The 5 Best Hearing Aid For Profound Loss

First, you might ask yourself what profound hearing loss is? Profound hearing loss is the severest of the hearing problem such people cannot hear normally speaking voice and any voice less than 90dB. Such people report to hearing sound bug they cannot quite identify what it is.

Most of the profound hearing loss problems are caused by birth. There are so many devices to aid in such problems, but which are the best hearing aid for profound hearing loss? This we shall look in details in this article.  In addition to knowing these devices, you will know why they are the best.

Best Hearing Aid For Profound Loss

The 5 Best Hearing Aid For Profound Loss

1. ReSound Match MA 3T90

ReSound Match MA 3T90

This is a very powerful hearing aid device that aids in profound hearing loss. It’s a perfect hearing aid for an active lifestyle. What makes this device the best hearing aid for profound hearing loss people is the ability to connect to mobile devices. In addition, it has spatial sense features, which gives the person an environmental awareness.

2. Phonak Naida V

 Phonak Naida V

Like the previous one, it amplifies the sound and helps people with profound hearing loss to capture sound that they could not hear. In addition, this device can be connected with phone devices to help amplifier phone calls to users.

Phonak Naida V clarifies sound even in a challenging environment with background noise. It’s also ideal for listening to a meeting where there are multiple speakers.

3. Siemens Signia Fast P Digital

Siemens Signia

Super will not let you down; it has the best battery and is resistant to any weather conditions. This makes it possible to use it anywhere and anytime. Speaking of sound amplification, it helps people with profound hearing loss. It’s the best hearing aid for profound loss for helping manage background noise to make it clearer.

Super will also reduce the damage caused by an instant loud noise. It’s suitable for people with a healthy, active life. Another amazing feature is its wireless connectivity to electronic devices such as phones, TVs and radios.



In response to hearing aid problems, SIGNIA produced three devices, which are Dynamo, BTE Plus, and Sensei SP to help curb the problem. These devices offer improved access to sound and wireless connectivity to electronic devices like phones. SIGNIA devices amplify sound to a level that people with profound hearing problems can listen to.

5. Siemens Nitro

Siemens Nitro

A product from Siemens that aids in severe to profound hearing loss problem. It makes low sounds clearer.

Being a Siemens product, it has wireless connectivity to devices such as phones to amplify calls. However, the battery capacity is very low and can be disappointing to use.

Bottom line

Hearing loss has risen for the past years, and it not only affects the seniors but young people too. Some are born with the problem.  One way to help in the problem is purchasing the best hearing aid for profound loss. Research has shown that it can help reduce severe to mild hearing loss. Thus, only a sound below 25 dB cannot be heard.

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