Verizon Internet for Low-Income Families 2019

The Internet has been a household necessity in a fast-paced world. We are in the moving era where information is everything it helps students to be able to do their research much efficiently. Helps people communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues who may be far or near in an instant. For some, being on the internet is their job. So, online presence tells more about you than being personal. Access to the internet is nothing but something that is needed on a daily basis.

And with the economy being at its highest, it becomes incredibly challenging to afford reliable internet since most internet providers are expensive. So sometimes, citizens trade of other household luxuries like internet and Cable TV’s to be able to afford to pay rent or to just spend on other basic necessity but with the Lifeline Program, Verizon internet for low-income families is much more affordable than ever.

Verizon Internet for Low-Income

With Verizon, low-Income families can afford high-speed internet with their lifeline discounts. Families that are below the government standards of income are eligible for the program. Lifeline discount is assisted by the government to help provide high-speed internet for low-income households. If you are a U.S. citizen and is in parts of Iowa, North Dakota, New York, and Wisconsin you are qualified for the program. Requirements for the discount varies from state to state.

If you or any other part of the family is within this assistance programs of Medical, Supplemental security income or SSI, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP – formerly known as Food Stamps, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Federal Veterans pension or Eligibility based on income. These are not the initial requirement for the application for the discount but if you or any other family member qualifies then it means that your household qualifies for the discount.

To be able to get the discount, you may file your application at Verizon. In the application process of the assistance program, families have to send their personal details like the household income and other important data necessary for the application to be evaluated at the Verizon headquarters. This step is to verify that you are eligible for the program as some people take advantage of the discount even though they are not in the low-income spectrum. Any mismatch with the records and with the application form is subject to denial.

Other internet service providers also have this assistance program but Verizon is the most powerful among other ISP’s.

At the Present, Verizon offers broadband internet and voice calls. In this assistance program, you can acquire 10 Mbps of internet speed with a download limit of 250 GB at $9.25 per month and for the same price for the voice call with 750 minutes of calls. Present from 2018.

With that said, the necessity to acquire internet access, especially for low-income households is much more affordable with the assistance program of the government and Verizon. Taking advantage of this government assisted program is your every right to acquire. To spend less on your bills and spend more on other necessities like food and rent. Internet is now at your fingertips and everyone has access now more than ever. It is your right to have internet access and this program will help tons of people.

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