Hacking is the authorized or unauthorized entry into a computer system without following the usual procedure of password login. We refer to the person who carries hacking as a hacker. Most hackers know how to hack cell phones to get free service. The experts use specialized software and powerful computers to carry out the hacking process. Most hackers are those who have studied complex computer languages.

    Hacking can be positive or negative. A positive hacking motive involves getting access to a computer system to restore everything to normal working conditions. It is mostly after a malicious hacker gained illegal entrance into the system. Most sites that experience hacking are government-owned websites, bank websites, institutional websites such as universities, and non-governmental organizations, among many others.

    Malicious hacking involves a hacking process to put everything down. In other words, it is a forceful entry into a computer system for selfish gains. Most malicious hackers target banks to steal money from people’s accounts. Some students hack school websites and clear school fees. Some people are even capable of doing phone upgrades by hacking wireless websites.

    Hack To Get Cellular Services – The Procedure

    Sometimes hackers make their way into cellular companies’ websites to add themselves airtime, mobile data bundles, and SMS. Although it is difficult, many cases have happened in the recent past. Security agencies link the issues to internal operations by some dishonest employees who understand the company’s system.

    You can hack in mobile phone companies and do upgrading for free. You can do phone upgrades by hacking into the wireless websites and assigning yourself the phone you think it fits you. By hacking, you can indicate that you have paid the required fees and have the phone sent to you. However, it takes a lot of effort to do the hacking.

    Nowadays, the internet is essential. Due to that, data bundles are becoming very expensive every day. Now and then, some hackers develop USSD codes to assist them in subscribing to free data services without paying anything. However, the concerned companies manage to intercept such incidences before getting significant losses.

    Again, you may forget your phone’s password or pattern. To avoid losing your data through flashing, you can hack into the phone’s security system or hire such services from an expert. Most phones are easy to hack for password pattern recovery.

    Now let me take you through various service providers free phones and whether there is any possibility of hacking into the system for the free services if you are not a member of the Lifeline Program. The freephone plans belong to those registered under the lifeline program by the USA government to help the less fortunate Americans to access free cellular services and phones. Mostly, those who do not qualify for free government phones are the ones that get very much interested in hacking the Lifeline Service Providers.

    Types Of Hackers That We Have

    There are three main types of hackers. They include:

    • White Hat / Ethical Hackers.
    • Black Hat Hackers
    • Gray Hat Hackers

    Black hat hackers are bad guys. They hack into a system with a malicious motive to disrupt security systems for selfish gains. Black hat hackers hack without authority from the concerned company or organization.

    Gray hat hackers, just like the black hat hackers, perform unauthorized entry into companies’ websites but without any malicious intent. They act as whistle blowers to show the owner of the website that there is a need to tighten the site’s security. Sometimes the grey hackers hack exploit websites and correct the fundamental issues.

    The white hat hackers are the good guys. They work for an organization to look into any loopholes that could lead to access by black hat hackers. They have permission to hack the system and do that all the time to fix security weaknesses.

    Best 5 Cell Phones Plans And Free Service

    1) Qlink Wireless

    Qlink is a wireless cellular company that takes part in the USA government’s Lifeline Program to give free services to less fortunate Americans. The company provides free phones and mobile services. Upon subscribing, you get Free Smartphone, 1000 minutes, 411 Directory Assistance, Voicemail, Bring your phone service, 1GB Data, Unlimited Texting, Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Qlink Wireless phone upgrade.

    There are no annual contracts or monthly bills when in the program. Moreover, Qlink has nationwide network coverage. Again for domestic connections, you can roam at no additional cost. Interestingly, you can get 100 free minutes for every person you refer to Qlink as long as they qualify.

    Can You Hack Qlink to Get Free Phone Plans

    Having done my detailed research on the possibility of hacking the Qlink system, I found no reliable data on that. Some arguments on how to access free data seem irrelevant. However, I am sure that some experienced hackers can hack the system.

    2) Assurance Wireless

    Assurance wireless is also a Lifeline member. Customers benefit from free phones and cellular services. The plans include unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, and 2GB of data at no monthly cost. Above all, customers get Assurance Wireless compatible phones.

    Can You Hack Assurance Wireless

    Some experienced hackers can access the Assurance wireless website. However, it is not that easy. What I know is that, if you use your phone number to log into untrusted sites, you might have your phone number hacked and passwords concerning your bank accounts stolen.

    3) Boost Mobile

    At Boost Mobile, you get less costly prepaid mobile plans for your daily usage. Boost Mobile has an application of which customers can access their Lifeline services. Participants from California benefit a lot from the program in that they get a $15 discount on their cell phone plans every month.

    You can get unlimited plans that include data, SMS, and minutes. The most popular program is the one with 3 GB data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text messaging. Because they use an app, it is challenging to hack the system.

    You can also decide to purchase plans depending on your financial status. For instance, with $50, you can get 12 GB data and unlimited data plus SMS. You also benefit from high speeds of internet connection.

    Moreover, you can part with $60; you can get 30 GB and unlimited voice calls as well as SMS. The plan includes high-speed streaming. With about $80, you get 50GB of internet data and free minutes plus SMS. You also get high-quality customer care and high-speed streaming.

    4) Verizon Wireless

    Like Qlink, Assurance, and Boost mobile, Verizon also participates in the Lifeline Program. As a customer, you get a lot of benefits. These include data, SMS, voice calls Verizon phone deals for existing customers. Apart from the regular data connection, you can get Lifeline services. It depends on whether you meet the requirements.

    Verizon free plans require you to pay as little as $25 as the starting fee and get 1000 minutes, unlimited SMS, and a substantial amount of data. Apart from the free plans, you get a free phone that helps you to enjoy the services.

    Regarding risks associated with hacking, it is not easy to hack the Verizon systems since they are highly secured. I have not come across credible data hacking into the systems. However, the majority of hackers do not display information about hacking. It thus becomes difficult to get a procedural way to do the act.

    5) AT&T Wireless

    The company is among the biggest service providers in the USA. It takes a significant share in the United States mobile market share. Like many other service providers, AT&T participates in the Lifeline Program to help all the poor Americans to realize their dreams of getting connected.

    The most common free phone plans include the $9.25 discounts on each program you purchase. However, for you to qualify for the cheap mobile plan services, you must have met all the criteria that the government needs. The regulations apply to all Lifeline companies.

    Qualification For The Free Phone

    There are several requirements. For an instant, you need to be in any of the government’s Aid Programs. It may be Medicaid, Federal Housing Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Pension, and Survivors Benefit, among others.

    In case you do not belong to any government aid, you should meet the minimum threshold for the poverty level, which is 135% income per year.

    Another essential requirement is the renewal of the program every year. If you fail to renew, you lose your account. You only need to adhere to the regulation before 60 days are over.

    Wrap Up

    Hacking can regain a company’s website access. However, forcing entry into a system can be difficult. It requires experience in hacking. Instead of hacking systems to award yourself data bundles and voice SMS, you should always follow the right channel for registration. Again, free phone service is beneficial when you subscribe. Freephone plans have been of great benefit to many poor Americans.