Is Straight Talk GSM or CDMA Everything to be Clear

Network technologies have been drastically changing over the past few years. In the past, people were using radio waves for communication, especially during the Soviet Union times. During that same time, there would come about a change that would revolutionize how communication networks take place. The inception is straight talk GSM or CDMA network technology brought a solid foundation of creating better and more efficient ways of communicating with people at different locations.

Since then there have been changes and improvements to this tech and new modules like GSM, LTE, and now 5G. This brings us to the service providers who offer a bridge for consumers and these networks to be used by them. For a service provider like straight talk, you may wonder whether it is straight talk GSM or CDMA or any other type of network used in the State. Such questions have led us to give you a guide on the network technology that straight talk uses.

Straight talk is an MVNO that offers very affordable phone deals and plans plus phone accessories. They are unique compared to other service providers because they have a wide range of network compatibility. Read ahead to learn more about the network technology that Straight talk uses.

What is the difference between GSM or CDMA?

Is straight talk GSM or CDMA

CDMA and GSM are among the widest used networks across the US and in some States across the Globe too. The GSM technology is an invention that came about from CDMA networks. CDMA has first incepted back during the second world war and GSM is a derivative from it.

CDMA stands for Code division multiple while GSM is a Global system for mobile. The major difference between the two is that if a phone uses GSM network technology, it requires a sim card to store data from the network while CDMA does not require any sim card to store your data from the network.

CDMA and GSM have created several network subdivisions like 2G and 3G. Most carriers across the globe use GSM as it is a better and fast platform to provide network services to the people. In the US carriers like Verizon and Sprint use CDMA while GSM is used by AT&T and T-Mobile.

Which network type does Straight talk wireless use?

CDMA phones or GSM phones have quite similar features and it’s hard for someone to know whether the device is CDMA or GSM just by an outward outlook. There are some devices that use both GSM and CDMA hence they create a wide range of compatibility.

Most MVNOs tend to lease networks from a single standard service provider but for straight Talk, their concept of leasing networks is very different. They obtain their networks from all the major service providers in the country hence you can conclude that their network is both GSM and CDMA. Aside from these two types of networks, they also have 4G LTE capabilities.

LTE is one of the most embraced and powerful network services used by most countries across the Globe. It is an advance of the GSM and CDMA 3G networks. Also, at Straight talk, they allow 4G phones since the carriers whereby they lease their networks from support such type of technology.

So, if you want to opt for straight talk bring your own phone, the networks mentioned above should work with your mobile device.

How do you know if your phone uses GSM or CDMA at straight talk?

Straight talk compatible phones are very diverse. They can either be GSM or CDMA and LTE combined. To know whether your phone is compatible, you can use the IMEI checker found on their website. The checker takes only a few seconds to give you a dropbox that shows whether your device is compatible or not.

The device compatibility mostly relies on the network technology but factors like whether the device is unlocked, or domestically made are factors to consider.  If the device is compatible, you can bring it to their network and get to enjoy the best straight talk plans.

By straight talk offering diverseness with the network types, there has to be one network technology that is better compared to the rest.

For straight Talk’s case, the best network type is THE 4G LTE. 4G offers fast download and upload speeds. LTE is also very efficient since it is globally used. LTE is also efficient when making calls since there are fewer dropped calls with this network service.

If your device is VoLTE compatible, you can make calls and use data at the same time. However, if your phone allows only 3G networks, then GSM is the recommended network to go for.

So, if you are buying a new device always consider getting a 4G device. The device will not only be compatible with 4G but in places where there is poor network coverage, it will be able to automatically downgrade the network service to 3G hence you will never get any major network issues.

Does the network technology determine the type of phone plan at straight Talk?

All the plans are similar regardless of the network type the user’s phone has. If it is getting unlimited mobile hotspot plans, all the phones using any network type will get it. However, there are some deals for new and existing customers that may vary in pricing.

How Do you check straight Talk Compatibility?

Most the people believe that the most trustworthy and dependable compatible checker for any operators is that go straightly their store r retailer house. Whatever, there have another options to find out your phone is compatible with straight talk or not. Firstly, you can check it out by online , for this method you just visit sraight talk activations page and then select keep your own phone/ tablet. Next, follow the guidlines rapaidly and confirme that all the details are correct.

Afterwards, you will be asked for yur IMEI number or serial number of your device. Also, if you would like to keep your number then you will need to prepare your number. Once, you have done all the process then you will be ready for watching on the screen your eligibility with straight talk.

The another way of chgeking your phone compatibility is that by text or SMS method. In this method, you simply send a massage through 611611 by writting BYOP and then you will revert back a text sms about your eligibility with straight talk.

Final Verdict

The straight talk offers a simple platform for people to bring their own devices and get to enjoy affordable deals on phone plans. If you are switching to straight talk, things like contracts, hidden fees, and extra taxes plus charges will be a thing of the past. With their diverse network technology, you are assured of nationwide coverage and many more exciting deals.

Check out their website to learn more on how you can bring your device or even buy a new phone from their online or retail store. Also, feel free to read some reviews from straight talk’s community forum and if you have any questions contact customer care for further assistance!