Generally, an unlocked device means that it can be operational on any carrier compatible with that phone. Besides, a locked cell phone involves a contract and comes fixed to a specific network, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. If you possess your phone under contract, plus paying a monthly installment for your device, the Metropcs Unlock Phone to its network. Therefore, it can’t work with other carriers.

    Thus, unlocking your device unlock enables your MetroPcs by T-Mobile cell phone to work on a non-MetroPcs SIM card. This way unlocking MetroPcs phone can allow you to connect to a different domestic or international network and offers the freedom and flexibility to switch to a carrier of choice anytime. In this case, you can use the local network by swapping in an international SIM while on vacation instead of incurring expensive roaming charges.

    However, many carriers nowadays sell unlocked phones, and if not so, you can follow some simple steps to unlock your phone. In harmony with the MetroPCS upgrade phone unlock policy, you must be active for a minimum of 180 consecutive days from its activation date. On the contrary, the carrier won’t unlock your phone if it doesn’t meet the condition mentioned above. `If your phone has been reported as lost or stolen, involved in criminal activities, MetroPcs will not unlock it.

    How Does An Unlocked Phone Work

    Most mobile cell phones come programmed to block the device from functioning with other wireless carriers’ networks without being unlocked. The “lock” refers to software made on the cell phone that denies the device from accepting a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card from another carrier.

    These carriers usually prevent other service providers’ SIM cards from working on their own networks if the phone was purchased on contractual terms.

    Besides, an “unlocked” device enables the phone to operate using a SIM card from any carrier. Before you ask for your phone to be unlocked, you must have some basic information such as:

    1. Your phone number
    2. Other account information (name, password, etc.)
    3. Your phone’s IMEI number

    Identifications For An MetroPcs Unlock Phone

    1. Check Your Settings

    a. iPhone

    To know if your MetroPcs iPhone is unlocked, navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. If you get Cellular Data Network, then your phone is likely unlocked. Notably, this method is not 100% reliable.

    b. Android

    There exist multiple different Android phones in the market, and so there are many different settings configurations. Generally, you can navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators and click Search Now to see if the names of other carriers show up. If several carrier names pop up, your device is unlocked.

    2. Contact Your Carrier

    You can call the customer service number of your carrier to enquire about your phone’s unlocked status. Below are the phone numbers for the major wireless carriers:

    1. AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
    2. T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
    3. Sprint (now part of T-Mobile): 1-866-275-1411
    4. Verizon: 1-800-922-0204

    3. Switch SIM Cards

    Another way to check if your phone is unlocked is by inserting a SIM card from another carrier and seeing if you can make a call. If your call connects successfully, then your phone is unlocked and should function with other SIM cards.

    MetroPCS Process of Device Unlock

    Once a device becomes eligible for unlocking following the eligibility requirements described below, MetroPcs will remotely and automatically unlock your device within two business days providing the device supports remote unlock.

    However, some devices cannot support remote unlock. In this case, MetroPcs will forward a notification to your device within two business days of it being eligible, entailing the following steps to complete the unlock process.

    Additionally, for warranty exchange mobile phones, the phone’s activation date commences from the beginning of 180 days and not from the warranty exchange handset’s activation date. Besides, the unlocked handset can only operate on the same type of network.

    This aspect means that you can use GSM networks on your phone after the unlock process if you are using GSM networks. Thus, the unlocked MetroPCS phone won’t function on any other service provider’s CDMA networks, such as Verizon.

    The Ways To Unlock MetroPCS Phone Smoothly

    1) Unlocking Through Customer Service

    Instructions for unlocking your MetroPcs device.

    i) Look for your phone’s SIM card

    The MetroPCS network has diverted to GSM and LTE. Besides, these two technologies depend on SIM cards and can easily get unlocked using these methods. However, if your phone does not have a SIM card, it works on CDMA technology, and you must contact your current carrier to unlock it. A SIM card is a small slot tucked behind your phone battery in the back part or at the side of your phone.

    ii) Check the age of your MetroPCS account

    It’s worth noting that customer service will only unlock a device that has been active in the MetroPCS network for 180 consecutive days if your phone has not, try any of the other methods below.

    You can contact MetroPCS in person or via telephone to enquire about the unlock code. Reach MetroPCS Customer Service at 1-888-863-8768, or access the Store Locator tool at MetroPCS to find a store to view a MetroPCS Corporate Store in your state, then ask for the unlock code for your phone model.

    You need to avail the following details to the MetroPCS customer service representative:

    1. Phone number of the mobile phone you want to be unlocked
    2. The account billing PIN
    3. Your email address
    4. Name on the MetroPCS wireless account

    iii) Wait for an email notification from MetroPCS

    The sent email will have the unlock code (s) together with instructions for using them. It usually comes within two or three business days. If you do not get the confirmation email within two to three business days, you can contact MetroPCS Customer Service once again and request an agent to reprocess your request; if need be,

    Finally, you need to follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email to unlock your MetroPcs device. Most importantly, the instructions for unlocking your device varies based on the model and make of your phone. Once the process gets successful, you will be able to use your MetroPCS phone on any compatible GSM wireless carrier network.

    You will have to turn off your phone, put the SIM card of the new network, switch the phone on, and enter the code if necessary. MetroPCS will forward two codes, including a Network Lock (NCK) code and a Service Provider Lock (SPCK) code. If your phone fails to accept the code you enter, you can try the other one. Some phone models require both of the codes.

