QLink Wireless is a USA-based telecommunications company that provides free wireless services to Lifeline-eligible consumers in the USA. The company operates from Dania, Florida. But what kind of phones does QLink wireless have? We shall see which type of phones QLink has that eligible Lifeline beneficiaries can have. Knowing the kind of phones that work with QLink helps you see the type of phone you can go with to get the company’s services.

    QLink runs on Sprint’s network and offers its services as a virtual service provider under the T-Mobile contract. You can be sure that the network is highly reliable since the Sprint network is very strong. Furthermore, Sprint covers almost all US areas, and many people can benefit from the service. Other strong networks include T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. QLink also uses Sprint’s network depending on location.

    QLink uses CDMA network technology when on the Sprints network and thus GSM network standards do not apply. Therefore, you should have a phone that supports CDMA plus any other technology. QLink also supports LTE network technology. All carriers support LTE, and there is no worry when purchasing a phone to use with QLink. Furthermore, modern smartphones come with the ability to support all network types.

    About QLink Wireless

    As I have just mentioned above, QLink offers Lifeline services to needy Americans. Eligible consumers get free cell phones from the company with free minutes, data, and unlimited texting every month.

    Also, you can go with any of the best QLink-compatible phones when registering for the service. Once you exhaust your data and minutes, you can purchase more to continue enjoying the services. As a beneficiary, you only need to choose from the various plans that QLink offers.

    plans That QLink Wireless Offer

    QLink offers various plans to Lifeline consumers. The free plan for the Lifeline program has the following.

    • Free monthly voice call minutes.
    • Free unlimited text, picture, video, and international messaging
    • Up to 4.5 GB of free monthly data

    Interestingly, the plan has additional free features, which include;

    • Nationwide coverage.
    • Free Domestic Roaming
    • Call Waiting.
    • Caller ID.
    • Voicemail.
    • Call Forwarding with QLink services like Find Me and Follow Me.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
    • Three-Way Calling.
    • Free calling to 911.

    The free plan has no monthly bills, nor does it have any contracts. Moreover, there are no fees or credit checks to get any of the plans. Other plans which come with talk, text, and data bundle plans are as follows.

    • Unlimited minutes, text 500 MB data for  $15
    • Unlimited minutes, text 1 GB data for $25
    • Unlimited minutes, text 3 GB data for $40
    • Unlimited minutes, text 5 GB data for $50
    • Unlimited minutes, text Unlimited data for $60

    You can also buy talk plans which come at various prices. They include the following.

    • Unlimited minutes, text valid for one day costing $1
    • Unlimited minutes, text valid for 30 days for only $15

    Additionally, you can buy data bundles if you exhaust your current monthly allocation by choosing from the plans below.

    • 100 MB data at $3
    • 500 MB data at $10
    • 1 GB data at $15
    • 2GB data at $25
    • 4GB data at $45
    • 5GB data at $55

    QLink also has International talk plans, which include;

    • World Link 3 “rate/minute” for 30 days at $3
    • World Link 5 “rate/minute” for 30 days at $5
    • World Link 10 “rate/minute” for 30 days at$10
    • Global Connect Unlimited for 30 days at $5

    phones of QLink wireless

    There are various phones that you can get at QLink Wireless. When doing a QLink wireless phone upgrade, the phones, especially those with 5G connectivity, are the best. QLink phones include the following.

    1) QLink Android Smartphones

    • Samsung Galaxy A10S
    • ZTE ZMAX PRO Z981 4G LTE
    • BLU VIVO X6-6.1”
    • TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone
    • CUBOT X19 4GB RAM+64GB
    • BLU Studio View 2019-6.0”
    • Google Pixel 4a
    • Galaxy S7 Edge Special Edition
    • Moto G Power | 2021 | 3-Day battery
    • ZTE Blade A5 2020
    • Moto G5S Plus
    • Moto X Pure Edition
    • Nokia 2.4 | Android 10

    2) QLink iPhones

    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone X

    Qualification for the QLink Lifeline service

    You can check whether you qualify for the Lifeline program by applying today at the QLink Wireless website. If you are participating in government benefit programs such as SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, and more, then you are eligible to benefit from the service.

    Also, you may qualify if your household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. Furthermore, the program allows those who are currently unemployed to join. Remember that only one person per household should join the service. If any of your family members is a beneficiary, then you do not qualify.

    To sign up for the program, you can visit the signup page here. The process will take around 5 minutes, whereby you will get quick and straightforward approval, then activate.

    Does QLink Allow To bring Your own phone

    You can ignore the free government smartphone, bring your own phone to Q Link, and start enjoying the Lifeline program. Most smartphones are compatible with QLink, and thus there is no need to check whether they will work with QLink.

    However, you can explore the QLink Wireless BYOP on the website and see the various phones that QLink recommends.

    Process To move Your number to QLink

    If you already have a phone number and have qualified for the QLink Lifeline program, there is no need to get a new number since you can move your current number to QLink. The process is easy as you only have to follow the steps below.

    1. Make sure that your number stays active in the current service provider. It means that you should not contact your service provider to deactivate the line before you move it to QLink. Your number will become ineligible for the transfer.
    2. Ensure that you do not involve the current service provider in the transfer. Leave the process to QLink.
    3. Check if the number is eligible for transfer at the QLink website by visiting the “My QLink Account” and selecting “Bring Your Own Number,” then key in the phone number to transfer and wait for the response.
    4. Provide the account information to QLink, who will then contact your current service provider.  You will then wait for the SIM card to shift to QLink. Meanwhile, you will still be using the services of your current service provider until the transfer is complete.

    During the number transfer, you need information such as;

    • Your phone number to be transferred
    • Account Number from your current service provider
    • PIN Number from your current carrier
    • Account’s Owner Full Name
    • The billing address information from your current carrier

    For a successful transfer, you must pay all the existing debts to your current service provider. Failure to do that, the transfer will not succeed.

    Wrap Up

    QLink is an American mobile phone service provider that offers Lifeline beneficiaries free or cheap communication services such as data bundles, unlimited texts, and voice calls. The company is contracted by T-Mobile to offer communication services and runs on Sprint’s network.

    You can bring your own phone to QLink or receive a free government phone to connect to the service. QLink allows you to move your number from the current service provider to Q Link.