The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

Samsung Company is the leading manufacturer of phone accessories in the US. For many years, the company has challenged its competitors in the industry by the release of serial flagships smartphones Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra being one of the latest S20 series.

However, in the new Samsung Galaxy S20 line-up, the Galaxy S20 ultra is an excellent smartphone that delivers superb specs. The device’s release date was on 6th March 2020 in the United States, and since its launch into the market, it has an overall customer review rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Besides, there are numerous Verizon phone deals for existing customers reciprocated to the Wireless loyal customers. For instance, when you sign in for an unlimited plan, you get free 5G access that generally costs $10 per month.

What Are the Specifications of Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S20
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Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is a new android smartphone that comes in cosmic black color and 5G factory unlocked. The smartphone is a US version model, and the unlocked nature offers freedom for choosing your favorite carrier, data plans, and other services.

Besides, the smartphone packs many accessories that save you the extra costs of buying them separately. Unfortunately, there have been complaints about missing accessories at delivery. Moreover, the phone is compatible with CDMA and GSM carriers and comes with 12 months warranty.

If you are a die-hard Samsung customer who fancies large-sized phones, Galaxy S20 Ultra won’t let you down. According to some customer’s reviews, they loved the gorgeous screen look.

The smartphone features a massive 6.9-inch 120Hz display that’s remarkably bright and broad enough for end to end uninterrupted view. However, despite its unique look, some customers aired the no comfy grip issue that is brought about by the combination of the weight, polished aluminum edges, and size.

Moreover, the camera specification is just insane. The rear camera has four lenses that have 108MP wide, a 48MP telescope, and a 12MP ultra-wide that helps you shoot stunning images like a pro. The front camera has 40MP which is more discreet for shooting beautiful selfies with a night vision feature. Additionally, the camera shoots for the stars with a powerful 100x space zoom that shoots far object to proximity. Plus, the 5000mAh battery capacity holds the charge for many hours, and its fast charge 2.0.

In terms of performance, the processor so far is the best you can find in a smartphone. It handles everything from simple multitasking to complex, demanding tasks without delays or lags. Audiophiles have also commented on the quality of the stereo speakers that are great and loud for gaming and music listening with an Ambient control feature. Other features that have received customers’ nods include 128GB internal storage, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and wireless charging.

Interestingly, Samsung is working hard to fix all the issues raised by the customer who experiences malware functionality of the device. Complaints about faulty FM radio, defective Autofocus feature on the camera, missing accessories, would soon be addressed.

However, there is always a solution to every problem. For instance, for the headphone jack review complaint, Samsung gives you a headset that you can plug in your charging port, and it works great. Plus, some of the software issues get rectified by updating the software.


  • Water-resistant
  • High-resolution camera
  • Super-fast charging
  • Advanced wireless charging technology
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Large-sized

Where Do You Get the Samsung S20 Series?

Samsung launches smartphones serially every year, this year’s S20 line comprises flagship Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 ultra. However, the models’ distinction is by screen size, camera specifications, and cost.

To avoid buying fraud and counterfeit devices, it’s recommended that you buy in a renowned registered online retail store, at a Samsung shop, or carrier store including Verizon. Unfortunately, the carrier doesn’t offer Verizon wireless government phones but avails amazing plans to the lifeline beneficiaries.

However, if you need more freedom, avoid locking yourself into long term contract by getting an unlocked device. Unlocked devices offer freedom to choose your favorite carrier and plan, with no monthly bills. Before buying on any store, read through customer reviews to get an insight into their service delivery to customers. Otherwise, you can buy from a long-standing dealer like

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Supports Verizon?

Yes. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports Verizon’s fast Ultra-wideband 5G network. The Verizon 5G network built around the Ultra-wideband mm-wave offers the fastest internet speed with ultra-low latency.

If you are on the carrier data plans, you can enjoy stream HD content with no internet buffering, watch games with close to zero lags, and have instant download in seconds. However, if you are not in any plan and you are on the US lifeline program, you get Verizon internet for low-income families and enjoy the digital world.

What Is the Affordable Upgrade Plan for The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently the high-end smartphone in the Galaxy series. However, if you are an existing customer, you can save up to $300 on the S20 ultra when you can trade in your old phone. Verizon offers the Galaxy S20 Ultra at 58.33 per month on a repayment plan of 24 months.

Besides, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra, you are eligible to get $1050 towards any available device in the S20 series when you add a new line and purchase the phone on the Verizon payment plan.

Bottom Line

According to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 reviews, the smartphone is the best for anyone looking for a high-end smartphone with exceptional features and functionality. The smartphone received a lot of unbiased praise from the customers who already own the device.

Besides, the Galaxy S20 ultra offers the fastest 5G internet connection and it’s one of the best Verizon compatible unlocked phones. Plus, Verizon wireless guarantees a software update for your device that improves camera performance, provides the latest Android security patches and system enhancements.