activate the service on your new phone. After activating your new MetroPCS phone, you can switch your cell phone by transferring data and existing settings from your older cell phone to your new phone. Immediately after your data is successfully moved from the older phone to the new cell phone, you can now visit the MetroPCS online website and upgrade your newly acquired cell phone.

    Switch MetroPCS Phone Service To Another Phone – The Procedure

    You must have their SIM card when switch MetroPCS phone service to another phone. Besides, it depends on whether you are upgrading your device to a new MetroPCS cell phone or will you utilize another phone through the carrier Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option.

    However, the physical process of switching SIM cards from your current device to your new phone is the same in both cases. Besides, you need to follow the steps below to complete the process:

    • Switch off your phone.
    • Locate the SIM card slot and open it.

    With most new phones, the slot is embedded along the edge of your cell phone. Moreover, you will require a particular ‘SIM card slot’ tool or a paper clip to eject your SIM card. If you use an older cell phone, you may have to open its back cover and put out the battery to access the SIM card slot.

    • After successfully ejecting your Metro SIM card from your old phone, put it into your new phone inside the SIM card slot.
    • After inserting your SIM card, the next step is to turn the phone on and get started.

    Moreover, your new phone will be compatible with the MetroPCS SIM card if you buy it with the company. Besides, if you are switching phones from their BYOP, you must check compatibility before switching the SIM card into your BYOP device.

    Steps To Switch To MetroPCS And BYOP

    Switching to MetroPCS is easier if you want to keep your own phone. Follow the steps below to switch to MetroPCS and BYOP:

    1st Step – Ensure your cell phone is unlocked and compatible

    Contact your current carrier to ensure your cell phone is unlocked and ready to use. Then, verify that your cell phone is compatible using your phone’s IMEI. You can find your cell phone’s unique ID (IMEI) number by dialing *#06#, checking your phone’s settings, or on the label below your battery.

    2nd Step – Get a Metro SIM card

    After your phone is unlocked and verified compatible, you can buy a MetroPCS SIM card.

    3rd Step – Choose your perfect plan

    All-Metro plans feature unlimited talk and text, including unlimited high-speed data and access to T-Mobile’s 5G network at no extra cost.

    On the other hand, if you decide to keep your existing phone number, contact the Metro representative, and they will handle the number porting process for you. Meanwhile, do not cancel your existing cell phone service before signing up for Metro. You risk losing your cell phone number if you terminate your current service.

    Notably, porting your old cell phone number to Metro should take less than 10 minutes (although you may have to wait a bit longer to receive calls). After you port in your number to MetroPcs, your line with your previous provider will get canceled, and you’ll get a final bill from your old carrier that includes any remaining balance on both your phone and plan.

    Activation Of Your MetroPCS Phone

    1) Call or Walk Into A Store

    Suppose you are not comfortable with your MetroPCS activation process online or are experiencing trouble switching MetroPCS phones on your account. In that case, you can contact MetroPCS customer service at (888) 863-8768 by phone or walk into a MetroPCS store.

    Additionally, you need to have your new and old phones handy, your old phone number, carrier PIN (if you have one), and passcodes to log into every cell phone. Then, take a payment method if you want to pay for service on the MetroPCS plan.

    2) Online

    After upgrading your cellphone with MetroPCS, you must activate it before starting service. However, you can activate your phone by visiting any Metro local store through a representative to activate the cell phone. Another option is to contact MetroPCS customer care service at 1-888-863-8763 8 and help you activate your cell phone.

    You can activate it online through the below procedure:

    • Collect your details – After activating your cellphone, ensure you have all your details such as Account PIN, SIM card, address, and Name.
    • SIM card installation -Take your Metro PCS SIM card and insert it into the cellphone. Notably, you should have your cellphone’s IMEI and your SIM card serial number.
    • Choose a cell phone plan – Proceed to Metro’s official website online and tap ”activate”. Next, submit details including address, SIM serial number, name, phone IMEI, and security information. After choosing your preferred plan, you need to pay for the first month of the selected plan and start enjoying your service.

    Final Verdict

    MetroPCS is a company that offers wireless services using T-Mobile. However, customers can enjoy prepaid wireless services plus unlimited cell phone plans. MetroPCS also understands that upgrading old mobile phones to new devices is crucial to improving the quality of your cellular service. Therefore, you need to know how to switch my Metro phone to another phone to continue enjoying MetroPCS services.