Top 5 Kyocera Flip Phone Unlocked

Consequent to Wikipedia we known that Kyocera company built in japan. Kyocera not only provide cell phone, this company got various category product as well, semiconductor packages, industrial component, Automotive components, Electronics devices solar power generating system. Cell phone is their little aspect of business.

Flip phone is their convenient ways of consist their popularity. As you can see, that people also looking for the smartphone and which phone released in this week and choosing new cell phone is most of the consumers hobby. When we espying on the flip phone then it remind our old days. In most cases, senior and disabled love to use this phone because flip phone brand really equivalent to seniors people season.

Probably this cell phone like old phones design but one favorable thing is in that phone you can get the best voice calling method with variant monthly plan. Otherwise, this company provide android smartphone. As you can see, their is many different quality phone which is provide by this company. People mostly attractive in the flip phone. Because, presently getting a good flip phone is very hard. According to amazon you can get this companies cell phone by very inexpensive budget. Let’s look at the specification of  Kyocera flip phone unlocked phones.

Kyocera Flip Phone Unlocked

Top 5 Kyocera Flip Phone Unlocked 2019

1. Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610

Kyocera E4610PTT

This phone looking like old phone but when you will try to know about this then you could know properly about the preferences of this device. In the speed section this phone supported 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage. Further, you can connect external SD card.

This phone supported 4G network with WiFi. By the out looking this phone got only black color. In the camera corner Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 supported 5.0 Megapixel camera resolution. Otherwise this phone also released with the quad core processor.

If you looking for any additional features of this phone then you could know that this phone have Rugged, Camera, Push to talk, WiFi capable, Global ready, water resistance. Those are the additional feature of this phone thing you need to keep in mind that this Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 provided by the Verizon wireless company.

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2. Kyocera Cadence LTE S2720

Kyocera Cadence LTE S2720

That’s are the one more great phone which is offered by the Verizon wireless company. Under this phone the quad core 1100 MHz processor fit for having high speed performance. In the memory section  this device supported 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage and otherwise in this phone you can connect up to 32GB external SD card.

The Kyocera LTE S2720 have better network performance with 4G LTE and WiFi calling feature. This phone also cover your battery 16 days in standby and by talking time its will cover 7.20 hours. However, as you can see there are a lots of more different category preferences you can access.

3. Kyocera DuraXE E4710

kyocera duraxe e4710

Kyocera DuraXE E4710 specs provided by the AT&T. As you can see that this phone supported many additional feature as well, at first the speed feature come first like 1 GB RAM with 8 GB internal storage. In this little phone you can make 1280X720 resolution 5 Megapixel camera power for 720P HD video recording.

Other boosting feature like qualcomm snapdragon 210, quad core 1100MHz. Processor RAM is the best aspect of boosting our cell phone. This phone have a huge time coverage in the battery section, as you can see that Kyocera DuraXE E4710 specs will give 16 days charge cover in stand by and 9.40 hours in talktime average 24 hours.

That’s good to know that this phone is proper in many aspect. We can use this cell phone for getting the best charge coverable phone in calling and we can do anything quicker with this cell phone. 

4. Kyocera DuraXTP E4281

Kyocera DuraXTP E4281

First of all, you can access digital life by one touch. This is the one more great phone of Kyocera for covering huge time battery charge. Through this phones battery you can get 26 days charge backup in standby and 6.8 hours in the calling time.

All of this happen because of 1500 mAh removable. Under this phone you can use 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus in video mode.

This phone supported 256 MB RAM and 512 MB internal storage additionally you can can add external SD card up to  32GB memory. Here are the preferences which we need in many reason of our life. Flip phone lover can be helpful with this device of Kyocera industries. We can own this phone through many inexpensive rate.

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5. Kyocera Dura xv+

Kyocera Dura xv+

If you are a old model phone lover then it could be the best method for you. This phone is very portable in our hand as well 165G wet we calculated. Under this phone 1500 mAh battery power we can use which battery come from lithium lion with this we have been calculated that this battery we can have 18 days charge backup in stand by and otherwise 7.7 hours charge backup in the calling time.

If you look around then you could understand the basic knowledge about the kyocera brand phone. This cell phone provided by the verizon wireless company. In this flip phone you can make video and photo through 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and video camcorder.

The whole phone control by the 256MB RAM and other memory corner this device have 512MB internal storage. Although its low for some user but they can use external Micro SD Card up to 32GB.


Guys here are the top 5 compatible phone which is connected with the variant companies. Every phone of this list you can get through affordable prices from amazon. If you love the flip design phones then it could be the greatest news for you.   

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