How to Cancel Qlink Wireless Service

Qlink Wireless is a telecommunication company based in the United States that offers free wireless services to eligible Lifeline American citizens. However, this provider assists low-income families under specific eligibility requirements. If you disagree with their terms and want to know how to cancel Qlink wireless services, you can contact Qlink Wireless Customer Support at 1-855-754-6543 to terminate your service.

Moreover, the service applications are through the Qlink Wireless homepage, mailing, or application form. Qlink Wireless gives free or discounted services to qualified Americans currently participating in a government-aided program or meeting enshrined low-income requirements for their state. You can buy more minutes to operate with your Qlink compatible phones once your free monthly allotment gets exhausted.

Qlink Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator under the T-Mobile carrier. The benefit programs set and approved by FCC include Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Supplemental Security Income, and Medicaid. The Lifeline service gets funded by the Universal Service Fund and is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and Tribal land.

What Happens If You Cancel Service?

How to Cancel Qlink Wireless

Immediately your account gets canceled, you’ll not be in a position to make free phone calls, send free text messages, or use your free data. However, if your account got canceled for being no longer eligible for Lifeline service, you can reapply for service until you are again eligible for Lifeline.

If you cancel service on your own or if your account got canceled because it was inactive, there is hope for you. So, you can easily reactivate your Qlink phone and receive your free monthly minutes, text, and picture messaging, plus data. Additionally, if you want to change your Qlink phone number, ensure to follow the below steps:

However, you will be assigned a randomly generated number once your phone number has been changed, and you cannot return to your current number. Notably, changing your phone number will delete all voicemail messages, so you need to write down any critical voicemail messages tied to your old number, as they won’t transfer.

You will have to create a new voicemail greeting for your unique number. And you can receive Unlimited data for 30 days if you have a number you’d like to transfer to Qlink Wireless.

Qlink Service Cancellation

Qlink Wireless has the mandate to cancel any customer’s enrollment and permanently deactivate any customer’s Qlink Wireless phone for misrepresentation, fraud, or other misconduct as stipulated solely by Qlink Wireless.

While participating in the free government smartphone Lifeline Program, you shall not rent, sell, give away, or in any way authorize another person to utilize the mobile device or Qlink Lifeline Service offered to you by QlinkWireless.

According to the Federal And State Law, it’s a violation to sell or give away Qlink Wireless phone, or Qlink service offered to you by Qlink Wireless to someone outside your Household. Any breach of this rule invokes the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.

Suppose Qlink Wireless decides at its sole discretion that you have violated these prohibitions. In that case, Qlink Wireless will permanently de-enroll you from the Qlink Lifeline Program, and your phone will get permanently deactivated. Your personal information will get forever lost so that you may not re-enroll in the Qlink Lifeline Program in the future.

How Can You Switch to Qlink Wireless?

You can come with an existing phone number to Qlink Wireless and contact customer support at 1-855-754-6543 and have a bill generated from the former provider. When you switch service from another wireless carrier to Qlink wireless, your former provider may charge you termination or other fees.

Thus, Qlink is not liable to reimburse you for any termination or additional costs put by other providers for transferring a wireless number. However, you must accept the Qlink Wireless phone number given to you by Qlink Wireless phone during enrollment.

The company may reassign your cell phone number to another customer without issuing notice if you cancel the service or if your account gets deactivated or expires or otherwise gets terminated. Notably, you may transfer a mobile cell phone number before the telephone number gets reissued to another Subscriber by contacting Qlink Wireless Customer Support at 1-855-754-6543.

The new Qlink Wireless customers must select a plan upon enrollment through the Qlink wireless website or by calling 1-855-754-6543. On the other hand, the existing Qlink Wireless customers who want to switch plans may do so online and change plans.

Qlink Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Program

Qlink Wireless grants customers the option to bring their own mobile phone provided it is compatible with the Qlink Wireless network and services under its Bring Your Own Phone Program. You may also look for a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade if you don’t want to tag along with your old phone while porting to Qlink Wireless.

Suppose you activate your own phone via the Bring Your Own Phone Program. In that case, you have to ensure that your phone is unlocked and is compatible with the Qlink Wireless lifeline or Prepaid Service, does not interfere with the Qlink Wireless Service, and follows all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Additionally, you must ensure that your phone complies with all federal laws and standards. You also need to purchase and be responsible for maintaining any additional hardware or software required to use the service.

Notably, not all QLink Wireless Service applies to all devices activated under the Bring Your Own Phone program. Additionally, some functions and features availed on other carrier networks provided with your phone may be unavailable when using the Qlink Wireless Service.

How Do You Check If Your Phone Is Compatible?

  • Dial *#06*# to know your phone’s IMEI number
  • If you have an Android smartphone, you can navigate to Settings > About phone > Status> Then you scroll down to look for your device’s ID, which may either be an IMEI or IMEID.
  • Once you locate the ID, open Qlink wireless BYOP and put in your phone’s IMEI, which will only take a few seconds to determine if your device is compatible or not.

Bottom line

There are several incidences when you have to cancel your Qlink services. Your lost and stolen phones can permanently get deactivated, leading to the cancellation of your services. You can contact customer care or visit the above-listed websites to help you in the process of canceling your Qlink services. However, you can de-enroll to the services if, when leaving, the service didn’t violate the carrier’s rules and regulations.