What Are The 9 Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract 2022

Generally, cell phone deals can comprise an instant discount on the upfront cost, which is a common trend in unlocked devices. Also, there is a bundle deal on a phone trade-in or a new plan purchase at a carrier. However, there are other existing options of best cell phone deals no contract though. If you want to trade in your old device for a new unlocked device, you can have a fantastic cell phone deal as well.

 Occasionally, you’ll grab a significant deal on a new smartphone, especially late into the one-year lapse for that brand. There has been a notable price drop mainly for the latest Samsung flagships, but the deals are less frequent and rarely correspond to the up-front discounts carriers give. Moreover, there are numerous great options for all kinds of devices available, and you should be on watch constantly.

In this article, there is a complication of the top picks cell phone deals for you. If you are hunting for devices a little more specific, there are the best cell phone deals for carriers, prepaid and unlocked phones.  However, discounts on unlocked smartphones tend to give only slight cuts to the retail price. Plus, there can be hidden savings from unlocked cell phone deals.

The following are some of the providers of the most appealing mobile phone deals.

  • Apple – Provides upfront discounts with trade-ins on unlocked phone deals.
  • Samsung –  Allows you to save up to $500 on ceratin phone deals with trade-ins.
  • Amazon – Features a vast selection of unlocked phone deals on diverse phone brands.
  • Best Buy – Stands as an excellent place to get unlocked phone deals
  • OnePlus – Packs a great Black Friday cell phone sale going on right now
  • Mint Mobile – This provider is one of our favorite prepaid carriers that offers excellent bundles
  • Visible – Stocks a great unlimited plan in addition to great phone deals if you switch
  • Boost Mobile – Provides upfront savings on various phone deals

Most importantly, you can find deals directly from the phone’s manufacturer, as they can provide trade-in discounts that retail stores generally can’t offer.

Mobile Deal Types And How They Work

best cell phone deals no contract

There exist three main categories of mobile phone deals and how they work:

i) New customer cell phone deals

In this case, 99.9% of the fantastic cell phone deals available are geared toward new customers. Most carriers look for a way to attract people to switch to their networks, so they have their best offers as a “switch cell phone carriers” deal.

However, existing customers still have a chance to save when they upgrade, although the discount won’t be high. AT&T, as Big Blue, currently offers the same deals to both new and existing customers.

ii) Buy one, get one (BOGO) deals

BOGO deals expect you to buy more than one phone to receive the discount. You usually need to purchase both phones on monthly payments, and you’ll often require to sign up for a specific kind of plan, mostly an unlimited plan.

 The second phone cost significantly reduces as you receive a certain amount back as a monthly bill credit. Besides, the best BOGO deals discount the second phone for free. You can get BOGOs in both T-Mobile and Verizon cell phone deals, plus you can quickly receive a free cell phone when you join a carrier.

iii) Trade-in deals

If you are looking for a new cell phone and don’t know what you will do with your old one, you can go for a trade-in deal! Trade-ins are ideal for receiving credit for your current device and using it on a brand new smartphone.

You can always get a primary trade-in credit without a special deal. Still, most carriers will often apply for extra savings with your trade if you sign up for a particular unlimited plan and activate a new line.

How Do You Know The Best Phone Deal?

There are a few factors to consider when looking for cheap mobile phone deals that match your needs. The first thing is to decide whether you want to stick with your current carrier or you have to switch to a new one.

Many of the best phone carrier deals are only open to new customers, and others are open to new and existing customers but are even better if you switch and port in your number.

Secondly, you need to decide whether you’re trading in your old phone in good working condition to take advantage of a trade-in deal. Additionally, determine whether you require more than one device to take advantage of a BOGO deal.

If you are in the market for cell phone service deals, and not just discounts on the cell phone itself, porting into a smaller MVNO could offer you a hefty plan discount, but the long-term savings coming from a cheaper plan could profit you hundreds in the long run.

Finally, consider your total budget for your new phone in addition to your cell phone plan; after all, your discounts get factored in. Mostly, you will have to sign up for a specific plan, especially an unlimited data plan to enjoy the best deal, which might end up being expensive than the plan you’re currently using.

What Are The 9 Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract?

Pre-paid carriers are the ones that offer no-contract phone deals. Thus, so they give the same incentive to avail massive discounts and device installment plans. Alternatively, there are still some good phone deals even if they don’t match those available on the big carriers.

On the other hand, these deals enable you to save a small amount of money upfront, while the minimum cost of prepaid plans can assist you in accumulating even more money over time. The following are some of the best no-contract phone deals currently available.

1) Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is among the free Government smartphone providers and offers a free Samsung Galaxy A12 when you switch to its network. However, below are the phones that Boost Mobile is giving away at a discount:

  • Samsung Galaxy A02s – $50 off
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e – $90 off
  • Apple iPhone SE – up to $150 off
  • Apple iPhone XS – up to $100 off
  • LG K51 – $70 off
  • Motorola g play – $70 off
  • Motorola g power – $70 off
  • Wiko Ride 2 – $55 off
  • Wiko Ride 3 – $65 off

2) Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is now giving free Nokia, Samsung, and LG devices when you bring your number to Cricket on a $55 per month plan. There are devices currently available under this promotion that include the following:

  • Motorola moto g power – from $59.99 (was $139.99)
  • Nokia C2 Tava – from $0 (was $109.99)
  • Cricket Influence – from $19.99 (was $109.99)
  • Nokia C5 Endi – from $49.99 (was $169.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 – from $0 (was $109.99)
  • LG Fortune 3 – from $0 (was $99.99)
  • LG Harmony 4 – from $29.99 (was $139.99)

They also give $0 down and 0% APR with Affirm on the Apple iPhone 12 purple.

3) Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is giving the iPhone SE for $49.99 to customers who switch to its network. Besides, Metro by T-Mobile is offering the following promotions for this month:

  • $25 per month per line unlimited for four lines + 4 free Samsung Galaxy A12
  • Get a 5G phone starting at $29.99
  • Your choice of free phones (Samsung Galaxy A02s, Samsung Galaxy A12, OnePlus Nord N100)

4) Verizon Wireless

Verizon is now offering discounts on the latest iPhones 12- series, tech, and accessories. They are also providing the Apple iPhone 12 Pro for free on your graduation when you purchase one.

Additionally, you can buy a device outright and have up to $1000 off on the best 5G phones with port-in, certain trade-in, and an Unlimited plan. You can bring your phone and receive $650 when you switch with select Unlimited plans.

Alternatively, you can trade in an old phone for a discount of up to $700 on a single iPhone 12 or have an additional $200 in savings when you switch from another carrier. Notably, these deals are applicable on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

5) Visible Wireless

The OnePlus 8 is the previous flagship smartphone from the leading Android brand. If you a new customer wanting to switch over to Visible Wireless, you can get this device for just $432 from $672. Interestingly, you can get some great add ons that include a free Amazon Fire TV stick and a $50 prepaid Mastercard.

6) PureTalk U.S.A

You can grasp some generous upfront savings with PureTalk USA’s cell phone deals, including a fantastic discount on the iPhone 12 Mini for a price of $479 from $729. For you to be eligible, you will need to be switching over from another carrier. However, this choice is excellent since plans go for as little as $20 per month at PureTalk.

7) Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has cell phone deals on the iPhone SE. You can bring your number to Cricket Wireless from another carrier, and you can score this device for just $99 upfront from $449.99. You can also combine with one of Cricket’s cheap prepaid plans to have cheap cell phone bills.

8) Google Fi

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gets offered at $300 off with activation at Google Fi. This carrier features cheap primarily devices in the prepaid cell phone deals section, and now you can receive a total $300 rebate when you activate a Galaxy S21 Ultra bought through the store. Notably, this promo is also valid for the Galaxy S21 Plus and standard Galaxy S21.

Additionally, you can sign up for a plan through Google Fi and have a new Pixel 4a 5G, plus get $100 off when you activate your phone. However, you don’t have to trade in a phone for this deal, and you will thoroughly enjoy the service on T-Mobile’s excellent nationwide network.

9) Amazon

Amazon reduced the unlocked Galaxy S21 smartphone price as part of its Memorial Day sale from $799.99 to $699.99. These prices are the lowest compared to other retailers’ prices, so if you are interested in having a decent price cut on a brand new Android flagship, Amazon has a good deal.

Choosing The Best Phone Deals

i. Compare your favorite retailers

You need to window shop and compare different deals on the same phone from various carriers. Often, carriers offer heavy discounts, but they rarely have mobile phone deals on unlocked devices that will let you not stuck on an expensive cell phone plan. Hence, if you get what feels like a good deal from a carrier, look elsewhere if you can find a better deal.

ii. Shop at the right time of year

Deals come at different seasons of the year. Shopping within significant sales events is also an ideal time to get a phone deal. While big retailers reduce prices on popular products, carriers can take advantage to make their usual discounts even more welcoming. Many carriers provide some of these significant discounts during the launch of a new phone.

iii. Switch to receive the best phone deals

If you’re eyeing the best discounts, you will be required to get ready to switch carriers or add new lines to your account. Major carriers offer incentives on this promo, and it’s one of the few ways you’ll get a new cell phone for more than 50% off. However, these deals can be beneficial if you have a second person you’re shopping with, as buy-one-get-one sales are so common, and most only require one new line of service.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a phone deal, it will help if you select the no-contract option. This kind of deal enables you to get your favorite phone models without engaging in a multi-year contract. You need to be extra watchful when going for these deals as some can be so enticing but costly in the long run. There is information in this article that will help you navigate through your search.