What is Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone

Straight talk is among the rare companies that offer a diversified network that allows numerous types of phones to be brought to their network regardless of the network technology being used. Due to this, the straight talk bring your own phone program has been acknowledged to be the best option among several service providers in the market. Why is it so diversified with regards to its network structure?

Well, straight talk is an MVNO and it leases its network from all the major service providers across the country. This means that if your device uses CDMA, GSM, or LTE networks, it may be compatible with their network. Aside from the diverse and efficient BYOP, the straight talk phone deals are quite affordable and there are no contracts.

Having the best service provider for your phone is one of the most important things to ever have. Straight talk has been a perfect option for many people and millions seem to enjoy their services. So, read ahead to learn more on how you can choose Straight talk bring your own phone to their network.

Are you eligible for BYOP at Straight Talk?

Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone

Bring your own device to any network comes with certain conditions aside from the major one which is on phone compatibility. If your device does not meet these conditions then you may have to get a new device or consider a service provider that suits your terms.

At the straight talk, the terms and conditions tend to change from time to time so ensure to refer to them before starting the application process.

The terms include;

  • The device should be domestically made
  • It should never have been reported stolen or lost
  • The phone should be unlocked
  • The device should be a smartphone.

Which phones will work on BYOP?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Straight talk leases networks from all the standard service providers across the country. To check on your simple compatible phone for its compatibility, you may need to use an IMEI checker, the IMEI can be obtained from your phone settings or simply dialing *#06#. If it is compatible, then the next step will be to start the application process.

Guide to apply for BYOP at Straight talk

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for BYOP at the straight talk.

1st step: Choose a phone plan

There are several best phone plans you get to choose from and they are also very affordable. Another cool feature is that there are no contracts to their plans at all. You will also never incur any extra taxes, costs, and hidden fees. Here is an outline of their best-prepaid plans;

Unlimited 3 GB plan

This plan gives you unlimited talk and text plus 3 GB of data for only $34 per month

Unlimited 25 GB plan

With this plan, you get 25 GB of data inclusive of unlimited talk and text for only $44 per month

Ultimate plan

This plan offers you Unlimited talk, text, and data for only $50 per month and if you use AutoPay you get an exclusive discount.

Unlimited international plan

Planning on making the international call? This plan offers international calling to over 1000 destinations. You also get unlimited talk and text plus 25 Gb of data per month.

2nd Step: buy a sim card

The sim cards can be bought for a very affordable price at their online or retail store. You can also buy several sim cards depending on the type of plan you want. For straight talk family plans, you can have a maximum of 5 sim cards.

3rd Step: Activate your device

The activation process is very simple and can be done straight from their website. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the activation option. The activation process can take only several minutes for the whole process to be complete. After complete straight talk bring your own phone activation process you are able to get your own device.

4th Step: Port your old phone number to straight talk

Aside from BYOP, people can also port their phone by straight talk bring your own phone numbers in a very simple way. There are costs that may be incurred but the straight talk will not charge you any fees. If you are still in a contract with your previous service provider, then you are most likely to pay some early termination fees.

To port your number, there are several things which you should put into consideration;

  • Do not deactivate the plan with your previous service provider as this will lead to lose your phone number
  • Call straight talk and inform them that you plan to port your number. Straight talk will request information like; name, last billing information and your address.
  • Call your previous service provider and negotiate on the termination fees
  • Start the porting process when everything seems to be in order

The porting process may take a maximum of 5 days or less when everything is in order.

What do people say about straight talk Bring your own phone program?

If you have read some reviews, straight talk has a god rating and there has been no major alarm for the past few years. What most people like is the flexibility when it comes to straight talk bring your own phone compatibility. If your device was rejected by a certain service provider, then Straight talk may offer a soft spot for you.

Pros and cons of BYOP program at Straight talk wireless


  • The application process is very simple
  • They have dedicated customer care support
  • They offer nationwide coverage
  • There is a wide diversity with regards to phone compatibility


  • The unlimited plan is quite expensive

Final verdict

Bringing your phone to straight talk will be a great step to enjoy the best services from plans to even porting your phone number. Once you join their network, you will never have to worry about any contracts and any extra fees to your monthly payments.

The straight talk also has a community forum in which you can get genuine opinions about the company and know whether it is the right option for you. When it comes to coverage, the straight talk offers nationwide coverage and there are no cases of dropped calls or downtime. Check out their website to learn more on BYOP at Safelink!