    2) Using the Device Unlock App

    i. Search for the Device Unlock app

    You can find the Unlock app in the general applications folder or inside the MetroPCS folder.

    ii. Connect to a robust data signal

    It would help if you connected to a fast data connection, preferably 4G or WiFi. These connections will usually work fine.

    iii) Select Permanent Unlock in the device Unlock App

    After confirming your choice, wait for the change to complete.

    iv) Restart your phone

    When it switches on again, the phone should be unlocked and compatible with all networks. You will still require a SIM card for the current network.

    v) Troubleshoot

    There are several incidences when the correct code might not go through. The following are a few usual error message types and ways to fix them:

    1. Server not responding, data corrupted, no internet connection, or failure to unlock. You need to disable WiFi and find a spot with a network strength, then try once more.
    2. Data not recognized. If your phone is rooted, you’ll have to unroot it before unlocking it. It would help to look for a specific unroot guide for your phone model.
    3. System maintenance error. This message tells you that the system is undergoing maintenance, so you’ll have to try again later.
    4. Other messages. In this case, you have to follow the on-screen instructions or restart your phone and try again.

    3) Using Online Services

    Precisely, unlocking your device through MetroPCS customer support is always the better and safer option. If you are not qualified for official unlocking, you may find a third-party service.

    Notably, this method will work against your warranty and terms of service, and if you’re not keen, you can also fall into a scam trap.

    a) Find a reputable unlock service

    You can search online for an unlock service for your phone model. However, such services usually charge less than $10 per phone, and you need to find one with the following features:

    1. The physical address is listed somewhere on the website
    2. Secure checkout system
    3. Refund policy
    4. Have an excellent rating from a third-party group such as Scam Adviser or Better Business Bureau.

    b) Provide your IMEI number and payment information

    A legit service only requires your phone’s IMEI address through a simple online form. You can get your phone’s IMEI in your settings menu or behind your battery and key it into the site. Mostly, you will also have to enter your credit card and agree to a particular charge.

    Be watchful while providing this information as an unauthorized business can take advantage of your IMEI to imitate your phone or cause other issues. For a service like this, do not agree to download any software.

    c) Wait for the unlock code

    After availing of the required information, the unlock code often comes immediately, but at times you may have to be patient for a day or two for it to arrive in your email.

    Immediately after it arrives, you can follow the provided instructions to enter the code and permanently unlock your phone. In most cases, putting in a SIM card from another carrier will prompt you to put in the code.

    The Metropcs Unlock Eligibility Requirements

    MetroPCS unlock mobile devices that meet the following eligibility criteria cost-free:

    1. The device must be bought from Metro by T-Mobile.
    2. The device must not get reported as stolen, lost, or blocked.
    3. One hundred eighty (180) days must have elapsed since the device’s activation date.

    About Deploying Military Personnel

    If you are military personnel who are awaiting deployment, you do not have to meet the 180-day requirement described above. To unlock your MetroPcs cell phone, military personnel or family members must in-person visit a Metro by T-Mobile Store with their deployment papers.

    The 10 Quick Tips About Are Metropcs Phones Unlocked

    If you get a notification that your device qualifies to be unlocked, you can follow these instructions for completing the unlocking process.

    1) Ensure you are connected to the Metro by T-Mobile network or WiFi.

    2) Go to your Home screen and go to the Apps tray and follow the guidelines below:

    1. 2019, or newer Samsung Devices: Go to Settings > then Connections > followed by More Connection Settings > and finally choose Network Unlock
    2. Other Android Devices: You can use the Device Unlock App or Unlock app pre-installed on your phone and follow directions on-screen. If you lack this app, your device is unlocked or on a 2019 or newer OS.

    3) Select Permanent Unlock

    4) If you encounter an error while handling the permanent unlock, you can proceed by troubleshooting steps.

    5) Wait while the device completes the unlock.

    6) Restart the device.

    7) Contact MetroPcs at 888-863-8768 if:

    1. You do not view the apps or settings listed for your device. You may need a PIN code for unlocking, which Metro’s support team can offer
    2. You attain the eligibility requirements but cannot unlock your device
    3. You have a device not listed above

    8) Moreover, if you have an Apple device, MetroPcs will automatically authorize and initiate unlock for your device remotely once it becomes eligible. To finish the unlock process on your device, please follow these steps.

    1. Verify that your device is eligible to be unlocked
    2. Make sure your device is on WiFi
    3. Insert a non-T-Mobile SIM card into your Apple device and complete the first-time use
    4. If the device has already become set up, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Apple ID

    9) If you fail to get the setup prompt or if no SIM is available:

    1. You have to backup your iDevice
    2. After you finish a backup, you have to erase your iPhone
    3. Restore your iPhone from the backup you just made.

    10) You can either unlock your MetroPcs through customer care, using Unlock App, or online services. However, the most recommended method is through contacting MetroPcs customer support.

    Bottom line

    Suppose you bought your device from MetroPcs by T-Mobile or possess a MetroPcs by T-Mobile authorized device. In this scenario, you can embrace the steps provided above to determine your device unlocking eligibility and unlock your device for use with other networks. 

    If you want to unlock a cell phone that is not sold or authorized by MetroPcs, you have to contact the manufacturer or the mobile carrier that sold you the device. However, unlocking your phone with MetroPcs is simple, and straightforward as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and you follow the above-provided guidelines.